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Well here my entry for :iconyastach:'s contest

Name: Alan

Species: Demonic Hedgehog

Colours: Blue and yellow

Eyes: Hazel

Band roles: Guitarist

Age: 21

Birthday: September 22

Voice: Similar to Deryck from Sum 41 but a bit higher.

Theme: Fat Lip- Sum 41

Team type: Speed (Not just at running, he's an extreme shredder on the guitar)

Personality: Exremely energetic and crazy on stage, lazy and laid back at most other times. Loves to play music and have an awesome time. Pretty funny and cracks jokes. Likes to sleep late. Will play/listen to all music(except rap and country, he kinda hates those genres).Loves the ladies and is good at getting them. Also enjoys skateboarding and chilling. Doesn't want to be serious and grow up.

Music Choice: Loves bands from Blink 182 to Green Day to A Day to Remember to Metallica and Slayer and everything in between like classics such as The Misfits, Led Zepplin, and The Clash

Marital status: single

Sayings: "Dude"(says it alot), "NAUUUWWCE"(nice)

Never says: girl (due to early British Tv giving him the accent and not being able to say it) (uses chick instead)

Weapons: His Fists (he can fight pretty well, but isn't the best), His guitar(only if he really needs to though), and the spikes on his wristbands

Special moves: -Amp X-plosion, he crankes it to 11 and plays wicked guitar riffs causing the amp to explode from epic-ness and damaging everyone around it.
- Surprise Trust Fall, when the enemy least expects it, Alan will straighten his body and lunge backwards at the enemy, causing extreme suprise damage; if the enemy does happy to catch him, he counters with a leg sweep and kick to the ribs.

Extra Abilities/Pros:
- Scream/sing (sing screamo, metal, hardcore punk)
- Graphic Design (good artist whose specializes in skull design and other awesome works)
- Awesome Wingman (self-explanitory)
- Pretty persuadable
- Decent song writer
- Necklace is believed to bring good luck (or stop bad luck since the times he took it off he got appendicitis, got dumped, and other chaos)
- Has his own gear (i.e. Marchall stack amps, cables, etc.)

- Not the best drinker (handles beers great, but lacks on the shots)
- Protective of his LTD MH-100QM guitar
- Crazy (will pretty much go insane on stage if givin' i.e: jumping off stacks doing flips and guitar spins, and crowd surfing/starting mosh pits)
- Pretty persuadable

Alan is a punk rocker and will be till he dies. He loves playing music and finding awesome new songs he can bang his head to since picking up the guitar at age 13 and not letting it down since. He mostly wears t-shirts with ripped jeans, but when it's time to be fancy he gets out the white leather jacket, or his sexy blk/white/grey flanel. He only wears DC™ skate shoes or black high top converse.

Side Note

This took alot longer than expected due to me making changes to the drawing, band practice, and a hectic schedule.....and partly cause reach came out.
But I enjoyed drawing it and being part of the contest (wish background was better) and all I can really say is I hope I am one of the winners. :D



well i didnt win oh well no matter still lik this piece, prob gonna change him again soon tho lol :D
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holy shit i have the name alan and i'm surpiced.