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R.I.P Denise Nickerson, we'll miss you.


Violet after the tour by Xboh, visual art

  • Feb 4, 1994
  • United Kingdom
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My Bio

Hello pun of the Star Wars' kind attended, my name's Alan G Brandon in real-life, but I'm safely calling myself Brandominator94. My Birthday's on the 4th February. I've got Asperger's. My fetishes can be sometimes questionable, but I've a PRIVATE Folder for that. There's this here scene of the 302nd Episode of the Japanese anime Maharomatic Automatic Maiden, Suguru-san, got his pecs grown, much to my favourite teacher Shikijo-sensei's guilty pleasure & it got me into trouble with the guys & girls on Black Rhino Ranger's Discord Server. I'd never, EVER, sexualise children!

EP.3.720p 2946
EP.3.720p 2954
EP.3.720p 2966
EP.3.720p 2982
EP.3.720p 3006
EP.3.720p 3022
EP.3.720p 3140
EP.3.720p 3192
EP.3.720p 3228
EP.3.720p 3240
EP.3.720p 3248
EP.3.720p 3399
EP.3.720p 3411
EP.3.720p 3419
EP.3.720p 3431
EP.3.720p 3443
EP.3.720p 3625
EP.3.720p 3654

What the literal [Beep] are you guys/girls thinking?! You must be thinking of that Nugget guy's Little Girl's disguise. He's a [Beep]in Catfish, unlike me! I'm not a Catfish; just your fun-loving online role-player, manga/anime/movie/television/video game/food/knowledge lover & my Internet Safety's just a little rusty. I'm not afraid to reveal thyself; as I'd say. I'm also single & looking for love. The things I love into finding one are:

Huge boobs

Understands my boob-kinks

Caring/Always there for you

As for my real-life kinks:

  • Hugs

  • Kisses (The lock-lip kind)

  • Tickles

The online kinks:

  • Blueberry (Rarely)

  • Body Inflation (Common)

  • Boob growth (Which got me to make like Shikijo-sensei as being my tutor, for we're both crazy for love)

The things that I can't stand are:

  • Paedophiles, like Nugget The Balloon Girl

  • Scat/Fart/Urine/Cum/Futa/Lethal Popping fetishes

  • Injustices for the Autistics

  • The Extinction Rebellion environmentalist group

  • Anarchists/Communists.

Don't get on my bad side & we'll get along just fine!

Favourite TV Shows
Robot Wars
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Soundtrack, techno, classical & rock.
Favourite Books
Fantastic Mr Fox & Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint & Sketch.IO

Donation Pool

A Noble Cause for a Core

I haven't got my hands on a Core Membership before. I would like to ask anyone of you to help me reach 1,598 Points so that I can try it out.

0/1598 points
@zsmith19951hellboyro Creeper-Chan RP Gallery Search Link: Creeper-Chan was humming away to some random song Creeper-Chan: Hmmhmmhmhmhmh.... Creeper-Chan was unaware that you was behind her & you tapped on her shoulder.
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I've been informed by @Ape-Escape-Central that The-Ape-Escape-Club has been reborn. Give @Ape-Escape-Central a watch.
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I, for one, am looking forward to Killing Floor 3. Just like how they do stuff with the Payday games, we'll be able to create our own weapons & my idea for something new are not just more customisations for the biggest idea of them all; Zed customisation! "Why?", you may ask? Think about it, in some games like for example...back in the old days of Arkham Origins' Online PVP matches, you have your own Joker/Bane Gang member(s) to dress up from & even skinning your weapons to have the GCPD theme. For KF3's Custom Zeds, instead of being based on Rioters; make your Zeds unique...meaning; that you can tell which Zeds are Players or AI Bots. You could have your Scrake based on Leatherface or even have your Crawler based on actual spiders. More than just skins or whatever, you can level them up to learn new skills; such as making the Bloat's toxins more potent your Fleshpound the ability to build up rage when blocking. If you've got anymore; let me known in the
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What OCs do you have?

Classic Alan

Classic Alan. He's also based on Ultimate Custom Night - Helpy Helpy.

220102kisekae - Me

My Digital-self, just to protect my real-life looks.


Gwen. She used to be


but was updated. She's lesbian-besties with @KrytenMarkGen-0's Marcy Johnston

Marcy's Makeover (2022)

I, however, am in a quote-unquote relationship with Saori Shikijo from Mahoromatic

She's nice, but she can get a bit kinky... since she likes to bury my face in her huge boobs. In Episode 203 of the anime or Volume 4 of the manga, this device

Pi - ideal vacuum  cleaner mahoromatic

made her bust even larger. Some people found it rather funny, just like me. I liked Saori's side of it, more than this guy

Suguru misato

's side of E203/V4.

Saori's breast enlargement

EP.3.720p 1243
EP.3.720p 1336
EP.3.720p 1356
EP.3.720p 1373
EP.3.720p 1914
EP.3.720p 1948
EP.3.720p 2013
EP.3.720p 3709
EP.3.720p 3786
EP.3.720p 3973
EP.3.720p 3989
EP.3.720p 4016
EP.3.720p 4058
EP.3.720p 4106
EP.3.720p 4129
EP.3.720p 4162
EP.3.720p 4234
EP.3.720p 4260
EP.3.720p 4303
EP.3.720p 4340

Suguru, however, got me into some confusion about me being a paedophile... which I'm actually not by the way.

EP.3.720p 2944
EP.3.720p 2953
EP.3.720p 2960
EP.3.720p 2966
EP.3.720p 2972
EP.3.720p 2981
EP.3.720p 2990
EP.3.720p 3000
EP.3.720p 3009
EP.3.720p 3021
EP.3.720p 3143
EP.3.720p 3155
EP.3.720p 3171
EP.3.720p 3183
EP.3.720p 3199
EP.3.720p 3208
EP.3.720p 3227
EP.3.720p 3239
EP.3.720p 3256
Suguru's mishap
EP.3.720p 3625
EP.3.720p 3654
EP.3.720p 3703
EP.3.720p 3738

I was leaning towards Saori & not Suguru during those sequences. I'd never, EVER, sexualise children, but Saori has a thing for Suguru. I, for one, would try to keep Saori's tendencies under control...

Please don't judge me, okay? ^^;

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