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August 26, 2014
One Last Pai Sho Match by Alamus makes great use of body language and facial expression to convey the mood in this piece.  Wonderful lighting as well.
Featured by Lyricanna
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One Last Pai Sho Match

So Korra Season 3 left rather heavy, so I thought a bit of lightening up was in order.

A fanart of Old Lady Katara and Old Man Zuko enjoying one last game with a old friend. 

This was done all in Manga Studio.

D8! Wow, so my box just exploded! Thanks so much for the DD :iconlyricanna: and thanks to all the people who enjoy this piece.

I just want to say that I'm glad that this series is still going strong with the fans despite the set backs from the network.

Also a shout out to all the artists here on DA who actually work/worked on the show at some given point (whether in the Nick HQ in Cali or Studio Mir in Seoul). You guys are awesome and an inspiration.

And a piece a blast from the past.
-:Embrace:- by Alamus
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R-FakonWolf's avatar
Zuko is surprisingly live a pretty long life for the one who always angry...
Well stress and anger killing you from the inside  I think I've fainted. 
NicksterDagames's avatar
Cotton-Candy520's avatar
TriangleSeagull's avatar
Katara's expression XP
Invader-Tak2015's avatar
Tell me why i started sobbing when i saw this?
Alamus's avatar
Because of feels?
Invader-Tak2015's avatar
YES!!!!! Also the thought that these two passing away within days of each other.....
KaizenKitty's avatar
:XD: Katara looks so smug -- I like it.
Doozigitis's avatar
Fantastic visual storytelling. I love the expressions and body language!
DoomyMouse's avatar
Goddang, I still have to catch up on Avatar.  Terrific work, Al!  Very atmospheric and pleasant.
AnnaButterbean's avatar
Katara's face is epic, else it's really nice and I would have loved to see a scene like this in Korra
Diabolik91's avatar
I love their expressions :)
GigglesGallery's avatar
This is an awesome picture. It captures their personalities so well. I love the idea that they become such good friends after everything. 
Shiro-san12's avatar
Katara is like: Trololololololololol XDDDD
LiveLongButLOL's avatar
Lol that smug face on Katara xD
WhiteKistuse's avatar
her face. I can not stop laughing
Honestly some of my favorite artwork of LoK
Nakumah's avatar
XD!! Looky at katara with that cheeky face.
coyotepack's avatar
I just love her expression. She knows she's won.
welsharcher's avatar
Is it weird I was hoping for old!Zuko and old!Katara to end up like Pakku and Gran-Gran in AtLA? Meow Bounce
btw love the piece, Katara always does have the upper hand!! And that smirk knows it!!
Beanereeno's avatar
This definitely takes the edge off my desperate need for an elderly team avatar reunion! Haha, looks like Zuko never quite got the hang of pai sho, or maybe Katara learned a few tricks from Iroh. Not that she isn't clever enough to stump the Fire Lord all on her own of course. Love this!
SocQA's avatar
Great work, I love their expressions :D Never thought that Katara would be that sly :D DD deserved :nod:
Squiddy-chan's avatar
She's got you there, Zuko. Oh, Katara, you sly old woman, you.
I love, love, love this. <33
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