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Revolution Tale Chapter: 3 (Pg-86)

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Critiques are much appreciated as I can not grow as a creator without them. 

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TheGameartist03Student General Artist

Since you're asking for critique, I wanted to mention that I think Papyrus' proportions might be a bit off in the last panel. I think his arms need to be a bit longer, but I'm not 100% sure. I make the same mistake all the time. A good way to check (based on human proportions anyway) is to measure the two parts of the arm and draw a line with the same length from the shoulder down. If it reaches past the hips, you're in the clear.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, the arms are actually the right length... maybe it's the legs? Dunno, it just looks off to me... I think maybe the top half of his body needs to be larger, but I'm not sure? I'm sorry o__o

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I read the comic in one day ;u;

And i love it! :D

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This comic deserves more recognition!

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Eeyyyyy thank youuuuu dudeeeee

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CrackerHumpsHobbyist General Artist

I assume there's a twist backstab approaching.

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WobbminHobbyist Traditional Artist

1) Frisk is super adorable.

2) I love how the General, Sans, and Papyrus can understand Frisk perfectly, but everyone else seems not fluent in gibberish.

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"My my you're tall"
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GoldenMaiden98Hobbyist Writer

yay Sans will be set free :D I hope Frisk hugs him before they leave

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I love this comic so much !!

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birdhouse14Hobbyist General Artist
These character designs are awesome!
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Art2345678910Hobbyist General Artist

Awww, this page is so wholesome, from Frisk saying they’re going to free Sans, to Undyne asking what Frisk said, to Papyrus being the cinnamon roll he is 😊

Such a cute page

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54virusesHobbyist Writer

That's not an answer, General.

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annikaherz28Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Dawwwww i wanna keep ´em!~

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