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Small Shark Teeth Tutorial



Since I've been asked a lot about how I do my teeth for my Grell Sutcliff cosplays I decided to do a little "tutorial" xD
It's pretty easy and doesn't cost much money.
(I got my fake nails for about 6€ and the glue (about 40g content wich is more than enough) for about 10€ via amazon. The glue should be a lot cheaper at the drugstore just ask there for dental fixing glue.) :)
I guess everything else you have to know, should be written in the tutorial.

If you want to know what it looks like:
On this picture you should be able to see it quite well :)

Just a few hints:
- Talking with the nails on your teeth should be no problem at all.
- If you want to drink something it's best to use a small straw.
- And if you want to eat something put the nails out beacause they won't stick to your teeth. (Just pull them from your teeth and wrap them into a tissue or something :) )
- You will feel when the nails are about to get off soon. So you can take them out or/and glue them to your teeth again.

There are quite a few characters which have shark teeth like Grell or Soul so I hope this will help some of you :)
Have fun :icongrellplz:
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Can this stuff damage tooth enamel?

I'm planning a cosplay using sharp teeth and I don't want anything to damage my teeth.