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Small Shark Teeth Tutorial

By Alalein
Since I've been asked a lot about how I do my teeth for my Grell Sutcliff cosplays I decided to do a little "tutorial" xD
It's pretty easy and doesn't cost much money.
(I got my fake nails for about 6€ and the glue (about 40g content wich is more than enough) for about 10€ via amazon. The glue should be a lot cheaper at the drugstore just ask there for dental fixing glue.) :)
I guess everything else you have to know, should be written in the tutorial.

If you want to know what it looks like:
On this picture you should be able to see it quite well :)

Just a few hints:
- Talking with the nails on your teeth should be no problem at all.
- If you want to drink something it's best to use a small straw.
- And if you want to eat something put the nails out beacause they won't stick to your teeth. (Just pull them from your teeth and wrap them into a tissue or something :) )
- You will feel when the nails are about to get off soon. So you can take them out or/and glue them to your teeth again.

There are quite a few characters which have shark teeth like Grell or Soul so I hope this will help some of you :)
Have fun :icongrellplz:
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LarayaDracomshu's avatar
Can this stuff damage tooth enamel?

I'm planning a cosplay using sharp teeth and I don't want anything to damage my teeth.
Alalein's avatar
Hey, sorry for the very late reply.
In my experience the fake nails don't do any harm, because they're very soft. So, even if one gets out and lets say you'll chew on it, the damage will be on the fake nail. (The plastic is thinner and softer than an actual finger nail xD)  
 And the poligrip powder glue is especially made for using it inside your mouth.
LarayaDracomshu's avatar
I know, but will the power glue  eat away the tooth enamel? That's y main concern cus I don't to damage my teeth. I under the glue is good for gums but I'm not sure about the actual tooth.
Alalein's avatar
It's not a problem at all. 
The glue is made for dental use and so it's harmless and won't do damage. 
I wouldn't use it, if it would harm my teeth. 
SJ-Himiko-Minuit's avatar
Fixodent lasts through eating .I know this due to my Mum having a bridge .
Thanks for the tutorial .Will do this along with the $3 fake acrylics I have for all day wear teeth .
Dark-Angel167's avatar
Which Fixodent did you use?
SJ-Himiko-Minuit's avatar
Fixodent Free
Also make just the tips of of the nails longer than your teeth. That way they adhere better , and look more like actual fangs/shark teeth.
Dark-Angel167's avatar
Alalein's avatar
Sounds cool :D
I'll definetly try it out. Thanks ^^
Have fun when you do it ;)
SJ-Himiko-Minuit's avatar
No problem. I am actually just doing this for my cosplay meetups and concerts. My brother's dog would probably get to them before my con.
Mr-Wicca's avatar
What happens when you wanna eat...?
Alalein's avatar
You have to take them out. The teeth won't stay when you try to eat with them.
So as long as I keep those things in my mouth I just don't eat. xD
Mr-Wicca's avatar
Oh, thanks for the advise~ ^^ I'd imagine it's a pain to get them back in... XD
Alalein's avatar
You're welcome :)
No it isn't. If you have some practice it is pretty easy and doesn't take much time :D
The first I used them I needed very long to make them stay but now it doesn't even take me 5 minutes :)
Mr-Wicca's avatar
Oh wonderful! Thanks. ^^ I won't be Grell this upcoming anime expo (Going as Love is War Gumi) but I'll probably be going as Grell in 2015
Alalein's avatar
I'm glad I could help :D
Cool. Have a lot of fun then ^^
Mr-Wicca's avatar
Thank you, my dear~ ^^
ShinshiaOri's avatar
oh god awesome, great post
ShinshiaOri's avatar
no thank you I've been wondering a good way to cosplay and have the teeth too
Alalein's avatar
^^ I'm glad it helps :D
ShinshiaOri's avatar
it really handy trick so thank you
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