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Kandahar | Male | Shauka

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Name: Kandahar 
Nicknames: Many refer to him as "The Red Viper"  //  Close Allies/Pack Mates may call him  "Kane"  
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Year of Birth: Year 106 after The Great Release 
Height: 214cm (Token #357)
Body type: Heavy
Mane type: Maneless
Tail Type: Classic
Ear Type: Classic
Coat Type: Classic
Coat color: Flaxen red brown with pangare maxima and raptor pattern -3 extreme // ee/AA/tt/PanPan[max]/ff/RpRp -3 extreme
Eye color: Orange
Design Sheet: Claw Token Design 74

Sire: Karzai (Deceased)
Dam: Volta (Status: Unknown, but most likely Deceased)
Bloodline: 100% Mitu
Other family: Two female siblings (Both Deceased)


Skill Info:

Hunting: 09/100 (Basic Level)
Fighting: 51/100 (Advanced Level)
Herblore: 00/100 
Crafting: 00/100 

+30 - starter package
+10 - Token #68
+10 - Token #173
+10 - Token #224

Clan Info:

Clan: Mitu
Clan Position: Shauka

Allround Details:

Rumors: Free to use by others if they want to mention him.  May or may not be true Eyes 

"The Red Viper, He fights to kill and with no honor.  Stay out of his way."
"He uses blood instead of paint for his warrior markings!"
"He's turned his back on Shujaa, he follows Shida now"

"He is a coward, him and his father tried to raid the Giza clan and he deserted them."
"Once I mistook him for Shida, always prowling around in the cover of night.  The sight of him is enough to give the younglings nightmares."

"I hear he's Cannibalistic, He just leaves piles of bloody bones in his wake."

Personality: Sinister, Twisted, Crazed, Primal, Fearless, Insomniac, Paranoid, Ruthless

    Kane is not a nice cat.  He spent the majority of his adolescent years as a cloistered Shauka, drowning in grief and guilt over the loss of his entire family and plagued by nightmares.  He did not answer the call during the Black war and chose to stay by himself partly because he was too depressed to do anything and partly because no one answered his call to arms so many years ago.  Once he heard that Giza had won the black war and was taking over, something in him snapped.  He now believes those nightmares were sent by Shida as a warning.  He realized his mistakes were always ruled by inaction, the pack choosing not to fight when he begged them to, and him not fighting in the Black war.  He would be inactive no longer.  Now his guilt and grief have manifested into anger and his need for retribution.  
    He listens to his instincts and does not dwell on decisions.  He has one goal and it is to wipe out Giza.  He has the mindset of, "If you're not with me, you're against me." He surrounds himself with like-minded and strong individuals.  He couldn't care less about helping the other clans or even other Mitu packs.  He has no patience for weaklings or those unable to help themselves.  "If you want something fight for it, take it."  
    He once arrogantly thought himself blessed by Shujaa, but after losing everything he realized he was more akin to Shida, and he now believes that his nightmares are not to be feared and that they are instead some sort of prophecy sent by Shida himself.  He now proclaims himself to be a Shida disciple, after having been shunned by Shujaa.  He is constantly analyzing what he sees in his dreams and trying to figure out what the hidden messages may be.  He can be slightly paranoid and even crazed when he becomes too absorbed in trying to find hidden meanings in things.  Sometimes it causes him to lash out randomly.  
    Kane does not believe in mercy.  He fights to kill, and he no longer fights fair or honorably, for what Giza cat does?  Most of his fights end in a bloodbath.  He seems to feel no pain, or even to welcome its sting.  He's known to allow a severe blow to hit him just to force his opponent into a vulnerable position for him to deliver a final blow.  He often leaves mangled corpses in his wake leading some to think he may even be cannibalistic. 

Appearance:  Large and imposing, he dwarfs even other Mitu cats.  His bright red coat is like the warning colors of a deadly snake, thus earning him the nickname, 'The Red Viper.'  His claws are usually always unsheathed as he never truly relaxes.  He often hyper-fixates on seemingly random objects with an unbreakable focus.  

Year 106-108:   Born from two veteran warriors, Kane grew up as a prodigy.  He was naturally skilled in everything he did and passed his Coming of Age Trial on his first try without a scratch.  He was arrogant and strong and trained every day to be a Khan one day

Year 109:   His mother and sisters were attacked by the Giza clan near the border.  His sisters bodies were found but there was no trace of his mother, Volta.  Kane and his father put together a small search party of close allies and other family members and against the Elder's warnings set out on a doomed rescue mission.  Only Kane returned alive.

Year 110-112: Kane is shamed for his actions and becomes a Shuaka.  He falls into a deep depression and suffers near constant night terrors.  He keeps to himself and even becomes semi-nocturnal in his attempt to avoid the rest of the pack.

Year 113: The Black war happens and Kane does not answer the call.  He chose to remain in isolation.  Afterwards, when the news hit that the Giza had won, he snaps and now believes all of his nightmares were a warning from Shida.  He becomes a Shida disciple because he feels that he too, was shunned by Shujaa and prefers the night time.  He becomes consumed with rage and retribution and later on in the year he makes his first kill of a black coated cat he assumed was a Giza spy near the border.  He develops a hunger for bloodlust.

Year 114:  Kade's nightmares suddenly switch from darkness and Giza to a great wildfire.  He believes this is a message and that it means it's time to finally take action.  He finds like-minded individuals and starts a new pack with them to bring back Mitu glory and destroy the Giza house once and for all.

Longer version of his past:
    In the beginning, he was like any other bright-eyed Mitu cub with aspirations to be a mighty Khan one day.  His parents were both highly respected, veteran battle warriors who coupled together rather late in their life for the purpose of creating a strong litter.  He was born the largest of this litter (Probably the largest cub ever) and was the most gifted in the arts of hunting and fighting.  He passed his coming of age trial with ease at an almost record time and without a scratch.  For the beginning years of his life he had made a name for himself and was one that many were watching and expecting great things from.  He was just the right amount of arrogant and feisty without coming off as cocky.  An elder once told him that he would grow up to be the great war-god, Shujaa in the flesh, and the Khan of Khans.  
    But at the still delicate and still very young age of  three, he lost everything.  His dam, Volta, was a warrior, fierce and proud, known for her strikingly colored coat and equally striking battle tactics.  She disappeared while on a perimeter patrol with both of his female siblings.  Kane and his sire, Karzai, were the first to notice their absence and the first to go searching.  The siblings, near identical in looks and talent, were found dead along with three black coated Giza corpses right on the perimeter.  It was an ambush, and a bloodbath.  Volta was never found but by the tracks it appeared as though she put up a ruthless battle but was outnumbered and eventually, presumably taken to be a slave.  
    Karzai and Kane rounded up fellow pack mates and distant family members, and against the elder's advice and without even the Khan knowing, set off on a doomed rescue mission.  Before they left they prayed to Shujaa, for surely their God of war would protect them and bless them in their efforts to prevent such an honorable and fierce warrior from becoming a breeding slave.  Upon leaving a comet was seen in the sky and they took this as a sign of his blessings. 
   Although all but Kane were highly skilled and experienced warriors, they were used to fighting honorably in the open.  Upon reaching Giza territory, their normally sharp minds were still flooded with grief and rage and they fell easy prey to the Giza's tricks.  The Giza were built much better for the narrow passages and knew of all the secret paths.  They were able to easily outmaneuver and deliver their toxins.  They fought like cowards.  
    Although Kane was formidable and extremely gifted, he was also the least experienced.  He took a poison-laced swipe early in the fight and was left immobile and forgotten for the remainder.  He could only watch, convinced he himself was dying from the pain of the poison and the blood loss, as his friends and family and sire succumbed to the ruthless Giza cats.  The fight eventually strayed from his location as the remaining Mitu warriors refused to give up even as they fell and gave chase to the Giza cats who used it to their advantage and were able to set traps.  Kane was thought dead and so was left and forgotten among the carnage.
    When he was finally able to stand he was numb with loss and limped his way back to the desert.  He collapsed close to the perimeter and was eventually found and brought back to the pack where he was healed and detoxed.  He was questioned heavily by the elders and the Khan and although he was healed and not abandoned by the pack he was shunned and disgraced.  Some thought he should not have let grief overtake him and gone against the elder's wishes and under the nose of the Khan.  Others thought he was cowardly for being the only one to return alive.  Kane argued that the Khan should pull together the entire force of Mitu and strike Giza as one, for what could stop the entire pack?  But his words were shot down and used as further proof of his immaturity and how unfit he was for the clan.
    He was saved from being a Nomitu for the memory of his beloved parents and those that fell with them and instead became a Shauka.  He continued to try and earn the Elders ear and pleaded with them to do something against the growing Giza threat he witnessed in the mountains.  Tried to tell them that they were more formidable than they ever thought possible, but to no avail.  Eventually he became bitter and with nothing left to fight for became an outcast in the pack.  He cloistered himself away, finally accepting the grief of all those he had lost. 
    He became mostly nocturnal, not wanting to be around or seen by the rest of the pack.  They either looked at him with pity or disgust and he could bear neither.  He lost weight and his coat dulled from malnutrition.  He could have hunted but he had lost his appetite.  He had reoccurring nightmares of darkness and moonlight and the red eyes of Giza.  Over and over.  Consuming the world.  He wrote them off as products of his sordid past and his anxiety over the Giza clan.  When the black war happened and the Mitu pack answered Kifani's calls for help, he did not stir.  Although it was exactly what he had been trying to convince the pack elders to do, he was too absorbed in his nightmares.  He believed that the nightmares he had had for years was some sort of prophecy, a warning even, from Shida.  He saw darkness consuming the world and at the end of the black war, darkness had in fact taken over.
    So few warriors came back.  Before the main pack began to crumble he was given his warrior ranking back, as any and all available pack members were needed.  During one of his nightly patrols he happened upon a black coated straggler.  He didn't know if it was a rogue or a Giza cat, but without thinking he struck.  Quick and brutal he ended their life.  There covered in the blood of his first kill, under a moonless sky, an outcast among his own clan, he discovered a new hunger.  He wanted more, to kill more, he was done with idling by silently.  He knew this would happen, and the pack refused to listen to him.  Shida plagued him with messages disguised as nightmares, but he was too blind to recognize them.  No longer.  He would follow his instincts.  He would follow Shida.  He would make his own damn pack if had to.  This time the world wouldn't be covered in darkness, it would be painted in blood.

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