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My Bio
YO WHAT UP?! Names Alaina, I write weird comics and sew - like alot.

I'm really not too good about talking about myself so um.

The best thing I can say is it's nice to meet ya!! If you have a question just ask.

Favourite Movies
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Treasure Planet
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Doctor Who (some old some new), Avatar, Trigun, Ouran High School Host Club, HOTD, Higurashi, Re: Zero,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too varied, honestly.
Favourite Books
Connie Mason romance novels...lots of Star Wars books
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allan Poe? I'm not sure
Favourite Games
Assassins Creed, Chaos;Head, Sonic Series (all), Fire Emblem series (all), Pokemon (all), Uncharted, Kingdom Hearts, Harvest Moon, No!!! Thank You!!!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Gamecube, DS/3DS
Tools of the Trade
BLICK colored pencils, cintiq drawing tablet, charcoal pencils, fleece and a Janome sewing machine
Other Interests
Writing, drawing, comics, cartooning, figure/anime collecting
Announcement regarding end of the year comic updates! THIS WEEK IS GONNA BE A MON-WED-FRI UPDATE That is because this is the last update of the year - I normally do take some time off in December-January because this month is usually full of family holiday events and my kids and nieces birthdays and all kinds of irl stuff. However, I am taking much more time THIS year because the next update will be - and I stress - a massive bulk update. We're getting to a part of the comic that I do not feel comfortable 'drip feeding' with slow updates, I want the entire context to be read at once so it will be a large - LARGE mass update that will happen all at once. So I need to prepare that + at least a couple weeks ahead of that to make sure when we start again we don't slow down. I don't have an exact date when that will happen, it will be done...when its done. With all that, I hope you guys have some LOVELY holidays!!
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Another quick public post, this time notifying we may not have Worldview pages next week. I have pulled or torn a muscle and working is vvvvvvvveeeeeery slow rn XD So I'm not gonna strain myself further at the moment and just going to go the safe route and not make any promises for next week. Sorry about that!! Thank you!
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Hey, may I commission a custom body pillow?

Yah, absolutely! You can look over the prices here Merch Commission Price - ALAINA'S ARTWORK (

And message me on the website here - Loading Crew Crafts - Store

There will be a little chat box that pops up in the bottom right corner (it might take a moment on mobile) and I can IM chat through that ^^

Hello. I'm a random llama giver. uwu Here's a llama for you~!


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heya! just wanted to say that i love your mommacq comic, it distracts me from stressful stuff and calms me down quickly. i also love your art, its beautiful <3 i hope you have a wonderful day/night! love ya /p

Hi! I saw y’all at San japan and wanted to know if I could order a body pillow

Yeah thats totally possible. I'm on vacation rn so if its a custom one I'll be getting back to those messages on the 11th. Regular order you can just check out my website

hi alaina! i was heavily into your stuff as a kid years back, and i revisited a bunch of your work recently and im so in love all over again :'0 i just graduated high school and going down memory lane with your comics has been such a fun time, i hope you're doing well! glad to see you and some of your friends are still active <3

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