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Wolf den + PRINTS


Photo manipulation from my own resources, like it!


Any critics are welcome. I appreciate all negative/positive opinions. Help me to improve! :) (Smile)

End in the snow by Alaiaorax  We are your dreams by Alaiaorax  In the forest by Alaiaorax  Tiny life by Alaiaorax  Sunset beginning by Alaiaorax  Wild flowers by Alaiaorax 
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Nice but I can’t buy it I’m kid I just love it I wanna use it as background

Please can I download to use in Photoshop?

Best wishes

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you can use it/edit for your own projects only with credit.
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Simply amazing :)
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Is this a PhotoGraph? Like really?
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this is a collage from several photos 
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I like this very much!
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What I love most about this is that there’s absolutely nothing “off” about it, yet one can immediately tell that it isn’t a regular photo – it is somehow “more” than a photo, and looks in many ways like a highly skilled painting. There is something magical about it, capturing the spirit of wolves in a resting, gentle moment, the light overexposing just enough in places to lend a dreamlike glow.

My only suggestion for improvement would be that the wolf on the right appears to be in a slightly awkward position; though since my dog often sleeps in ways and places that seem equally improbable, perhaps that’s no flaw at all. Were the stock images of actual wolves, by the way, or dogs?

All in all, an inviting, inspiring piece. I’m glad that I stumbled upon it.

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thank you for nice words) i dont see what mistale you found of the right wolf. here is my photo  Photo (245) by Alaiaorax   (mix stray dog)
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Really great work.
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very very good work.

fyi - i have seen this place - it's in virginia, a place called langley - full of wolves who point fingers and call everyone else a wolf
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👌 photoshop skills here
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Wolves! I adore you! Simply perfect! ;)
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so, uh.. what is there to critique? this is literally perfect
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Me:*points at screen* IT'S PRETTY! 0-0
I can be kinda blunt
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