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House Stark



House Greyjoy by Alaiaorax  Ghost by Alaiaorax  Bringing bloody vengeance by Alaiaorax  House Lannister by Alaiaorax  House Baratheon by Alaiaorax  House Targaryen by Alaiaorax 

Fan art for Game of Thrones -  A Song of Ice and Fire. Wonderful books and series.
The most awesome characters are dead and dying dying stop stop pleaaase TT
I watched all seasons in Polish and reading now a book so I have improved this l
anguage a bit. The next piece will be Baratheon logo in the same style. 

Stark © George R. R. Martin
Art © Alaiaorax

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© 2015 - 2021 Alaiaorax
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that one is my fav ♥
Corporal-Yakob's avatar
House Stark by way of Bloodborne? Awesome!
NicklausofKrieg's avatar
I know right? It's like if Sif from Dark Souls appeared in Bloodborne.
Corporal-Yakob's avatar
Anything run through the Bloodborne wringer is going to come out incredibly fucked up on the other end, just look at the skinned abominations that it considers werewolves (and are also made by eldritch blood viruses transmitted from alien moon gods). I'd really like to play the first Dark Souls but I don't have access to a PS3 anymore; a shame really, because everyone says its better then the sequel and even more grimdark.

*Sigh* Oh what am I going to play until 3 is out?
TheUnderageAssassin's avatar
AWESOME! Very striking! 
NatRed99's avatar
Это чертовски круто!
Elliedoodles's avatar
This is cool on so many levels!

I mean, you can't go wrong with GoT fan art, ever haha
But the composition is really good, I love the fact that you put the moon in the background and that wolf is the apsolute awesomness. I love it's skelleton head and demonic tounge and that red line is such a cool detail :D seriously, thumbs up!
Alaiaorax's avatar
thank you ♥♥♥
Alaiaorax's avatar
Wolnir's avatar
УУУУХ, вот это мощно!!! Просто восхитительно!!! Хочу такую футболку, ааа *_*
Alaiaorax's avatar
могу дать без фоньчика, если реально хочешь)
Wolnir's avatar
Уууууу, хочууууу *___________*
vvlpes's avatar
This is so great! :clap:
And wow! How many languages can you speak and read? :-O
Alaiaorax's avatar
♥ I can speak and read Russian, Belarusian, English and Polish. But I am not an expert in any of them. English I am studying at the lyceum as all people. Almost all Belarusians speak Russian (i don't like this situation) so I too. Belarusian is very similar to Russian and is my native language which I am studying too in high level because of specialisation of my class (It is one class in my town lol! People don't want to know their native language T.T). Thought the year I am planning go to Poland so I am reading  books and watching films besides of studying to be a little bit better.  
vvlpes's avatar
Wow, you are so talented.
From your drawing skills, to your language ones; so many talents! :clap:
siriablacky's avatar
Great Stark's logo, it looks so much better than original version! I love how you draw canine paws. 
I have similar situation - I watched TV series, and now I started reading a first book. And in Polish too, but this is my national language, for me would be harder to read in English :)
Alaiaorax's avatar
dziekuje bardzo! czytac dla mnie bylo trudniej niz ogladac film, bo nie mam ksiezki, tylko pdf na malenkim ekranie. spotakalam wiele nowych slow i w ogole stala rozumiec te historije lepej. Moj rodny jezyk jest Belaruski, ktory jest podobny do Polskiego. Myslalam o czytaniu na Angielskim, ale to dedzie dla mnie trudne.
Rykhers's avatar
I love this so much
Amazing illustration for it
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