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Guardian of the woods + VIDEO


Greyscale commission for a client
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ها لكم سفله بلاعين العير

Reminds me of a Wendigo well done.

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Love it, get real shaman pagan vibes I’ve done a piece with a similar concept but on a different medium, sketched it out with pen and paper, then used a bit of charcoal, I’m more traditional in my art but it’s great that you can get your head around the medium of digital art, I’m just hopeless with anything to do with computers, great work mate keep it up

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umm is this used anywhere and could it be???

Why does he look soo hot?

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mmmm maybe bandages ^^

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That is so beautifully done! I love how detailed the fur looks!

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Wow! U're talented...

that's my life lol:laughing:

holy ****that is horror all right

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That's some manic detail. Exquisite attention to the fur and horn formation. I love how it glows

This is some good detailing

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this is so cool!! i love the detail omg 🥺 just in time for spooky season!

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Oh my gosh! I love this, I wish I could do something like this

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This is amazing!!! It has such an other worldly presence
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impressive work :love:

a walking ghost XD

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This is awesome, love the style and tone.

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Truly stunning work here :D

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