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Enter The Nightmare

Album cover for band Bladewolf!

Check my second account with photos: Hanna-Hetmanchuk


Any critics are welcome. I appreciate all negative/positive opinions. Help me to improve!

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PeteTheGrouch's avatar

Not gonna lie, that actually looks legitimately terrifying..! :fear:

demons get the holy water or the super hot lady's going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NobodyX7's avatar
Freddy Kruger's pet I presume?
Sevian's avatar
What a beautiful nightmare.
CarharttCreations's avatar
Absolutely incredible! Those eyes wow
WickeDanneh's avatar
You constantly pump out badass art.
Crossroads44's avatar
Cool 80's retro vibes.
Luckero-Wolf's avatar
This legit reminds me of a nightmare I had one time
SamanthaTorres12348's avatar
Cool awesome drawing
Looks like the G'Mork from the Neverending Story
Feels very Bloodborne-ish. Very nice.
BleedingPixels98's avatar
When you watch way too much Supernatural and instantly think "YEA, HELLHOUND"
Beautiful work, earned yourself a new watcher
b33sandun1corns's avatar
Wow that's amazing 
CMoretzfan19's avatar
Holy shit I love this so much 
merdicano's avatar
What's Bladewolf?
SpunkeeGoblin's avatar
Whoa. Your art is amazing! I'm going to check this bamd Bladewolf out too of they have music uploaded anywhere
Alaiaorax's avatar
thank you! i think they dont have any music yet 
SpunkeeGoblin's avatar
I will keep tabs on em' then, I love rock bands, and metal and alternative too
CluDoe's avatar
This is just stunning, seriously stunning!
CMVreud's avatar
Okay, I get it! Periods suck! Sheesh!
CoffeeGlitch's avatar
Your work never fails to amaze me. Definitely one of my favorite artists here on DeviantArt!
Not a criticism as such but would have amused me if one of the nightmare-wolf's paws was crushing or clawing apart the dream-catcher. xD

Otherwise, I think it looks great. Really eye-catching. 
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