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Simon Finds A Mysterious Tent
Simon had been stranded in the moors for eighteen hours when he spotted the tent. It stood like a house-shaped bon bon amid the dead trees and bracken - a fluorescent pink poof at its peak knocking in the breeze.
'Oh thank God' - said Simon.
Not 48 hours prior Simon's blonde locks had shimmered in the sunlight as though he were the poster child for a shampoo commercial. His blue jeans had been creased and his sneakers all but blindingly white. He had embarked on an afternoon stroll in the fields at the back of his office - hoped to get a breath of fresh air before getting stuck into another set of spreadsheets.
Now though matted hair plastered his cheeks and recalled the colour of algae. His jeans were ripped at the knees and plastered in mud from the ankle down. His sneakers he'd had to abandon to avoid being sucked into a bog some miles back.
It had not been a pleasant afternoon stroll for Simon.
He fell to his knees and clasped both hands above his crown.
'Thank God' - he rasped. 'T
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Raskolnikov's Letter
Letter from Rodion Raskolnikov to Sonya Marmeladova
13th January, 1867
Dearest Sonya,
There resides through the window of my prison cell a mud track, often taken by the peasants. They traverse by this route, in their horses and carts, the distance separating their landowner's estate from their farms. I'm not certain what it is they freight back and forth - their barrows are covered by those coarse blankets such people favour – and it's not something with which I'm concerned.
What is of greater interest to me than the peasants themselves is the highway by which they travel.
It is the product not of new technologies, about which our St. Petersburg engineers are so verbose, nor the result of a proclamation by local authorities. It is barely more than twinned parallel lines in the snow, pressed into existence by the routine of the peasants who use it. No one condones it, officially at least, but it continues to exist.
Situated happily in the expanse of white t
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If under mulch she sang a rotten
    wood-like note with quiver
Nostalgic for her days alive
    Surely they could forgive her
Most days it's quiet (these days it's cold)
  Her bones observe the soil
But Spring is pulsing warm and gold
  Teasing memories to boil
Like heated milk the liquid smell
    of evening drips in branches
A honeybee who suffocates
    falls near her musing ashes
"Is it wine or light strawberry?"
  She asks him of the sky
Though his dead ears don't hear her query
  The answer is "Like dye"
Just under mulch I hear a rotten
    wood-like note with quiver
Flushing young in days alive
    Of course I can forgive her
:iconsaturninesweetness:saturninesweetness 182 134
Little Hero - Story by patrick-q Little Hero - Story :iconpatrick-q:patrick-q 8,195 792 Angels and Demons by frowzivitch Angels and Demons :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 43 15 Young man by Albert-Smirnov
Mature content
Young man :iconalbert-smirnov:Albert-Smirnov 552 56
The fruit Basket by frowzivitch The fruit Basket :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 2,288 280
Sarah Helen's Seance
Do you tread restlessly still past the garden,
peering for girls in the begonias? I suppose, (hush
my dear ladies) that we are too
time-stooped now?
(Hush! – the planchette – )
Or pace His palace attics, croon
oracles of hellishness?
When He perceives your bleeding hearts
do His own
hearts race?
Is it as you guessed – death – is it – ?
I hope,
dear heart, you do not
haunt yourself – ?
Edgar! I see you now, (yes madam, madam,
take my hands) You in a dark room lightened
by brilliant electricity through slit
eyelets in the wall. You have secrets brewing in
globular beakers which you pipette
from source to cauldron, flame to vein. I see you,
in a torrent of feathers, break
your wings against the sky,
a lunatic halo, your face beaked, one
scimitar tooth, pierces your breast, you pluck,
you pluck, a mist of feathers, black
red feathers, a tiny timorous trembling
heart on your tongue – do not! Oh great, dark soul, oh
sir, oh –
Hush, Edgar; th
:iconcrumpetsharvey:CrumpetsHarvey 3 11
The Bombs...
President Jonathan Rhymanthium Zeighermac hung himself this morning after having an emergency three a.m. meeting during which he gave the green-light on the subject of dropping an arsenal of nuclear bombs on China, North Korea, and Iran.  He is one of the first, and the few, to die before the end. There was no remorse.
At 0315 hours, President Zeighermac hung himself inside his office.  Forty-five minutes later, a couple of his aids found him swinging just above his solid oak desk.  This prompts the immediate swearing-in of Vice-President Joesph Jeremy Johnson, a direct descendent from former President Lyndon B. Johnson.  A small blip in the radar gets registered off the East Coast at 0445 hours Eastern Time and goes unnoticed by the sleeping soldier manning his post.  Vice-President Johnson is officially President at 0512 hours.  After a couple of hours of meetings with President Zeighermac's Cabinet and the Joint Chie
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Timekeeper by Bark Timekeeper :iconbark:Bark 120 85
Mature content
hishers :iconaaaaaaaahhhh:aaaaaaaahhhh 2 8
Speed Lines by Exzachly
Mature content
Speed Lines :iconexzachly:Exzachly 1,146 186



Monsieur Lavelle
United Kingdom
Personal Quote: Quid pro quo
So I've been filling out an online dating profile the last hour.

The first person it recommends is - pure coincidence - my closest online friend.

Ohh dear.
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