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Fennec fox mage by Alacritous13 Fennec fox mage :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 3 1 Blue and Arron by Alacritous13 Blue and Arron :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 1 0 Kyle texting by Alacritous13 Kyle texting :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 0 0 Unofficial Bunshark by Alacritous13 Unofficial Bunshark :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 9 0 Adrien and Teresa shaking hands by Alacritous13 Adrien and Teresa shaking hands :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 0 0 Alacritous Regress Vol 1 cover by Alacritous13 Alacritous Regress Vol 1 cover :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 2 0
Prologue: The Worst Possible
   "We've detected a small ship coming out of warp near the nebula, Captain."
   "Thank you Rivan. Bring us out of warp alongside them Tail." My name is Shooting Star, but everyone just calls me Shooting, for both my name and my twitchy trigger finger. I'm the captain of the Alacritous Regress, an old shuttle held together with duct-tape and prayers. The only good thing about the ship was that it's equipped with an oversized interceptor warp drive that allows us to fly away from any enemy ships we encounter, and that it doesn't rust.
   "Pulling out of warp, Sir." The Engea at the warp control station is my twin sister, Comet Tail. People have never told us that we look the same, and for good reasons. Our mom was a lynx Engea and our father a serval Engea. I got our mom's looks, Tail got our dad's.
   "Commence scanning processes Rivan." The large Blait started pressing assorted buttons on her console before letting out a stri
:iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 0 0
Alacritous Regress by Alacritous13 Alacritous Regress :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 4 0 Tail and Rivan about to Kiss by Alacritous13 Tail and Rivan about to Kiss :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 0 1 Shooting and Quick by Alacritous13 Shooting and Quick :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 0 0 Shooting Star in armor (zoomed in) by Alacritous13 Shooting Star in armor (zoomed in) :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 3 0 Shooting Star in armor (sans body glove) by Alacritous13 Shooting Star in armor (sans body glove) :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 1 0 Shooting Star in armor by Alacritous13 Shooting Star in armor :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 1 0 Kyle by Alacritous13 Kyle :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 1 0 Caracal by Alacritous13 Caracal :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 1 0 First Crew photo by Alacritous13 First Crew photo :iconalacritous13:Alacritous13 1 0


Daily Paint 2186. Teacock by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2186. Teacock :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,737 68 Daily Paint 2188. Lambscape by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2188. Lambscape :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,944 78 Daily Paint 2190. Thorny Devil by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2190. Thorny Devil :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,264 79 Daily Paint 2192. Hybird 1# by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2192. Hybird 1# :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,925 73 Daily Paint 2194. Hybird #2 by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2194. Hybird #2 :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,196 89 Sometimes  by travisJhanson Sometimes :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 193 20 AS- Work 2 by Cervelet AS- Work 2 :iconcervelet:Cervelet 20 15 The Great Noodle in the Sky by Cervelet The Great Noodle in the Sky :iconcervelet:Cervelet 49 7 Startrekking by Cervelet Startrekking :iconcervelet:Cervelet 34 5 Immortality  by travisJhanson Immortality :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 200 38 Merciless leaf killer by woxys Merciless leaf killer :iconwoxys:woxys 338 20 First Round's On Me by kenket First Round's On Me :iconkenket:kenket 624 12 Quick krita painting for DrunkenKitty1 by LiLaiRa Quick krita painting for DrunkenKitty1 :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 730 12 ARA by FoxInShadow
Mature content
ARA :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 345 10
Ruby (Fall season) by Sunnypoppy Ruby (Fall season) :iconsunnypoppy:Sunnypoppy 479 23 Cat Kiss by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Cat Kiss by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 192 5


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Alan Liebert
United States
I am in no way an artist (of the visual variaty). I write a significant amount of material and have ocasionaly drawn a few images for said setting.


Fennec fox mage
One of my older pieces (if I’ve previosly called something old, this predates it), it was originally hand drawn in my sketchbook with colored pencils right after I figured out how to draw. This was done by taking that sketch, and tracing over it in Sketchbook Pro. Originally she had hair, and lightning!

On to the character:
Katherin, along with her brother, Soren, serve as heavy hitters for the mage order. In addition to magical resistance to heat (race standard), and the standard battery of telepathy, telekinesis, and spatial awareness, the twin duo are ranked at level five electrokinesis (originally five was the top of the scale).
During the secound Shike war, she and her brother ran an assortment of missions against Shike ground instalations. At some point she was involved in the mission to defeat Kitsune.
Blue and Arron
Bluefur is fixing something and Arron is helping, or maybe just enjoying the view.

Blue serves as the engineer aboard the Alacritous Regress, and Arron as the pilot/heavy enforcer. The two characters where originally designed to be polar opposites; Blue as quiet, cautious, and shy. Arron on the other hand is loud, a womanizer, and more often than not, drunk.

Part way into volume two I got it in my head that the two characters would go perfect together. So far, so well.
Unofficial Bunshark
I’m usually rather bugged by the idea of closed species, but Bunsharks does closed species right in my opinion.
While not truly unique, the creator (sirfluff-thefluff) realized that. Most other closed species have that snooty (and some what threatening) reminder that you can’t (technically) make any of them.
After the reminder for Bunsharks was an admitance, you could make a Bunshark! It just wouldn’t be considered official.

To show my apreciation of this, I made (an unofficial) one.

Link to the Bunshark group

Oops, forgot the fin. There, quick fix.
Adrien and Teresa shaking hands
These are Senator Adrien Loup and Officer Teresa Jackson. Adrien (the wolf) is the senator to industrial superpower Horus, and Teresa (the human) is the NASA ground controll officer for my main characters.

This depicts their first meeting, right before Teresa’s subordinates (the crew of the Alacritous Regress) are to transport Adrien to a volatile negotiation.

While minor, both characters are recurring and often vital to the plot.
(note: I hate hands so they look like blobs in all my drawing)


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