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hi all
How are you I'm from Iraq I like to set up friends with everyone To communicate with me Add me via  mail Or Facebook thank you


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Thanks for the watch!
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Thank you for your support!
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I do not encourage Israel because they kill children and women
But I hate at the same time Hassan Nasrallah said the client to Iran
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It is sad you only hear news through anti-Israel filters.

I am certain you never heard about Israel saving the lives of Iraqi children -- Here's a list of children currently in Israel for heart surgery: [link] From what I saw, there are currently 3 Iraqi children as well. Aryan, Herish, and Doaa.

Also, in Israel's battle with the Arabs, the Arab side has enlisted children and tactics which, sadly, create an impossible situation to avoid completely instances where children get hurt. Here's an example where the child (Hussam Abdo, 15 years old), strapped with 8 kilogram of explosives, would have gotten hurt had he not stopped when ordered to do so. [link]

If people in the Arab world know the reality, they would stop supporting keeping Palestinians as political prisoners and stop supporting "muqawama" against Israel's existence. You can get a little more real information about the refugee situation here: [link]
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I do not hear the news, but I never watched human rights
I saw the Israelis when they hit the campaign Turkish aid for children
Perhaps some of the treated children from Iraq, I do not know that thanks to the U.S. occupation of Iraq, which caused two million Israeli motives and a million displaced widow and three million orphans
And also I saw a child Mohammed al-Dura
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Wow. It is amazing how easily Arabs are willing to accept lies about the "evil Israel".

Lets ignore the lies for a second and deal with new information that you have never heard about: How do you feel about hearing for the first time that Iraqi children with serious heart problems are treated by Israel? Why is this the first time that you hear about this? If you doubt this story... why not be so doubtful when you hear a story that says "Israel bad"?

I can talk with you about the 'other perspective' in each of the stories you mentioned (e.g. Israel and Egypt both transfer aid to Gaza every single day by land -- Turkish ship was a propaganda effort) -- but the starting point should be that you consider my viewpoint as coming from an honest place.

You must also consider the fact that Hussam Abdo was not shot dead even though he had a bomb strapped to him.... that he was not shot should at least make you think a little bit about the generic claim that Israel wants to kill children.

p.s. we can also talk about Al-Durah. This is a perfect example for a story with multiple perspectives... but I bet you don't know anything about the 'other perspective'. Did you know that his father, Jamal al-Durah, was attacked in 1996 by a local Palestinian gang because they thought he collaborated with Israel? There's a lot of detail in this story and I happen to have done a lot of research here.

Anyway -- let's start with the Iraqi children. Israel may be better off without Saddam -- but it was not an Israeli decision to go after him. That one can be blamed on the UAE just as easily. Regardless -- Israel is helping Iraqi children. This is a reality that you should consider when you say bad things about us. And the saddest part is that you've never heard about this reality... think about that.
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