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I've just started getting into the youtube channel thing and ive opened one up just recently based on the game league of legends.Will soon be putting up stuff from mw3 as well.  I try to upload some cool stuff but im having problems with screen capture and editiing software. Currently im stuck with fraps and windows movie maker, if anyone knows any good free ones would be awesome if you told me. So anyway if you guys could visit my channel or subscribe would be awesome.
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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 9:53 PM

Wooo, i just got my first tablet. Been trying to get one for ages and ended up getting the WACOM Bamboo pen & Touch. Though its not pro or anything neither am i so im looking forward to actually drawing on the computer. Recently i just lost a picture which i had been working over 4 months on and off which was pretty disappointing but hopefully that wouldnt be a problem when i use this tablet instead of pen and paper. Now im sitting with photoshop open wondering how the pen pressure would activate. Can anyone give me some advise on this? Thanks.

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Target 5000 pageviews :)
If you send me a screenshot either at 4999 5000 or 5001 i will gladly feature some works from your gallery!
This will be the first time i do this so im not sure if i can feature on a non-subscribed account but i will try :D
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Ive just gotten my new computer which is really nice and fast. Im finally off that crappy laptop and onto a desktop PC. The 12hour renders take under 30min and i can go on gimp and photoshop with no lag now :D YAY. I also started to play a game called League of Legends which is similar to dota but idk i never played dota but this feels pretty nice. If anyone plays LoL add me "CaptOrihalcon"
and if you want to play heres a link to the game
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back from holiday and have a stack of photographs to post, will be on it as soon as i clear the work and assignments from my to-do-list. that may take a while :(.
Ive been pretty busy lately still and havent been able to manage to upload even on devation recently, this year is sure much harder compared to last year. We just went through a 2 week holiday though this whole holiday has been filled with work and studying and general laziness due to the tests we are again having in a weeks time. Ill try to get something on here but for now im stumped.
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Lol i dont really keep up my promises but ill try really hard this time. Thing to do:

1. Get my sketch of Batman finished and on the computer - Colour it in - Create Background - Finished picture (then i will let it be used if other people want the sketch).
2. Start self portrait of self.
4. Learn how to make animation (I got 100 frames of picture when i hold right it is animated but its not just one picture, any help will be great).
5. Upload more pictures :)
6. Get better camera and start snapping some shots.
Our yearly tests have finished so im pretty much in the run with a lot of free time i just hope i don't waste it.

still working on the above though i have been lazy with most :(, going on holidays for 2 weeks so i wont be able to post anything on then but when i return hopefully i will have some photos and fractals that i did on laptop while im gone. Have fun everyone and have a merry christmas
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Well after i finish all my tests next week, i will start my batman wallpaper hopefully and finish it within a week or so. But these damn tests are just so annoying so i hope they stay out of the way
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In a couple of weeks i will finally get a good camera so i will get to take photographs yay :D. Ive wanted to take a good picture of the sky above my house for a while, we normally get crzy looking clouds during storms, cant wait.
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Well last night i put one of my fractals to render and when i cae back this morning to check up on it, my computer was off which was right but when i looked at the location where it was supposed to be, it wasn't there. My guess is that my stupid settings was set to automatically turn off after 7 hours inactive and i forgot to change it after my comp died. So now i have to re-render tonight and hopefully it should work this time.
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Well finally i got my 1000 page views after 1 year with this community of art loving people. Thanks to all who have helped me in the process of making a picture and all the tips and help i have received. Thanks to all who have fav'd my works which gives me further motivation to make more pictures. I will probably set one picture to raid from tonight that might last some while but it should all be worth it. Hope all you guys continue to make your wonderful pictures that i always look up to. Keep submitting and i hope to see more exciting pictures over time.
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i wont be posting any new fractal pics as my computer is pretty slow and its now starting to take over 100hours to render the pictures so im trying to either get a new comp or leave it on for a loooong time. Hopfully they will be back up soon thx
Well i came home todai from school only to realise my comp had stuffed up. It wasnt a virus although the prob on my comp did manage to delete everything from the desktop pernamently. So i am now trying to get some of my works back but having no luck, looks like its gonna take a while to get all my deviations back.
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wont be on for a while busy creating more pics and stuck on bubble writing on photoshop...
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experimenting wit photoshop so some pics might come out of ther lol been away for a while, well im bak at least for the moment anways happy
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will not be submitting any pics in a while as all of this week next and the week after i will be very busy wit tests and rendering my pics (got about 15 i need to render but cbf atm to do it, so thats why im doing it l8r)

lol makeing a pic wit LOTS OF LINES :D i wonder what that would be under
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