Perfection, Part I

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Pt I

The word so nearly incomplete
What a remarkable feat
To see the one you love
Ice cold with white feet

A mirror to reflect the tears
Of a love you once found so dear
Remember the time
When the flower met the dust

But the time faded
Ever-so-slowly with the stars
Mystery lies clear beneath the bones
To shed of the love you replaced with fear
But when all grace came, you made yourself fame

And a million light years away
You met her, walking to your grave
A curious being
A curious feeling
Had she not been the presence
You were wishing for?

Taken from the fairy
A tale whispered so murderously
"I'll be back," her voice was so soft
So sure, "Just before the darkness hits"

So assured was her mother
As the darkness was not for another hour
And her daughter was strong
A wolf-like fighter
Why should she worry
About an unknown stranger?

Walking through the trees
A smile graces her features
Glad to be free
From the cavern she calls home

But the silence of the wind
Was broken by the disturbing hum
Of the footsteps walking so clearly
In the direction she marched towards dearly

His eyes dead with care
Marked without fear
The sibling of three
The one without glee

Carelessly, ignorantly she walked
Into the sight of the devils eyes
And for a moment
The two meet
But neither stopped
To encourage their beat

She looked away, to his dismay
But he still stared
Unprepared, not for the love he never felt
But for the beauty of the Goddess before him

It seemed as if that would be plain
No mark to settle his name
No fear to maim her glee
Just a stranger
As if that's all it would be
A four part poem-story based off of the two pictures by Sandara

Pic I
Pic II

Parts I-IV
I ---You're here!
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i've read a lot of poems and wrote ones but this just wow , good work ^^