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Aldys Brush Pack for Krita 2.3.1



* Important! This package was created for Krita 2.3.1, may not work properly in recent versions.

Hi all. I did this brushes for my personal usage but I decided to share with all krita users. I hope you can find usefull.

How to install:

1. Download aldys_brush_pack_for_krita.tar.gz file from the "Download" button.
2. Descompress the files.
3. Copy the brushes files (.kkp) in the path:


If you don't found the folder .kde4 maybe in your distro is:


* To find the folder .kde in your home you must have visible the hidden files.

Sorry for my bad English :p




* ¡Importante! Este paquete fue creado para Krita 2.3.1, puede que no funcione correctamente en versiones mas recientes.

Hola. Hice estos pinceles para usarlos personalmente pero decidí compartirlos con todos los usuarios de Krita. Espero que les resulten útiles.

Como instalar:

1. Descargar el archivop aldys_brush_pack_for_krita.tar.gz desde el botón "Download".
2. Descomprimir los archivos.
3. Copiar los archivos de brochas (.kkp) en la ruta:


Si no encuentran la carpeta .kde4 seguramente en tu distribución es:


* Para encontrar la carpeta .kde en su home tienen que tener visibles los archivos ocultos.
© 2011 - 2021 al-dy
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merci beaucoup pour ce beau travail:sun:

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Muchas gracias por los pinceles.

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years later, and still helpful. Thanks a million.

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Thanks for brushes. The most of them work on my Krita 4. 1. 7.
EEEnt-OFFICIAL's avatar
I tried importing these brushes, both through Manage Resources and physically copying and pasting them into the appropriate folders. It isn't working.
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As you can see in the info this brush pack was made in 2011 for Krita 2.3.1.
Probably don't work on the latest versions.
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Gracias por el aporte ! probado en la versión 3.1.2 y funciona
Nevermind I see the Download button on the "side" on the screen to the "right".
Where's the Download button? Cause i cant see it at all.
Need help..Alot.
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Would this set work for Krita 3.0?
al-dy's avatar
I don't know. I'll check this later.
Freddyheadmaker's avatar
Is it just me?
Or can't I see the download button?
al-dy's avatar
The Download Button is still there.
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found you looking for krita brushes. thank!
lillywintersIV's avatar
Thank you! These are lovely, especially the rain ones!
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Thanks for sharin' this. =)
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Thanks! These are lovely! lots of these look inspired by mypaint brushes, I love em!
krissygalaxis's avatar
Watercolour Brush! YES! :highfive:
BubblyBunnyBash's avatar
could you make these brushes available for mypaint users?
Wastelander7's avatar
Unfortunately that folder does not exist in the latest Krita
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Thanks for the advice, I'll try to update the package in the future.
Wastelander7's avatar
Welcome!Hopefully they'll fix the bugs...eventually. God knows I've sent them enough crash reports.
Wastelander7's avatar
Little note: to anyone who can't see the kde folder in your home folder, go to View then check "Show Hidden Files"
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