I think I have made a break-thru when it comes to my story arc ideas, where it will be more prose with pictures (more than 1) and some possible sequential art pictures posted in every chapter. With that distinction, I might be able to get the project off the ground, with the limited time I have on these projects items.

Tho I have to wonder - why don't any of the viewers ever want to chat or discuss ideas, especially of the writer/artist? Just curious why its always so quiet...

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I'm not really good at chat in this format myself, it feels too formal for a good exchange of ideas. Shooting the shit over discord or similar feels more organic with the give and take of a conversation

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Hahaha Pretty much exactly what I have been doing - tho get on here to find people to chat with, to go to Discord :P you're welcome to come chat

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Sure! What's your discord name/link/address (or whatever it's called)? Note it to me if you want to stay private :)

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A format I have seen that works for stories that are more prose than pictures is used by @openhighhat He uses a variety of formats that place an image in the frame and then provide a place to write.

Amazon Queen uses a photoshop template he made where you place the image and then have 22 lines to write. His story Yield: Love and Death uses a variant on this but places the lines in two columns under the image.

Dependence uses a 7:4 format field but crops the far right as a column to write in.

Why people don't want to chat in general on dA could probably result in several scientific papers on the subject. Many have no desire to talk about art or the process, like gallery viewers IRL they want to look at the pretty pictures. I notice that people who post fiction regularly get more comments. Reading is an active commitment rather than a passive one and tends to attract people who are interested in the ideas that are presented...though their understanding of the artist and what goes on in the creative process is probably lacking unless they have tried to make art/write a story themselves.

Just my $0.02 on the matter.

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actually a good observation and thanks for the info!! :)

with inflation, its not 2 cents any more, but a shiny nickel! ;)

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If you ever want to chat, just let me know!

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