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Here's Jemini from DadaHyena (on DA) and his webcomic - Scapula. She's the character that impressed me in the webcomic - very curvy & conjoined twin sisters who are mob/gangster leaders (sort of Dick Tracy-esque) who end up joining up with a mad scientist and cloned herself several times (this drawing is a clone of the original villianess, hence the purple stripe in her hair). Adding a purple version of my usual trademarked item, namely a Turtleneck Sweater (TS), I drew them up as some fan-art of the character that I found pretty interesting... 

Reference: JEMINI by DadaHyena
Jemini, Scapula (c) DadaHyena
Art: ME

BW Version: Jemini-TS-Scapula-BW by AL-818
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Freak Art! I love it!
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Hahaha only do freak art by commission
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Very awesome! I'm honored to see such incredible artwork of one of my characters. Rock on!
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Just glad you like it and like Jemini on a turtleneck sweater dress. Awaiting on what's happening to her in the webcomic ;-)

Tho hoping for a showdown between all the Jeminis lol