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Here's a comparison I did of a hand-drawn piece (probably about 4-5 years old - when I used my "grasshopper" logo) to the new piece which I drafted on the computer (actually did it in AutoCAD). The designs are similar but made more symmetric in the drafted version and the "identical twin sisters" do reminds me of a good friend, albeit this was done years ago...

In any case, I like how the drafted version came out which really highlights the turtleneck sweaters of the twins, albeit I wish there was better font for the letters. I might revise this again, for the font as well as add/subtract some detail. In any case, enjoy!!
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Lol I thought you meant it was a drawing you did when you were 4 or 5 years old for a moment XD

And I was thinking....

Wo. Now THAT is talent, a 4 year old doing THIS????!!!?! Hehe but it's a pretty good piece no matter your age Hahahaha >µ<
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HAHAHA well, I'd say I've been drawing (on & off) since I was probably 8, altho I'd say those drawings would be god-awful!!

Yet, it took me a while to come up with my (different) logos & the different designs, for I like think them out - usually trying to equate some sort of significance/meaning to them.  That way, each piece sort of has its own specific special attachment.  

Yet, thank you for the humor & the compliment :D
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Hahaha anytime! >µ<
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tho have to say - it's been a while since someone's commented on that logo, yet, it's still quite relevant to the art I do :)
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oh wow this is pretty funny and cool =D
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I do like how it came out, and think at another time, I will look into it a bit closer, to make a more more "definite" logo piece, but thought it was a good thing to post. Just sort of laugh because the 2 twins remind me of a friend of mine (tends to have her hair up in a ponytail a lot), yet the piece was done before I had met up with her again. Just funny ;)
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