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Breaking Bad vector

Enganchadísimo! And not just the crystal.

Breaking Bad is an American television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.
It premiered on January 20, 2008 at the AMC and is produced by Sony Pictures Television.
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a professor of applied chemistry at a high school, a parent of a disabled young man and a pregnant woman. Walt also works at a car wash in the evenings. Who would not go mad!? When you are diagnosed with terminal lung cancer arises what will happen to his family when he dies. In a DEA raid organized by his brother recognizes a former student of his who contacted Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and sell methamphetamine and thus ensure the economic welfare of their families.
Fantastic series. Very GTA Style, with his misadventures and accomplishments. Money pouring. Wow, a great concept television.
If you are fans of the series, do not forget to see more in [link]
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awesome job bro! it's my new wallpaper :D
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Thanks! I appreciate that! 
Great work, If you are interested, Sony is considering licensing a  BrBa soda in a 12 oz. long neck glass bottle. I am in charge of this project and am looking for a few submissions on Deviantart.  The presentation is in 2 weeks so if you have any interest in entering this art as a label for the bottle, email me at All the artwork (no text) will be mocked up on bottles and 6 selections will be made. If yours is selected we will commission you to design a bottle. Email me for more details. Terry 312.823.0694. This is invitation only.
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Muy buen dibujo ^u^, Yo nada más vi un par de capitulos sueltos y los últimos 3, pero mi familia se vio la serie entera en... 1 mes y medio? Les había encantado! yo tengo muchisisisisimas ganas de verla :D
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Deberías verla! Veía las temporadas al día, acá tardaban un par de días en salir con subtitulos, y aún así las volvía a ver xD
Creo que pasé el mismo tiempo que tu familia una vez finalizada la serie.
Te la recomiendo al 100% 
Gracias por tu comentario, te lo agradezco!!
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Lo se! Tengo muchisimas ganas, pero el colegio no me da tiempo :I
Mi familia la veía a travez de netflix.
Gracias por contestar :D
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Pues cuando puedas, acá te comparto la serie online…
Los mejores son PinitTv y la puedes ver completamente gratis.
Siempre contesto todos los mensajes. Me gusta interactuar con todos los que dejan comentarios en mis trabajos. 
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Muchisimas gracias <3
Te entiendo completamente, posta que muchas gracias :3
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Thank u so much! Big fan and u?
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Well, I started watching it online probably in august this year, but I've already seen all 5 seasons and quite liked it, but I wouldn't watch it again. It was not that catchy. Jessie ftw. HEY YO! :D
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I just want to make sure that you are aware of this:…
Your art is being sold on Amazon. I didn't know if it was your doing, so I felt that I should let you know.
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Thank u so much! 
The CoolTV Props, wants the design in HD resolution. I sell them.  They have my permission to sell it.
Thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it. 
ShiranuiReborn9001's avatar
No problem! :D
In that case, I just might buy it. It's a very good design!
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Thanks! My fav serie! 
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Gracias hermano! Tenia rato sin verte por aca!
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Está serie me tiene loco y quería ver si el máximo maestro del vector tenía alguna maravilla y no me equivoque xD  
Quiero volver al diseño viendo trabajos como estos pero perdí todo mi material de trabajo :/
Saludos Aky!
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Y ya regresa en 11 días! Hombre, que trato de cada día innovar xD 
Y me siento contento que poco a poco el reconocimiento llega. 

Pues trata de regresar poco a poco. Consiguiendo nuevos recursos. Aqui en DA hay infinidad.
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Amazing work, man! :clap:
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