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A Short Guide to Brainstorming
Got nothing to write?  Stuck in the middle of a story?  Just getting your mind wrapped around a new idea?  Asking yourself, "Where do I go from here?"
Here is the two-step guide to story development.  It works every time, 100% guaranteed.  
Step one:
Ask yourself this simple question: "What if?"
Staring at a blank page?  Ask "What if . . . ?"
Stuck in the middle of a story?  Ask "What if . . . ?"
Don't know how to end your story?  Ask "What if . . . ?"
Don't think your story is going in quite the right direction?  Ask "What if . . .?"
Step two:
Ask yourself this second simple question: "Why?"
What if aliens invaded our planet?
What if the antagonist is obsessed with redheaded women?
What if the good guy dies in the end?
What if the protagonist lies to his love interest instead of telling her the thing he desperately wants to get out?
Here's the point:
Absolutely anything is possible in the world o
:iconilluminara:illuminara 354 61
Character Motivation
Everyone's heard that characters should have goals, something they want and must strive for, overcoming obstacles and antagonists in order to obtain. Because, well, a story is the record of your character's journey toward achieving a goal.
While all of this is true, I think a lot of writers lose sight of an even more important aspect of character. That is, motivation. Sure, you know what your character wants.
That's the gist of motivation. What is the psychology and reasoning behind your character's goal? If your character is driven to make money, is his motivation greed? To pay off a debt? To support his family?
Motivation is your character's emotional connection with the reader. When the reader comes to understand why your character has set out to achieve his goal, they will understand your character in human terms, relate to him, and become invested in what happens to your character throughout the story.
Without a clear motivation, your character's goals don't mean much. So wha
:iconilluminara:illuminara 361 53
Story Theories: The Hero and Villain Duel by illuminara Story Theories: The Hero and Villain Duel :iconilluminara:illuminara 54 14
How to Start and Stay Writing
I recently solicited my watchers to ask me writing questions that I would then attempt to answer in a writing guide such as this. This article is my first response, and there will be many more to come.
I've been asked to give advice on ways a writer can begin to put words on a page. The bottom line is as simple as this: sit your butt down and write.
Duh, right? It's the only way I know to actually write.
Sure, sitting your butt in a chair is easy, but getting your fingers to move and stay moving is a challenge. Here are three things that have helped me.
1) Have a goal.
Your goal can be as simple as "describe the person in this picture" or as ambitious as "write 1,000 words of my novel." Having a goal will drive you forward and motivate you to keep writing. Whatever you do, don't move your butt from your chair until you accomplish your goal.
Other practical goals include setting a timer, writing to the end of a chapter or scene, and completing a particular section of an outline or numbe
:iconilluminara:illuminara 793 127
Writing Style vs. Voice
A Writer's Guide to Style vs. Voice
Here on dA, there seems to be a lot of confusion and general mass hysteria when it comes to the subjects of writing style and voice.  What are they?  What's the difference?  Can you write one without the other?  How important are they, anyhow?  Do you really need either of them?  Wait, what are they again?
Style is the form and structure with which you write.
Voice is the attitude and perspective with which you write.
In other words, voice is the emotion and feeling of a piece of literature, and style is the technical way of communicating that emotion.
Clearly, there is a tangible difference between the two.  Style is a delivery system for voice.  While voice can and should affect the form with which you write, you can most certainly write one without the other.  However, the best writing is a masterful fusion of both.  
I'm here to illustrate for you the difference between style and voice and to define exactly what they are and how you can us
:iconilluminara:illuminara 357 67
A Guide to Writing Style
Writing Style - The Bottom Line
“Words are like sunbeams.  The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”       - Robert Southey
“Prose is architecture, not interior decorating.”       - Ernest Hemingway
Writing style is made up of two things: cadence and variation.
Good style is clear, readable, and invisible.  Its purpose is not to attract attention to itself but to transport readers into the world of your story.  If your readers notice your style without purposefully intending to study it, your style needs to be improved and refined.  Good style, however, is transparent so that your readers simply see the characters and world of your story rather than the words you use to portray them.
To write with cadence simply means that your writing should sound natural.  If it sounds right to you, it probably is--but if it doesn’t sound right,
:iconilluminara:illuminara 377 43
Elements of Story
Updated Mar. 18th 2009
The following is a self-discovered list of elements contained in an excellent story:
An interesting and intriguing main character, an individual with a unique past that has made him who he is at the time of the story.  Be sure to explain the important aspects of this backstory where appropriate.
This main character must have a story goal: a mission to accomplish, a mystery to solve, his past to reconcile, a villain to overthrow, a treasure to find, a person to save, etc.
Along with this goal, the character must have an all-consuming desire that drives him to accomplish what he sets out to achieve. Love, revenge, money, justice, purpose, an identity crisis, etc.
Fear. This is the person or thing that has the power to stop him from accomplishing his goal. A threat.
An enemy. If another person, this enemy must be smart, strong, and resourceful with a goal directly opposing that of your main character, and he must have an equally strong desire to ful
:iconilluminara:illuminara 381 70
Character Creation Tips
Note: I wrote this after reading a similar article in The Writer magazine about a year ago.  Hope it's helpful!
Not all characters are created equal.  Here are some steps to make yours superior.
1) Desire
Figure out what your character wants, needs, desires.  A closer relationship with God?  A place to belong?  Just to survive?  Figure it out.  You can’t move on to number 2 until you have.
2) Fear
Now that you know what your character most desires, you should be able to figure out what he/she most fears.  Doing the wrong thing, being alone, death?  They are the polar opposites of your character’s desires.
3) History
Go back in time to before your story begins and create a detailed backstory for your character.  What happened in to past to create in him the desires and fears that he has now?  Be specific.  Write out individual scenes, or at leas
:iconilluminara:illuminara 915 122
How to Overcome the Fear of Failure
Let's set one thing straight: you will fail. Repeatedly. It's not an option, but how you choose to view your failure is. You can let it master you, or you can make it your bitch.
I see it like this: when I fail to write a great story, no problem. I can fix it or ditch it. In both cases, I move forward, and I've written a story.
If the fear of failure keeps you from writing, well, you're not creating anything, are you?
The best way to overcome the fear of failure is to embrace the fact that failure is part of the creative process. You won't get it right every time, and this should motivate you to keep learning and trying until you do. Knowing what makes a bad story is just as important as knowing what makes a good one, but you won't know until you've written something.
Failure is the byproduct of attempt, and so is success. If the fear of failure keeps you from making attempts, you will never succeed. Keep writing, learn from your failures, and then put them behind you. Or stay home and
:iconilluminara:illuminara 30 0
Only the Curious Have Something to Learn
“Institutions of learning should be devoted to the cultivation of curiosity.” – Henry Miller
Learning is an exercise in satisfying one’s curiosity. Because a curious mind lies at the heart of individuals who possess an unquenchable desire to learn, without it, a mere education is tenuous at best and futile at worst.
Most of life’s useful knowledge is acquired through the act of satisfying a curiosity. This leads us to ask questions, search for answers, and, in finding them, come to a better understanding of not only the subject at hand but also of the world as a whole.
The blatant lack of the cultivation of curiosity is one of the inherent shortcomings of the American public education system. We are forced to memorize facts and expected to answer what are often arbitrary questions while never having instilled within us the desire to ask our own questions—or even taught what sort of questions are worth asking.
How can we know an answer to a question w
:iconilluminara:illuminara 4 0
Proofreading Tips #1: Redundancies
Have you ever thought about how redundantly we speak in every day conversation? Sometimes this passes into our writing. For graduates especially, we are unfortunately trained to add extra "padding" into our text to reach a desired word count.
Word redundancies (known as pleonasms and sometimes given the nickname of "baby puppies") are one such way. Here is a list highlighting such phrases--avoid using these at all costs:
advance warningalter or changeassemble togetherbasic fundamentalscollect togetherconsensus of opinioncontributing factordollar amounteach and everyend resultexactly identicalfew in numberfree and cleargrateful thanksgreat majorityintegral partlast and finalmidway betweennew changespast historyperfectly clearpersonal opinionpotential opportunitypositively certainproposed planserious interestrefer backtrue factsvisible to the eyeunexpected surprisesurrounded on all sidesnull and voidpoisonous venomfilled to capacityreason is becausenatural instinctpast e
:icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 230 39
How to Improve Your Writing Style
While I’ve written articles about writing style in the past, they were designed mostly to define what style is and didn’t provide much help for improvement. This article contains some practical tips I’ve discovered that will actually help you improve your style and hopefully provide a foundation for why good style matters. I believe good style is important for many reasons, but mostly because I want my readers to feel like the time they spent with my story was worthwhile, pleasant, and maybe even a little enlightening.
“All readers come to fiction as willing accomplices to your lies. Such is the basic goodwill contract made the moment we pick up a work of fiction.” – Steve Almond 
“Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.” – Kurt Vonnegut 
1) Be clear. 
“To be clear is the first duty of a writer; to charm and to please are graces to be acquired later
:iconilluminara:illuminara 330 52
Starkey's Page by nogooddreamer Starkey's Page :iconnogooddreamer:nogooddreamer 108 27 Zabuza by ViViD-Serenity Zabuza :iconvivid-serenity:ViViD-Serenity 906 268


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