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:music: Joy Division - The Drawback

Travis Bickle might be a little paranoid & unstable, he's still a fucking good guy.
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whoo !

love it lol
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perfect colors ;) :peace:
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thanks, nice icon btw
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Enable print!
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I agree :) Fackin' Legendary.

Awesome work, the colours actually really captured his paranoid state pretty well, keep it up :thumbsup:
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deep thanks, man
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so freakin cool dude :D
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your pic remind me to one movie, goodfellas... niice
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this is directly inspired by the movie Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro
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ooouupp .... well still.. i like it :D!
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fav part in the movie

" I think you're a lonely person. I drive by this place, I see you here. I see a lot of people around you... and I see all these phones and this stuff on your desk. That means nothing. When I came inside and met you... I saw in your eyes and in the way you carried yourself... that you're not a happy person. I think you need something. If you want to call it a friend, you can call it a friend. You gonna be my friend?"

you capture'd one of the best movies of all time; good shit homie
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yeah man great lines. i dont think i have a fav part, i am more a fan of the whole travis bickle character. the man is a great and nice guy but he got his brain all mixed up lol =D

thanks man :nod:
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