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Here are a list of questions I receive most frequently about my costume. If you want to ask me a question about the methods I used to make my costume, please read through this list before asking. =)

1. Where did you buy your costume?
I made everything myself from scratch aside from the ears.

2. How long did it take for you to make your costume?
It took me roughly one year and four months.

3. How did you make your armor?
I created the base from craft foam, backed it with wire form, sculpted the details from model magic, and sanded them after the model magic was dry. I then coated them with one layer of fiberglass resin, spray painted, and weathered them.

4. How did you make your crown and other accessories?
I made them from model magic, sanded and sealed them with modge podge. Then I painted and weathered them, and coated them with high-gloss epoxy resin.

5. How did you make your gems?
I made my gem positives from model magic, sanded and sealed them, then coated them with a glossy top coat. Then I molded them using Amazing Mold Putty and cast them using clear polyester resin from TAP plastics (resin dye from Castin' Craft)

6. How do your pauldrons stay on your shoulders?
I hooked a clear elastic underneath both arms and one across the back of my shoulders.

7. Where did you buy your wig?
My wig is the Enchantment from in color 12. I added 4 packs worth of loose extensions to achieve the thickness, filled out the earlocks with matching yarn, and added the highlights in the front (color 24 from Amphigory).

8. What pattern did you use for your dress?
I drafted my own dress patterns for this costume. But I've seen people recommend this pattern:… (If anyone else has a better suggestion, let me know!)

9. What fabric did you use for your bodice?
Silk dupioni dyed purple with Rit Dye.

10. What fabric did you use for the white part of the gown?
White casa satin from Joann.

11. How did you do the lute designs at the bottom of your dress? (same process for glove designs)
I darned them on my sewing machine with embroidery thread onto tear away stabilizer. I adhered the stabilizer to heat 'n' bond to create fusible appliques.

12. How did you do the glyphs on the border of your bodice?
I embroidered them by hand.

13. Where did you buy your ears?
Aradani Costumes. They are the Small Anime Ears.…

14. Where did you buy your blue contacts?
After repeating myself over and over again for two years, I've decided to finally write up a FAQ for this costume. ^ ^ I posted this on my front page, but I decided I'd also like to have a deviation version so I can link to it. As I mentioned above, please read through this list before asking me questions about this costume. If you ask me a question that's already on this list, I will simply link back to this list. Thanks, and I hope this FAQ is helpful.

EDIT: Just realized the links in the FAQ don't work, so I will link them here:
Contacts: [link]
Ears: [link]
Dress Pattern: [link]
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Hi! Gorgeours cosplays, both your Twilight Princess and your Skyward Sword one :3

About your wigs earlocks, did you use the same filling with matching yarn technique? I'm trying to figure out a very similar wig, but that thickness is really something to achieve and keep the natural look! Could you tell me some more details? Like, did you sew the filling or glued it? And the filling was as large as the earlock you wanted to achieve as the final look?
And about the ribbons, did you glue them or just attached?

Thank you very much for your attention! :)