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Rainbow Brite Cosplay

My Halloween costume for 2007. ^w^ Rainbow Brite was the very first cartoon character I ever really looked up to. She was my hero. ^.^ Plus I saw the icky watered-down version of her costume being sold in costume shops, and I just wanted to do her costume justice. I'm quite happy the way it turned out. First time I ever had to make shoes for a cosplay. ^ ^
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How did you make the shoes?

I know this an old post of yours but I would be ecstatic if you could make and sell me a costume
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Wow, you got the boots to be the right shape! Much better than the store bought version.
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You are such a cute Rainbow Brite!!! I'm so glad that other people still know the series and even do the costumes!!! *.*
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haha one time, i got my brother to dress up in a rainbow brite costume. it was hilarious.
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Lolll that's great. I loved dressing my brother up when I was little too hehehe.
I wish you were my sister...
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haha i wonder if i can get him to do it again...
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You bring me some good memories, thanks for this!
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Hehe, I'm glad I could bring back good memories for you! :D
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Thanks for this! and by the way your pictures are really amazing!

Best wishes from Chile!
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This outfit is so cute and spot on to how I remember rainbow brite
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A beautiful classic!!!
This brings me back to my rave days!!!
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I'm convinced you're the real Rainbow Brite.
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Do you have a tutorial?
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I don't. ^ ^; Sorry!
Absolutely gorgeous...
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T-this is amazing *.*!
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Awesome! :D I'm happy you didn't try and make it sexy, and stuck with the actual Rainbow Brite costume itself... Thank you.
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Can you make one of these and sell it ? O_O IT IS TO PRETTEH
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