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Biowarp Advent Calendar 25, Lenneth and Theresa

Chapter 1 "We are now five minutes out from the Kimara system, Commander Swiftclaw." Lenneth's ears twitched slightly as she drummed her fingers against her chair's armrest. Despite the results of all of the tests that led her to command her own carrier, she felt like an impostor. Commanders, especially Alpha-grade commanders like her, were supposed to be great heroes with years of experience under their belts and prestigious lists of accomplishments. Lenneth Swiftclaw had none of that. Instead, she carried with her a single idea, one which had led her down her life's path. Protect those who cannot protect themselves. She wasn't sure where she had first heard it, whether it was her parents telling her, or maybe something she had seen in a movie, but for whatever reason, when she left school that day at age 9 and came across a trio of boys with cat ears much like hers bullying a much younger Human student, she had the strength to tell them to leave him alone. That order, combined

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