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Grave Robber
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Published: August 20, 2009
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This is from the mid dragon anthro series I drew up a few weeks ago. This will just be mid transformations like the Incense series. This one is of a guy disturbing a old gave and getting cursed. So this is TF and TG for this one. Haven't drawn any zombie like stuff for awhile.

Wraith isn't feeling well so wanted to do something for him. Had him choose which ones he liked. Inked and colored two of them.

Not sure if this is considered mature.

Art and character belongs to: Me
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he is a zambie now
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cocamanHobbyist General Artist
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This is my favorite one
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A foolish grave robber does not turn down an opportunity to defile a burial site, and this one was no exception. She heard people claim that a man buried in the grave she's raiding right now always wanted his remains to be left in peace, and that any who wouldn't respect that wish would be cursed throughout eternity. Thinking it was all just ghost story foolery, this robber was in for a realm of nightmares. As she went halfway into the grave, she suddenly felt her flesh begin to burn. If that wasn't eerie enough, her face became something reptilian! The curse has awakened!
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OMG. you are a MORDOROR!
the cake is a lie
THE cake is a lie!!!!! (\_/)
THE CAKE is a lie!!!! (0.0)
THE CAKE IS a lie!!! '(__)'
THE CAKE IS A lie!!!!
ore not?
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Are you aakashi on transfur?
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AkuOreoStudent Digital Artist
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Ok because I always liked your art on there and then I found some of it on here and my mind made a connection I'm bobbo21 there as well
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magnifique !!!!!!!!!
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This picture is creepy yet alluring.. and I think I know why. It's because the persons body hasn't transformed yet, so we can still see human breasts to get aroused by. Zombie breasts, less sexy.
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Do not meddle in the affairs of undead dragons because your brains are good with ketchup.
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… Zombie dragon curse. Weird and cool. Like me. Strange and misunderstood. :) …*continues strange silence*
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
There is a song called "My Boyfriend's Back" but, it did not say from where. I think they made a movie out of it.
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I don't know whether to be disturbed or just enjoy it...
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I like it
so where do I go to disturb some graves?
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Most likely your local cemitary.
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well thats why you dont dig where your not spose to
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I blame necromancy for this.
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Zombie! *Pulls chainsaw out of thin air.* Die Zombie!

Nice! Zombies are always awshome. :D
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That's a little bit more creepy than your usual style!
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om jesus! zombie dragon! run away!
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Oooh ick, well he... kinda deserved it, so long as it isn't an infectious, mindless, constantly-degrading zombification varient
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darkswabberHobbyist Traditional Artist
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