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Fans Choose the TF!: Luca and Daniella p4
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Published: October 23, 2018
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Third changes is outfit change into swimming suit and armor.

Please stop suggesting merge, if it's not a option, please don't suggest it.

Luca and Daniella, two new students enter nurse Keiri's office, let's see what they end up as. Read the rules below and suggest what you would like to see for the next change!

Luca belongs to: :iconthelatiosmaster:
Daniella belongs to: :iconmegamandragonoid:


1. One Suggestion per person! (Example: Race: Elf)

2. No small changes like wings, tail, and hair color. If you want something with wings or a tail, you must suggest a race that has them.

3. I won't accept cow anthro with udders (Without is fine), cross dressing, herm, pregnancy, inflation, child/baby age regression, diapers and nudity as a suggestion.

4. No whining if your suggestion doesn't get picked. Also don't worry, friends to Wraith or myself won't get special treatment.

5. You cannot choose what the colors will be.

6. No clone, or race that has two or more heads. (Hydra and Cerberus)

7. Bust size can only be chosen once per Fans Choose the TF.

8. No suggestions like this '
I suggest wolf anthro, if that's not allowed I want succubus instead.

9. Don't suggest a race similar to what has been already chosen. Example: If the character is already a plant girl of some sort, don't suggest legion.

10. Don't suggest height change, hair growth or muscle growth. If it's not a listed option, it's not accepted. (Giantess/Giant and chibi race is not allowed)

11. Please suggest something different from what has been already chosen in other Fans Choose the TFs.  (Races already chosen: lamia, deer anthro, cat anthro and neko

12. To avoid people who make a new account to avoid bans, new accounts can't partake in these.


Suggestions choices are: (Choose ONE of the choices below.)

Race (No mix for a suggestion like
RACE: Legion-Bunny-Dragon. You can choose races from MSF High.)

Bust Size…

Personalty (Will effect the current outfit slightly)(Example: Nerdy, evil, tomboy, snobby and bimbo.)

Clothing (Please give reference)

Video game or anime character (Please give reference)


Wraith and myself will choose from the suggestions late tomorrow. Multiple suggestions of the same thing won't influence which one we pick. Comments will be locked after we have chosen a suggestion.
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