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Commissioner Walk Through

Commissioner Walk Through
Artist: Akuoreo (Azura, Ally)
Writer: Wraith (Joey)
Commission walk through is written by me.

This must be read through before commissioning me. When commissioning me you agree to all terms in this walk through.

When commissioning me you are giving me permission to post said picture in my galleries, the best I can do for private commissions is having you as anonymous when giving credit.

I don't do time limit commissions, because this would be unfair to people who have been waiting.

----"Contact Info and Status"----

Commission status: Open for taking commissions
Art trade: Closed
Art requests: Closed forever

Wraith's info:

YM: MysticJojo530
Skype: Mysticjojo530

For requesting a commission please get in contact with Wraith or myself. But please read through this walk through before getting in contact. Its the best idea to get in contact with Wraith, I'm not always responsive.

Also please do not ask for a update on your commission every day of the week or every week. We will get to you when we start your commission. Keep in mind during holidays we may be too busy to work on your commission, and our jobs come first before getting to you. Our jobs are the web comics MSF High, Playtime and any other projects. These take up the first two weeks of each month. I won't be working when I'm sick.

There is no favoritism on which commission gets done. There probably will be a waiting list, so there will be a long wait. Friends to myself or Wraith won't get special treatment, no lowered prices, no freebies and they won't be placed first in line on getting their commission done.

Please don't get mad over when we work on other commissions or other projects. We have every right to take breaks or work on other things. As I stated before we do not favor any commissions over others.

Please do not talk about your commission on our DA pages. Keep it to notes, email and instant messenger. This is so I can keep track of the info better.

Please keep in mind that my artwork is still copyrighted to me, characters I draw still belong to said owners though. I'll credit them in the description.

-----"Prices section"-----

Updated prices can be found here.

We won't be lowering prices for anyone. Nor will be raising prices anytime soon. Also there will be no refunds. So please be sure to check things over twice or more.

We do not accept DA points in other words play money. If you send us DA points with out knowing we don't take them. I will send them back if possible. Otherwise it counts as a donation.

----"Given descriptions"----

Please give references for anything that maybe in the picture. If you don't have a picture for it then please give a good description of it. Please keep descriptions in it's own paragraph, like this:

Clothing: White shirt with blue paw print in middle.

Pants: Blue jeans with worn leg ends.

I'll need a pose and expression. Do not just give a expression, I won't come up with a pose for you, this is to avoid the chance of you not liking what I chose.  You can find me a ref or draw a stick figure.

Also for those who get comic pages. Make sure to give descriptions on what the character is doing and what is in the background. Wraith will help out with this. Since he sketches out layouts. The number of panels are from two to six for page. Will not go over six panels. Will cost extra for anymore panels over six.

Some of these won't matter if you aren't getting a colored picture.
Name of character:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Skin color:
Race: (Human)
Fur color: (anthro)
Fur markings: (anthro)
Species: (anthro)
Muzzle: (yes or no. Anthro)
Pose: (Please don’t expect me to think up one for you)
Markings: (scars, tattoos)
Background: (Cost extra)
Object, weapons character holding: (Cost extra)

Things that I will not draw list:

Male nudity
Sexual acts (Porn): Kissing and hugging is fine.
Cross dressing
Anthro or human in diapers
Pregnancy: fetish kind
Cow udder
Age regression to below 20
Characters that are below 20 of age

I also won't draw anyone that I have on my block list on DA and FA. Please give DA or FA name of said person you want in the picture to be sure if its alright.


For mistakes or add-ons that you may have forgotten. There is only a one time chance for changing and adding and its during the sketch processes. Mistakes done by myself will also be fixed up longer there is good reason and I see what you mean. Some mistakes will be fixed after inking if I am able to fix it with out changing much of the picture.

To avoid color fixes, please give color samples or the numbers for each color.

Things I won't change after sketch is done:

Clothing: defers on what was wanted

The reason for these are because they are such huge changes and I would have to erase most of the picture to fix. So please choose wisely on what you want and make sure you check over twice or more. Also there will be no changes after inking. For anything that you may give me the choice of cannot be changed.

It will be your responsibility to make sure the picture is to your liking at the start. When its finished and you still don't like it. It will be your own fault for not pointing out mistakes or things that you forgot you wanted in the picture. There will be no refunds.

If you don't like the commission at the sketch phase and you want the pose or clothing changed, you have the option to pay for another sketch to try again.

If you see mistakes and choose not tell me, please don't be angry after the picture is done. I can't read minds. 

----"Art protection"----

All work done by myself cannot be used or posted on your site. Nor can it be sold. Only commissioners can use the art work they commission but they cannot sell or claim they did the art. Credit must be given along with a link to my art gallery. This info MUST be visible. If you ignore this rule then you won't be able to post my art again even if you commissioned it.

Art that contains any of our characters or races we created cannot be sold even if drawn by another artist or if you commissioned it from us. If you plan on commissioning someone to draw any of our creations please have said artist give credit when posting the picture. The same goes for even characters I have designed for commissions if the commissioner had given me full freedom on character creation. Giving me a race is not enough for you to own said character.

If commissioner gives me full freedom on designing a character, that character is copyrighted to me, not the commissioner. Giving me a small detail does not mean you own said character. Asking me to copy a character I drew earlier or someone else's character does not mean you own the character. I won't be selling characters I design.

Also my art CANNOT be posted on photo bucket or Youtube. This is still considered art theft. Even if my name is in the title or description. It's still alright for commissioners to post longer they give credit and a link back to my DA in the description and video. If I have to remind the commissioner more then three times to credit me, they cannot use my artwork in videos. 

For commissioners who want to post their commission on art galleries. They must post this message below.

Art done by Please go to (link to original picture) to favorite as well.

You cannot pay someone else to ink or color my artwork even if you commission me to draw it. Also you can't alter the artwork into another character to avoid paying for another picture----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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