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This is for my most recent work. Hope you enjoy. :3


Playtime 14-11 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-11 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 27 10 Playtime 14-10 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-10 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 24 11 Playtime 14-9 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-9 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 27 12 Playtime 14-8 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-8 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 21 18 Playtime 14-7 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-7 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 26 12 Playtime 14-6 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-6 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 25 7 Playtime 14-5 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-5 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 35 24 Playtime 14-4 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-4 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 41 8 Playtime 14-3 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-3 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 41 7 Playtime 14-2 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 14-2 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 43 6 Playtime 13-54 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 13-54 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 29 10 Playtime 13-53 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 13-53 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 25 18 Playtime 13-52 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 13-52 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 27 11 Playtime 13-51 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 13-51 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 24 28 Playtime 13-50 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 13-50 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 28 10 Playtime 13-49 by LordTHawkeye Playtime 13-49 :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 27 8
Comic series I draw and is written by :iconlordthawkeye:

Updates on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

Mahou Galaxy, MSF High Stories and extra stories

Misa's MSF High Files, Article 46: Obscuritrons
Replitech Enterprises was a small GA-based design business specializing in creating generic repair parts for numerous vehicles, and they were subject to a stroke of good fortune when they managed to acquire a used netcore from a pirate recovery auction.  Its founder had the idea to use this Netcore to automate a vehicle factory on a barren moon, and with the help of investments from the trade firms that would eventually become the exchanges division of The Consortium, a toxic but mineral-rich moon orbiting a lone gas giant in a system appropriately named Obscurus Vector Gamma was purchased.  The initial production plants for this venture were built in orbit around Obscurus before being deployed to the moon.  Completely unmanned save the occasional diagnostic checkup, the netcore ran all of the production facilities on the moon and took orders through powerful subspace receivers and transmitters.  While a normal netcore has a lesser form of this sort of equipment, it
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 9 3
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 45: The Question
Officially, of the six primary participatory factions of the Milky Way galaxy, none is granted express power over the others.  Some act more dominant or subservient, but there's not one faction with a true dominion.  In practice, however, that doesn't really matter, as the Goldlen Alliance is clearly the political powerhouse faction.  The Angelic Protectorate considers them the main area which they must protect, all the others fear that they might expand into their territories, and getting around in civilized space is incredibly difficult without a GA-issued IFF transponder.  They enjoy a few other privileges, but one of the most valuable is exclusive access to the Watcher Memory Dump Drop.  For a period spanning nearly two hundred years from the late sixteenth to the early eighteenth century CE, the Golden Alliance focused an incredible amount of resources into trying to uncover the Watchers' secrets.  Population, home planets, goals, culture, there was n
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 15 3
Althea's Story
When a Legion arrives at MSF High, or they are willingly converted by one of Althea's daughters, their mind is taken to a well-preserved memory within the hive that they are then allowed to experience.  This recreates the story that Althea told upon joining the local hive in Mahou City, and recreations of it are available in many forms throughout the school and surrounding businesses.  Here is the most basic transcription of the story:
Many years before there was the race we call Legion, there were two lovers.  One, Uvius, was a brilliant Human spellcaster.  He specialized in Purity magic, and that was due in large part to his betrothed, Persephone, a formerly Elven woman who so embodied the spirit of purity that she ascended to become her planet's Purity elemental.  Together, they made advances in field of purity study that would draw the attention of the Golden Alliance.  Their galactic government was still in its exploratory phase, and had hoped that Uv
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 36 20
Max Marcus III Correspondence
Golden Alliance Year 452(AD 192)
Maximillan Marcus III
c/o Marcus Materiels Corporation
Research/Development Station I-14
Near Olberon II
Representative BlueWind
Golden Alliance High Command
As you are well aware, I have refrained from making any public appearances in the past three months, and I know that you also are aware of the reason why.  The assault on Vraxis IV was the most brutal and vile attack by these monsters that has yet been witnessed, and the loss of my son is of course a tragedy that should have never happened, but the footage of the civilian escape from the planet can also serve as an invaluable tool for our strategies going forward.  I assure you that no one has reviewed that video more than I, and there are a number of points which I would like to address.
First, you should know that Max was not a certified pilot.  Though he showed incredible interest in the design, engineering, and operation of all of the vehicles my fa
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 13 1
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 44: Misa, Part 2
Another of my contributors has asked to learn more about my first days at MSF High, so I'll recount it as best I can remember!  Do please keep in mind that there's likely something I've forgotten, or that my version of events may not match up perfectly with the way others might remember it.  With that out of the way, let me begin.
My first day was, understandably, one of considerable confusion and disbelief.  When I had created a character at MSF High for myself, I had planned for it all to be little more than an escape from the mundanity of my life as a teaching assistant, and of course my initial reaction was to assume that I was dreaming or hallucinating.  Many people have a tendency to try and snap themselves out of a dream, but in my case I did the opposite and tried to prolong it as long as possible.  To that end, my first "day" at MSF High spanned about 50 hours as I struggled to stay awake while attempting to visit every location I had written about and
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 8 3
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 43: Rogue Legion
At the end of the Legion war, many Queens had their personalities suddenly restored, and while they still felt the environmental imperative that drove the war in the first place, they no longer felt the need to convert everyone around them.  This was the reason for the sudden cessation of conflict, with the war ending almost overnight.  For years, the Queens did their best to make amends by staying silent and, on planets that they had not completely taken over, either move offworld to a previously-uninhabitable world that they could fix or make peace with the non-Legion sentients there.  This policy of near-total submission worked well at first, but when the newly-forming CTS faction was subjected to an attempted annexing by the Golden Alliance, the Queens who had until that point rarely communicated with each other held their first "free-minded" meeting, eventually coming to the consensus that they had to assist the new Redeemed races as a part of their penance.  T
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 17 9
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 42: Part-Time Jobs
It can, at times, be easy for those attending and working at MSF High to forget that their abilities far surpass those of the average galactic citizen, but this is a reality that they should keep in mind as they enter into their studies, and is the focus of more than a few teaching sessions at each stage of the process.  For instance, at least once per year, Sensei Hwang, Professor Riley or Miss Megumi will requisition the use of the facility's netcore to create a simulated world in which everything but the students are ridiculously fragile, then assign them to make it from one place to another while doing as little damage as possible.  Some can attempt to argue that worrying about the common people in the galaxy is a waste of time, they're invariably reminded that those common people are precisely the ones for whom the graduates of MSF High strive to create a better future.  If a student needs more perspective on this fact, then there's no quicker way in Mahou City to d
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 8 1
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 41: Mahoucite
Mahoutechnology is the word for both the process of creating technology that takes advantage of magical properties and the results of that creation.  By the strictest definition, a spellbook counts as this, as the pages were likely manufactured or otherwise technologically created, but for those of us who want to be less pedantic about the meaning of the word, the most common property of truly mahoutechnological items is the presence of Mahoucite in either the finished product or the construction of the item.  Since its discovery in the formative days of the Golden Alliance, this incredible mineral has driven countless innovations in both fields, as magicians and scientists both work feverishly to play catch-up with the advances in the others' domain.
On a molecular level, Mahoucite is simply quartz, one of the most common minerals in the galaxy.  It can be cut, polished and set as gemstones, and in this manner can be utilized simply by mages to help bolster their abilit
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 11 7
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 39: BioWarp 1
Physics can be a bit of a double-edged sword.  Without the various forces that bind atoms together, our universe would be unable to sustain life as we know it, but someone who is falling off a cliff or getting hit in the face with a shovel would readily wish for just a little leniency when it comes to the physical laws that govern spacetime.  As a general linguistic rule, working within the limits of these natural laws is the process of science, while working to subvert them is the process of magic.  For the Humans of Terra and the Elves of Mythar, their respective reliance on a single field left them pinned within a single star system, and they were not alone in this, as thousands of other early civilizations struggled to produce a means to travel the stars.  While BioWarp, the method discovered and refined by these two races shortly after their arduous sublight meeting, was not the first means of interstellar travel, it is the most commonplace and versatile one cu
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 13 1
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 40: BioWarp 2
When comparing BioWarp drives to each other, there are three factors that one must consider.  The first is the drive's efficiency.  The impact shield must be cast as a single spell in most cases, though some layered shields exist which can recast the spell after the ship has entered BioWarp.  Regardless, the shield has a hard limit based on its hardware that determines how much of the energy it absorbs it can use, while the excess "leaks" from the back of the ship producing a trail that can often be tracked before it disperses.  This is the BioWarp drive's efficiency, and determines how long the ship takes to reach its top BioWarp speed.  Different ship manufacturers use different ratings systems to describe a drive's efficiency, but there exist conversion formulas to compare them.  Because smaller ships require a smaller relativity field, they generally have a higher efficiency when using the same hardware.  The second consideration is the drive's ca
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 10 1
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 37: Watchers 1
Between Professor Darkrider and Miss Nightbreacher, it's likely that by the end of your first semester you'll have a good general knowledge about the Golden Alliance, the Angelic Protectorate, the Galactic Anarchists, the Elemental League, the Castaways Treaty Systems, and Legion, as well as a number of large racial groups or sub-factions among them.  Yet one corner of the galactic map, the eastern rim of the Milky Way, remains largely undiscussed, at least as far as the students know.  This region of space is controlled by a group called The Watchers, and though we have more than a few of them in attendance at the school, even they have precious little information about the faction.  What we do know of them only brings up more questions, and very few of them have answers that are satisfactory to most of us.
Firstly, it is known that the Watchers are the oldest known galactic civilization to still exist.  While artifacts from the pre-Golden-Alliance Nekopotamians ha
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 11 2
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 38: Watchers 2
The previous dump of information is the short version of what the galaxy at large knows about Watchers.  As mentioned earlier, the occasional young Watcher will escape, and a small number of them have made it here to MSF High.  Each one has brought a tantalizing bit of information, but none of it is enough to piece together the entirety of the puzzle.  I'll list a few Watcher residents of Mahou City and explain their experiences and what they've learned during their time with the Watchers.
Professor Quom is a fourth-year teacher at MSF High, and among those that have arrived from their facilities was the oldest to escape.  She managed to steal not only a functional ship but a large database of historical information.  It's because of this that we know that the Watchers have been observing galactic history since at least the early ages of both the Angelic Protectorate and the Golden Alliance.  Because of her relatively high age, she managed to obtain a high
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 11 0
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 35: Dark Elf Society 1
Ever since Aria Gentlewind's tribe of umbra-scarred Elves took to the mountains and caves of Mythar II, the Dark Elves have had a relatively unique culture.  Though their system of Matriarch and Apprentice seemed to work out for them, during the Legion War so many of them were sold into slavery on behalf of a few corrupt Matriarchs that the system was altered to try and prevent this from ever happening again.  This system eventually tied in with the formation of the Castaways Treaty System, and though within that faction each race contributes to their leadership differently, the basic structure was created by the Dark Elves, as the other races looked up to them as more civilized and capable of leading them.  Thus, the CTS's political structure as a whole and their racial Matriarchy are closely tied with how any given CTS Dark Elf lives their life.  First, I will discuss in simple terms the composition of the Castaways Treaty System's leadership, then the nuanced spe
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 11 5
Misa's MSFH Files, Article 36: Dark Elf Society 2
The heart of each matriarch's vote is "The Deed", an attempt to measure merit from within the population of Dark Elves.  Every year, officials perform a consensus of deeds, measuring the contributions made by each citizen, determining how much weight each deed carries, and dividing it as seems correct between the various family lines.  Conversely, criminal and selfish acts are deducted, though many unsolved crimes and the subjective nature of judgement make these numbers much more fuzzy.  These deeds are then further ascribed to the generation responsible for them, with a generation being a division of close to 5 years.  A deed stays on record and therefore contributes to the power of a family line's Grand Matriarch as long as any members of that deed's generation still live.  On at least five separate occasions throughout history, a family line has been deemed to have a negative deed balance, and as a result has been cut off from power completely, their Grand
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 12 3
Recovered Marvotech Logs from Helen Miradoni
1782AD, August 20:  High Command's ruling has been made, and my group's proposal for a research facility on Terra has been approved, along with a portion of the genetic data discovered on Illithar.  It is my hope that I am allowed to personally extract my share of the sample, as I would like to inspect the stasis vessel containing it as well.  Because I was the most accomplished among my group in the fields of genetic engineering, specifically code correction, I was named project lead, despite Dr. Hanashida's repeated insistence that my pregnancy would interfere with my ability to head the research team.  I think Hanashida's first month of assignments is going to be triple-checking the base pairs for any holes.  According to the buzz from Terra's latest netcore transfer, researchers on Vesucia have already flat-out made a copy of the subject in her entirety.  If the grainy pictures are to be believed, she is mostly humanoid with a scant few feline features
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 13 9
Baron's Deal Text Version, Part 1
Chapter 1
Misa tugged slightly on one of her tightly curled locks, letting it bounce back into place as she let it go.  As had always happened whenever someone sent her a request for a school newspaper article, the massive magical rulebook she carried around had suddenly felt heavier, and as usual, she had eagerly opened it to see the new topic, finding the study portion of her magic class the perfect time to do so.  She'd already known everything there was to know about the day's lesson, and she was hoping for a proper challenge, and every one of the submissions she had studied so far were opportunities to delve deeper into the strange city around her.  This one, though, flummoxed her.  She turned the page slightly, wondering if perhaps there was some supplemental material she missed.  Not only was that not the case, but turning her eyes back to the submission page showed that it still remained the same.  No name, not even the "anonymous asks" that normal
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 9 3
Written work done by :iconmsfhwraith:, the owner and writer for the comic MSF High.

MSF High Fan Art and Commissions

Donna in: Debt Detrimenters by Nero-The-Lime Donna in: Debt Detrimenters :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 5 1 Utiliblade Issues by Nero-The-Lime Utiliblade Issues :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 3 0 MSF High and Mahou Pathfinder Sprite Collection by Nero-The-Lime MSF High and Mahou Pathfinder Sprite Collection :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 8 3 COM: Legion by LukkiStarr COM: Legion :iconlukkistarr:LukkiStarr 23 9 Queen Athea by TGedNathan Queen Athea :icontgednathan:TGedNathan 32 0 FenrisCo Founder and Teacher: Miss Fenris! by Okamitaro FenrisCo Founder and Teacher: Miss Fenris! :iconokamitaro:Okamitaro 4 2 Mahou Galaxy Faction Emblems by Nero-The-Lime Mahou Galaxy Faction Emblems :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 11 3 MSF High Stories: Zack and the Book by Nero-The-Lime MSF High Stories: Zack and the Book :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 25 3 Entertainment and Comedy fun club intro by RyanTheNarrator Entertainment and Comedy fun club intro :iconryanthenarrator:RyanTheNarrator 7 4 Althea's Witnesses by Agent-Eckswhy Althea's Witnesses :iconagent-eckswhy:Agent-Eckswhy 8 24 Rasha the Djinni by MetalSpiral Rasha the Djinni :iconmetalspiral:MetalSpiral 55 7 Misa by LuckyBucket46 Misa :iconluckybucket46:LuckyBucket46 231 5 Legion Queen Althea 3D Model by Nero-The-Lime Legion Queen Althea 3D Model :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 12 8 MSF High - Fractaltied Minecraft Skins (Set 1) by Nero-The-Lime MSF High - Fractaltied Minecraft Skins (Set 1) :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 7 3 Legion Queen Althea by TUVGM Legion Queen Althea :icontuvgm:TUVGM 21 8 Fan Art - Queen Althea [MSF High] (Comic Colors) by immadametal Fan Art - Queen Althea [MSF High] (Comic Colors) :iconimmadametal:immadametal 13 4


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Hi, I go by Ally or Azura. Wraith is my boyfriend and also my writer. I'm a transformation and transgender transformation comic artist, been drawing TF TG for thirteen years.
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Now that the slime deal is done, it's time for us to put up another! This time, it will be as a sequel to Setting the Stage. 

Setting the stage:
Setting the Stage p1 by AkuOreo Setting the Stage p2 by AkuOreo Setting the Stage p3 by AkuOreo Setting the Stage p4 by AkuOreo Setting the Stage p5 by AkuOreo Setting the Stage p6 by AkuOreo

The slots on this deal will be for the first patrons for the Crystal Lounge in this comic, and you will be changed during your time there. The cost for one of these slots is $245 USD, and the comic will have 2 full-color comic pages and 3 full-color full-body images of you or your chosen character transforming. If you'd like a slot for this deal, please contact me or Wraith and Wraith will fill you in on what we need from you! Thank you so much!

Will be a four part series if we get one more person. Thank you everyone!

$245 per person:

Slot1: :iconagent-eckswhy:
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Second part:

Slot1: :iconcutesasha:
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Slot1: :iconsniperian:
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Fourth part:

Slot1: :iconredmond17:


Sketches of the MSF High pages are up on our patreon.
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and also thank to the person who got me a DA core subscription.
Play Time pages for this month is done. Going to ink MSF High pages today.
Wallpaper for this month is up on the MSF High patreon.


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