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Feeling the Aster Yet? by AkuNekobobo, literature

Lil Experiment RobinxKidflash by AkuNekobobo, literature

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Lil Experiment RobinxKidflash by AkuNekobobo, literature

Learn Some Respect GAxRA by AkuNekobobo, literature

Feeling the Aster Yet? by AkuNekobobo, literature


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At night I cling
to sheets of plastic & cellophane
in hopes it will embrace me back.

Smother me into a sweet submission
to a world where flowers never die
may I wake there beside you.

copywrite: J.H.

Current Residence: Inside your head. . .lots of room in here. . .
Favourite genre of music: RoCk!
Favourite cartoon character: Armitage III, Hatake Kakashi (naruto), Brooklyn (gargoyles), Batman & Robin

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Camilla D'Errico & Audrey Kawasaki (don't know any)
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comedy, action, suspence/thriller
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1000 Ways to Die, American Dad, Young Justice, Naruto Shipuuden (a lot of shows)
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Korn, Manson, Polkadot Cadaver, Vast, Lamb, (many more)
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Breathers by S.G. Browne
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writer: Chuck Palaniuk ~ poet: Yasano Akiko
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All fighting games
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Pencil and Paper, PC
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writing, sketching, daydreaming, and anime
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Crap on a cracker... Getting back to writing independently. Links are for anyone interested (doubtful, but here ya go). Fanfiction: Warning all Yaoi (mostly graphic & old) http://www.fanfiction.net/u/857633/ Hardcore Fanfiction: Warning Yaoi (most extreme) http://affairanime.com/fanfics.php?a=detail&fid=242 http://affairanime.com/fanfics.php?a=detail&fid=243 Don't know if the links will work, but they're found at affairanime.com/fanfics under: Naruto -author: evillildot Original 1 old finished: "Sweet Sight", 1 ongoing: "Insanity" (moved from quizzilla evilkittiebobo hence my name here-very old name-sry no "Fallen") http://www.
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Asylum is coming to an end. Not that it isn't beloved by me and the current writers nor that we've run out of plot, BUT rather we had multiple writers disappear. Like literally just one day *poof* with no responces. It was pretty sad, the story almost went unfinished, but we took over their characters and killed them & or made them disappear as well ^.^ We are on the last thread now and we're putting all cards on the table for main characters. So including me, the two vets Raquel & Marielys, as moderators and cameos by Pablo we've started a new forum to go again! This time a complete opposite plotline, but further character development and
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Wanting to get some things wrapped up soon for those who followed my stories. Though they are old there are still those who ask me about them. links original: Easy: http://www.fictionpress.com/~evilkittiebobo Permanent: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/672184/ fanfiction: Easy: http://www.fanfiction.net/~alilloki Permanent: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/857633/ Asylum Forum: (current active project) http://insolituspupa.proboards.com/index.cgi#general I need to get writing again. What I have in mind here is to start with partial or 1st draft chapters to either full length or short stories and try to get some feedback. Nothing serious, b
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I just found out that Quizilla shut down several years ago and instantly remembered I never finished your Sweet Sight story D: I searched really hard and ended up here. So glad you posted it somewhere else!
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Hiya. ^_^

I just wanted to say you're one of the best internet writers I've come across over the past few years. I've read (and re-read) them and each one is just deviously awesome. I mean it-- all of your characters so spunky yet complex (even if they some are insane); and the plots?-- It's nice to find someone who doesn't stick to the safe, sterile, or over-used, mushy, cliched Twilight-esque rubbish. You take your readers out of their comfort zones with the blood/ gore, rape, violence, death. :P And the ending are always brought to a grand-scale, epic level and really goes out with a bang.

I really hope you can find the inspiration to write more; cuz' you still have some supportive readers out there. I would love to see more!

Thanks ^.^ Also, your chibi work is awesome!
I had some free time so I thought I'd get a head start on coloring the twins. Before I noticed I'd finished it all. o.o Check it out! ^^
Hey, just an old fan here popping in to say hi. :) I miss your stories! You've always been one of my favorite writers (no lie). Just hope things are going alright for you, and that life isn't being too much of a bitch. :hug:
Much love,
Kieru-san :heart:
Thanx for the :+fav: !! :meow: