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SOL!” Birch hissed out as he stared at the stallion holding the remains of his reins. Sol had torn up all his tack besides the saddle that Birch had made sure would be safe. Hannah had been repairing a seam on the reins that attached to Sol’s horns, but she had not put them away good enough so Sol, who could easily escape his paddock, had gotten to them during the night and disposed of them.

“Hey, you can easily steer me without them, you do not need that thing,” Sol turned his hose up at Sol, looking down proudly at his work.

“You are so lucky that we had a previous engagement with another stable master so that I am not able to ground you to your paddock,” Birch held the base of his nose with his thumb and forefinger as he signed. The two of them would be traveling with Hannah and Naru to the meeting place at the border of a crop field. From there they will go with the two other ballators to search for blackberries.

“What are we going to do with him? Birch, you are the only one able to even ride him. You are the only reason that we can even keep him here. Sol may be our only ballator currently in the stable, we do still have other mounts. Keep that in mind, Sol,” Naru threatened as she entered through the large doors leading into the barn. She did not like Sol at all, he had bit her a couple of times and had completely ruined two of her drawing bags.

“As much as Sol deserves a reaming, we do need to meet with Zephyr and Kavi,” a giant wolf growled as she entered the barn too. Hannah was already in her hunting form, that of a giant wolf. “You can catch a ride with me, Naru,” Hannah nodded at her sister before Naru grabbed some of the thick white fur and pulled herself up onto Hannah’s back.

Shaking his head, Birch pulled himself onto Sol’s saddle that he had already put on him before discovering the ruined rein remains. “Lets go,” Birch said as he and Sol tore out of the stable’s yard. They had a few miles to travel before they made it to their neighbor’s cornfield to search for the blackberries (they had gotten permission, of course).

After traveling for a bit, they managed to make it to the field to see two desert ballators, a stallion and a mare, vibrating with energy to get going. “Zephyr and Kavi?” Hannah called out as she trotted to the two. Seeing as she was the only one there able to understand the mounts, Hannah was charged with communicating with them all.

“That is us,” Zephyr called out as confidently trotted to meet Hannah half-way. Kavi started to prance in place though, wanting to get on to the searching. He could smell the berries already!

Sol upturned his lip at the ambitious stallion before he started to walk to the field, ignoring any calls of his name. He’ll find some bushes and then be done with the two deserts. He had only ever seen mountain ballators so seeing the black sclera of the deserts made him anxious in a way that he could not describe.

“Got a problem?” Kavi demanded the mountain stallion that stood at his height, but outweighed him by a good bit. Kavi’s eyes were narrowed at the dismissive snort that Sol made at him, Sol might have as well issued a challenge to the proud Kavi.

“HEY!” Hannah barked out as she came between the two stallions, knowing that a fight would easily be able to break out. “Why don’t you guys settle this in a competition? Who can find the most berries? Not bushes, but berries themselves. You need to get them safely picked and brought back to me.”

Both stallions took the challenge, each confident that they would be able to beat the other. “I will help Sol get his berries. Can you help Kavi get them into a basket, Naru?” Birch asked from his perch. As Naru went to answer, both stallions rebelled clearly against the help, trusting themselves to win with no help.

Zephyr was already gone though, she had left as soon as the challenge was issued, she would find the berries by herself.

It did not take long from Sol and Kavi to find some bushes, though. There was just one thing, they were already picked clean. This happened a couple times, the only prints that could be discerned were those of the two hastily running to the bushes, trampling any tracks that may have already been there. “No, no, no, NO!” Sol stomped as he found yet another empty bush. Kavi was right behind him in finding another empty bush. At this rate, there would be no berries left!

“I know I smelled some of those berries from the access road!” Kavi grumbled to himself. They had been searching for hours already and there was nothing from them to show for it. Birch was holding back his laughs though, he had had no time to get off Sol before they took off so he was just enjoying the ride. Birch knew that these were full when they arrived. Unknowingly to the two stallions, they were following in Zephyr’s tracks. They were just visiting the bushes that she had. Instead of tracking the berries, they were tracking the mare.

“We are going home!” Hannah howled out across the field. Naru was already on her back. Next to the pair was Kavi standing over a couple buckets filled with the blackberries that she had gotten. Zephyr was smug, a cocky smirk on her lips as looked at the approaching stallions. Both Sol and Kavi had their heads down as they crept forward, a hysterical Birch on Sol’s back.

“Next time, try hunting berries and not Zephyr,” Birch wheezed out at the drooping stallions.
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