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Hello! I am Chyanne, though I also go by Akuma as a pen-name.
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    Jasper's fingers danced around his keyboard as he kept his muttering to a low volume. He was in a car that had blacked out windows and his computer's brightness was turned down to the minimum and there was a re-purposed sheet of dark, transparent film that further darkened it. Jasper was trying everything he could to make sure that there was no way for him to be found, though that never helped once he left the car that Quinn had made sure that he had. 
    In the backseat, Whiskey let out a low growl as she paced around. She had a stolen K-9 unit vest on that matched Jasper's stolen K-9 police uniform. He got these many years ago when he was first visiting Ryme when it was in strife. Thankfully, he was still short so the uniform still fit perfectly. Star was nowhere to be found, he was still at home with some eggs and the fact that his tail would be able to been seen easily.
    "Calm down," Jasper hissed as he continued to type onto his computer, trying to hack some of the security feeds, but it wasn't going so well. The computers of the gang's hideout were catching onto his hacking of their servers and, unless he managed to stop them in the next few seconds, they would trigger the security alerts and start to blare the sirens as the systems activated. 
    "TIME TO GET OUT!" Jasper freaked out as he quickly tried to start the car. Red filled the air as the sirens started to sound. The gang had a front as a jewelry business and, as they had precious gems, all of their security had a reason to be paranoid. The car made bad sputtering sounds as it weakly roared to life. The dinged up hood and sides showed evidence of just how many failed runs this car has been on. 
    Just as he backed the car out of the alleyway, three black SUVs pulled out of the garage at the closed end of the alleyway and tore off after Jasper's own black car. "You ready to run, Whiskey?" Jasper's panicked voice asked as one of the cars rammed into the dying car. Jasper, having been ready for this, quickly pushed the button on Whiskey's pokeball on his chest strap that returned her to the safety of the small ball that then miniaturized. Jasper just had time to try and relax his body as the car ran off the side of the road and began to roll. As much as he loved doing his job, he was so used to this happening that he was prepared for it (and thank the Legends for Quinn for replacing his work cars when he needed a new one with minimal fuss). 
    As the car rolled further, Jasper was able to manipulate his body to try and avoid the most amount of damage that he could while the rolling continued. The car finally stopped rolling with a horrible jolt against a large tree that had to have been centuries old with how sturdy and large it was. 
    Jasper tried to escape the car that was starting to catch on fire, but he quickly realized that he was trapped in the seat belt. "Sh-" Jasper started to curse, but was cut off by his driver car door getting flung open by a smirking Croconaw with a wild look in its eyes. The Croconaw had bright yellow eyes and a white body that was decorated by spots of dark brown stripes on lighter brown skin. The white was some type of marking that covered the body's actual skin. 
    "Need some help there?" A smirking voice called out as a male with light pink hair peered into the upturned car to reach in and cut the seat belt off of Jasper. He helped to pull the hurt Jasper out of the car with as much gentleness as one can use when pulling and pulling someone out of a beat-up, bent badly, piece of mess on fire. 
    Once Jasper was out of the death trap, he saw the Croconaw spitting water at the fire and around it to keep the fire contained to near where the engine was. Next to the Croconaw, a Clamperl was doing the same thing. They were trying to keep the fire from spreading to the parts that would cause the car to explode sooner to give the mysterious man and Jasper time to get Jasper out and the both of them away. 
    Once the trainer was able to get him and Jasper away from the crash, the trainer called out to his pokemon, "Reel and Rept, come on back to me!" The two pokemon began to retreat from the fire, the Croconaw, Rept, walked backwards slowly while the Clamperl, Reel, seemed to shimmy backwards by rocking on his shell. As they got further, they let the streams slowly die down until the stopped once they reached the two trainers. 
    "Who are you?" Jasper coughed and gasped in the clean air as he finally got the chance to ask for the trainer's name. 
    "Fay Fallon is my name. You have got to be careful where you decide to do your jobs! Not all of us are in the gang. Some of us actually work at the jeweler front with," and here he air quotes with his finger, "'no knowledge' of the deeper inner workings of the gang backside." Fay huffed as he flew back the pink bang that covered his right eye, the same eye that was blind on Jasper. 
    "I wasn't expecting for it to go that badly. I just meant to sneak in and plant some bugs, not let them know that I am onto them," Jasper huffed with a couple of coughing fits in between his words. Just as they were beginning to relax onto the grass, the sound of squealing tires jarred them as two of the black SUVs from earlier pulled up behind them and to the right of them. 
    "Get the leakers!" One of the men shouted, the one that was driving the SUV that parked behind them, in fact. He had dark sunglasses and a suit on, like the rest of the gang members. It seemed to be a sorts of uniform for them or something, Jasper noticed. 
    "Leakers? Couldn't they have thought of a better name?" Jasper mumbled, his voice getting quieter as his head began to swim. Huh. Maybe he had a concussion after all, that or he was in shock. He wasn't sure. 
    "Not the time," Fay hissed as he stood up to stand in front of Jasper. Fay's Clamperl and Croconaw were soon joined by a Gastly too. The Gastly had a wicked smirk on its face and one of its fangs were broken. The Gastly's eyes were a glowing green color while its body was a dark red with a lighter red miasma around it. All around its body were stripe markings that were almost black with how dark of a red they were. Finally, the Gastly had a contrasting-ly bright white bandage wrapped around its right eye. 
    Jasper was a bit jarred as Whiskey's pokeball shuddered and she released herself to stand in front of Fae and Jasper too. She had a wild look in her eyes as she allowed fire to escape from the sides of her mouth. Whiskey howled as she took up a fighting stance with the others.
    "Recall them," one of the gang members warned as he brought out the shining piece of metal from his jacket: a gun. He held the gun up to Whiskey, letting his threat be known. "I will not hesitate if you continue to try and foolishly engage us." 
    Fay let out a curse as he recalled his three pokemon, being careful to keep their pokeballs attached to his belt. Rather sluggishly, Jasper reached up to click the button on Whiskey's pokeball, recalling her into her pokeball again. 
    "Stand down, trainers, and come with us without a fight. It will be easier for the both of you," one of the gang members motioned for the others to get out of their cars and surround Jasper and Fay. Three of the seven were carrying tasers on them that Fay and Jasper both were reluctant to be hit with. They both relaxed, not wanting to anger the members to the point that they would want to use the teasers on them. 
    Two men came up behind each of them, forcing their arms behind their backs and tying them up. Jasper watched as Fay was taken to one of the vans before he was taken to the other van. Jasper was jerked forward as he was led to a different SUV than Fay. Jasper went complacently, trying to not pay mind to the man following closely with the teaser pointed right at him. 
    Forcing Jasper into the back of the SUV, the suited man slammed the door before going around to the front of the vehicle to get into the driver seat. Between the back seats and the front seats was a steel cage to prevent Jasper from doing anything to those driving. Jasper's pokeball had been taken from him when the two men tied him up and the ball was locked to prevent Whiskey from breaking out. 
    The car ride was a rather long one before he the car came to a screeching halt. Outside, he heard at least three more vehicles do the same. Jerking as the door was pulled open, Jasper was pulled from the seat and forced to start walking before his eyes could become adjusted to the bright lights outside. 
    "Walk!" Jasper looked over to see two more suited men pulling Fay behind of his own entourage. Fay seemed to be dragging his feet some, but he also looked a bit dazed in the eyes so Jasper was wondering if they hadn't done something either during the drive or when they had thrown him into the vehicle. 
    "Blind them!" A man with bright red hair and a cropped top with form fitting pants barked out as he came out of the building. His voice was a sharp sound. Next to him, a small Luxio padded quietly. She swayed with her silent steps, as if she were listening to her own beat. She had spots all over her body, but nothing on her face. "Do I need to teach you all everything? Can't you guys use your own brains or is there nothing up there?"
    "Right away, sir! Commander, sir!" The main guy dragging Jasper barked out with tightened fists around Jasper's fists. He was trying to hold in his anger at the Commander, was what Jasper was thinking as he let out a wince. Another gang member came around with a spare piece of fabric - a tie, Jasper thought - to give to the member that was holding Jasper. The tie was soon fashioned on his head, the end getting pulled tight angrily, causing Jasper to let out a small curse. 
    "Good enough, hurry up and come on! Before someone sees!" The fiery male barked out as he headed inside after looking around to make sure that there was no one else at the harbor that may have seen them taking the two males into the warehouse like they were. Fortunately for him - and unfortunately for Jasper and Fay - there was no one else around. 
    "Get them down into the cells then come back to me," the head male gruffed as his footsteps got further away from Jasper and Fay. Jerking in pain as one of the members grabbed Jasper harshly around the arm, Jasper stumbled forward, unable to walk well with his concussion or shock and being blinded. 
    "We will see what we will do about you guys later," a male cackled as Jasper and Fay were thrown into the cell, both of them stumbling as neither their arms were unbound nor were they allowed back their sight. It was going to be a long time for the both of them while they waited to see what was going to happen to them. 
A Job Gone Wrong: Chapter 1
A Job gone wrong. A car on fire. Gang members on your tail. Jasper's day is a bad and it is just getting worse. Will the myserious Fay be a blessing or a damnation. We will see in the next episode of Dragon Ball GT Exploring Jasper's job as a journalist and all the trouble that he is able to get into. 

Words: 2,029
Trainers: Jasper May and Fay Fallon (my second trainer)
Pokemon Featured: Whiskey the Growlithe, Rept the Croconaw, Reel the Clamperl, and Viz the Gastly
Hatching Some Eggies
Looking after some of my eggies! Featuring:
My NEW Andean Condor Rufflet called Con
Crypt the Whitespotted Conger Magnemite
Cross the Zebra Moray Magnemite
Bell the White Silver Chingling
Reaper the Silver Cutiefly
Whiskey the Gerberian Shepsky Growlithe
Cluster of Pokes: Flying Hatching
24 pokes. The most that I have fit onto one canvas at once. This is one big gathering for a single flying egg to hatch. Hopefully it will not disappoint everyone when it hatches. That is a lot of pressure. 

Peanut belongs to VictorBirdeh
Smudge belongs to Beepbeepmeow12345
Ollie belongs to aarkavillo
Jewel belongs to WolfWarning
Queenie belongs to sylvender
Budgie Archen belongs to sylvender
Wailele belongs to KinaEclipsed
Kohala belongs to KinaEclipsed
Viper belongs to catlin56
Togepi belongs to Axoodles
Crocosmia belongs to SpaceAsylum
Chel belongs to Beepbeepmeow12345
Litwick belongs to DarkDarkDragons
Vulpes belongs to catlin56 
Kimi belongs to Geluri

My Pokes:
Crypt the Whitespotted Conger Magnemite
Cross the Zebra Moray Magnemite
Reaper the Silver Cutiefly
Canis Major the Darwin Fox Vulpix (hatched, so I have her having one tail)
Ensis the Ethiopian Wolf Poochyena
Metal the Serpentine Stone Aron
Phea the Silver Pheasant Pidgey
Hunch the Bushpig Spoink
Bell the White Silver Chingling


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