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My name is Aaron Paul Williams, I was born in Lowestoft on the East Coast of England and still live there today.

I am a Technical Coordinator for Lakeside Foods Group. I also served as a Police Officer for Suffolk Special Constabulary between June 2010 and December 2011.
I love cosplaying which most of my time and money is devoted to, but I also enjoy Airsofting as you can see in my picture. I was into Warhammer when I was younger but gave it as break for a few years, I have recently got back into it again with my house mate.
Thanks for viewing my page and have a chat too I'm a nice guy I promise XD

Favourite genre of music: Any
Operating System: Windows Vista 64bit Home Premium

Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Games
Legend of Dragoon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Anime, Airsoft, Cosplay

Back in action

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Ok so I realise that I have been absent from Deviant Art for some time. I know people have been trying to get in touch with me for commissions and I apologise for not picking you up on here. Basically the truth is I have lost interest in cosplay for the most part. Ever since my Sith Lord cosplay from The Old Republic and the controversy of the Masquerade at the Expo I wore it at, some of my friends will know how bitter I am about the whole event, I have not really been that interested since. I suppose to state I am not longer interested in cosplay is unfair. I am interested in cosplay, I have just lost my mojo as it were in the hobby. I am h
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I havnt added a journal on here for nearly a year LOL Anyway only one con this year due to giving up expos, and that is Amecon. I decided after spending nearly £700 on the last cosplay (Sith Warrior) that enough was enough and it had to be let go slightly. So Kitacon fucked us about this year with spaces so Im not going to that so only Amecon this year. For Amecon we are doing a Dungeons and Dragons group. Original characters based on the D&D role play game. I am the groups Rogue. Laura is the Cleric. Josh the Warrior. Nana the Blackguard and Charlotte as the Sorceress. So see you there if you are going, if not look forward to the p
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Recently Ive been working on my Tachigami cosplay which is for Ayacon in 6 weeks time. So far its been going really well. I found a basic Jedi Robe pattern on the internet for his robe but just extended it so it drags on the floor. Its fairly massive length wise but is looking really really good so Im happy with it. Ive also started the red top and just waiting on a zip arriving to finish it off. Once Ive finished the robe and the top Ive only got the arm sleeves to do and the sword and then hes done :D ------- Life wise has been going really well. Ive finally found a goal to my life that I know deep down I want. So Im really set of conc
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It's a small world, I live in Norwich and have been to Lowestoft many a time! Hope you liked my Sith painting, dude.
I love Norwich, if I could afford it Id live there, I think its a great city. My Sith cosplay cost me about £750 to make but I didnt get many shots. Emi took the best ones but they didnt show the whole costume, Im wearing it again next month so hopfully will get some more. Thanks again for the pic.
Yep Norwich is okay, we have pretty much everything you could need :) It's great you have so much dedication to getting your costumes just right, hats off to you!
Thanks I try hard, if you ever want to use anything else of mine feel free.
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Thanks for the watch. I'm glad you enjoy my stuff.
Your Tau and Guard story is epic, read it from start to finish in one go!!!
You still have time to help with the votes as well. And if you have any feedback, by all means. :)