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I'm the girl on the right lol
Just a 21-year old girl. If you like my stuff thanks for the support!! Taken by the best 11/6/15
Solo una niña de 21 años. Si te gusta mi material, ¡gracias por el apoyo! Tomada por el mejor 11/6/15
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Crona Gorgon
Finally my laptop works again so I finished my drawing of Crona!! I know Crona's gender is unknown but I like him better as a boy 
Okay, I have been talking about this problem for so many times and I know people don't believe me anymore or they just find it annoying. I'm sorry, I can't really do much in my situation. Other than the ridiculous problem that my ex led me in I have much more important things to deal with than his dumbass. I'm a late high school student, or how other people say the term "super senior" You have no idea how embarrassing it is to me to talk about this in public or on social media but I have to say it for people can get a better understanding. I have been criticized, talked crap about, apparently, I'm an embarrassment to my family and some friends which aren't even friends at all anymore. I have been struggling to graduate high school since 2016, I was missing 80 credits out of 225 and I had to transfer to two different schools which say that they do their best to help students succeed and graduate fast but that was a bunch of lies. The first school I transferred to was a charter school. Everything went smoothly until they started adding up more classes because of some stupid school law that our state passed. I was already down to 47 credits but suddenly, I noticed that the number got higher to 57 credits and that's when they told me I was required to take an extra semester of algebra which was really stupid. So I felt hopeless. I was already dealing with a lot of homework and the bullshit that everyone else was giving me. At the time I was working but my job was awful up to the point where I started to freak out and cry out of anger because my former co-workers and managers were cunts and they were mistreating me. I was able to multitask with school and work but my parents didn't believe me. They didn't give me permission to work anymore, I couldn't see my boyfriend or my friends for a while either. I was looking to go to the local adult school instead because it's online and I was able to get in since I was 19 at the time. First, it was a freaking GED class that they put me in because there was no room for enrollment for the HSD class which was the online one. Yes I have to physically attend in the classroom to work on the computers there which was fine but it sucks because certain websites are blocked and I use brainly or peeranswer for homework help. I'm still enrolled in that class right now but I feel like the GED class was a complete waste of time because It was 7th-grade math that I passed years ago. Now it's worse... there's no tutoring and my teacher is helpful but since she has a lot of students it's really hard to get in touch with her when I need help. I only have five weeks now to finish 27 credits ;-; and I'm suffering with my horrible English and algebra classes. That's all I need to finish in order to graduate on time. However, seeing how bad it is, barely getting any help from ANYONE really, it's hell, I have to do everything on my own most of the time. I get lucky enough if my teacher helps me and sometimes I can't even find the answer or help on the internet and I hate it!! I'm struggling to make money for myself when I need gas for my car, or when I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat at home it really sucks. I'm selling whatever I can find, I sell my art at a very fair price but even if I lower the prices I still get complaints or no clients. I take time out of my busy day to draw for people that actually pay me. Though now it hit rock bottom. I can barely make $2 in 2 or 3 weeks and I really hate asking my parents for money and even if I did they just judge me and start complaining about the fact that I'm still in school (before anyone comments or says anything about my parents I know they're rough on me but they were also raised like that from their parents. Not to mention they're Hispanic parents, they're more strict lol). Really though, it does suck man ;-; so I'm gonna give my commissions one more chance... I closed them because I lost hope. Look into it if you want it's not great but it's made with a lot of hard work, time, and love. I'm not forcing anyone to buy my art but if you just complain then just unfollow me. 

IF YOU'D LIKE TO COMMISSION ME HERE'S THE INFO >  Commissions (OPEN)Okay so all you need to know is here
In order for me to draw something for you, you must pay me first and be patient!!!
Please notice all details when I send wips to you, let me know what needs to be fixed before the art is finished
Please notice all the details when I send you a wip (Work in progress) picture, let me know what needs to be fixed or added. If you need something added the price MAY change!!
I can draw
-Simple landscape
-Simple background
Hentai (Female sketches only)
Nsfw (Female sketches only)
If you want a background please message me or comment below for more info c:
I cannot draw
-Realistic people
-Complicated characters
-More than 3 people
-Detailed landscapes
-Hentai (Male)
-Nsfw digital, male/female
here are ex
For the past 2 weeks, I've been dealing with problems with 2 damn people that turned their bloody backs on me. All of my Instagram stories have mostly been about my ex-boyfriend. It first started with him flirting with my friends behind my back so I did get angry at him for doing that so I blocked him. One of my Instagram stories that I posted was about my so-called "best friend" that I've been knowing for 10 years. Well anyways, about 4 days ago my boyfriend called me and asked if blocking my ex was a good idea and I said: "yes why?" he then told me because since my ex was our "friend" we still followed him. Anyways, he told me he was just looking through the Instagram stories and stumbled across my ex's stories. He reposted one of my stories which was referring to my "best friend" and this is what my story said "Til' death do us part" that is meant for true relationships and friendships but some people take advantage of that." that's what the picture said when he reposted it he cropped out my username and added a new caption to it saying "I agree, so don't say it if you don't mean it to begin with." he didn't post it just because, he posted it because I blocked him and he got butthurt. Then his next Instagram story was a Polaroid picture that my other best friend took of us for Halloween. He said that he didn't know what to do with it because if he got rid of it it would upset a friend of his which is referring to me. He said that now seeing how I am toward him he said that I don't care. Finally the last Instagram story he stated "Oh well, either way, I'm over it lol. I'll be continuing with life whether they want to settle their differences with me like an adult or not, I'll be moving on as always." Okay so his grammar was really bad on that story xD Anywho, it's ridiculous that he's calling me childish WHEN I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG AND HE'S TALKING CRAP ABOUT ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I messaged him and the way he was responding to me he seemed like he really didn't handle anything like an adult. In fact, I was the one being more mature and serious than him. He seemed like he just didn't care. So the next morning rolled up and basically he blew up my phone throughout the whole morning I was in school. He got mad that I left his messages on read. I was using the calculator on my phone when I accidentally opened his message. I told him I'll get back to him once my classes are over. He then finally said He still cared for me and wished me luck in life and ended up blocking me on Instagram. However, the problem didn't end in fact it worsened. So he continued to post things about me calling me toxic and the funny thing he never used that term on anyone before except for some of his family members. I always used that term on people that I have had problems with and then today, he said another thing that I say when I got problems in my life "Feeling like a new man, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and my heart, body, and mind are feeling light as a feather. Had a long, difficult struggle with my depression due to some personal issues and toxic people in my life that I kept trying to cling on to, and it led me to be unmotivated to do anything and greatly affected my life and health. But I've finally learned to let go, got back into the groove of things, and I'm feeling better than ever." Wow good for him but I really don't give a fuck after the way he's been with me and to my friends especially my boyfriend. Now, there are so many things about his stupid caption that made me laugh my ass off. First, he's not even a man to begin with after the way he's been acting and the way he was behaving when he and I used to date. Second, I know I obviously don't own words but if you see on my Instagram recent posts I have a post on there that his caption is just proof that he indeed copied me. My post said "I'm taking a break and deactivating my art account for a while. I need to clear my mind off of things. Especially that I got more weight on my shoulders with life situations again..." it's not the full caption but I just typed the part that he copied off of. Now what's more toxic and stupid is that basically when we were arguing in private messages he told me that I lied to him and he was raging saying that I should never lie to someone like that ever again and next time I say "I love you" that I better fucking mean it. Then he told me he still cares about me. If he really did he wouldn't be treating me like this and doing stupid things behind my back like that. Really that was the first time he's ever cursed and I honestly laughed when I read that because I never lied. Perhaps I overexaggerated on some romantic things that I regret saying to him and not to my boyfriend but anyways. I wasn't happy in our relationship what the hell was I supposed to do? In fact our relationship was dying in September and I tried keeping it alive but it wasn't working I'm surprised I lasted until the end of November! He pretty much doesn't want me saying "I love you" to my boyfriend because that's what I said to him. This idiot forgot that I dated my boyfriend longer than any of my other relationships. So I can say whatever I want to my boyfriend it's not like that bitch can stop me. I can't control how I feel about certain things our relationship didn't last for so many reasons and he blames the breakup on my boyfriend when in fact it had nothing to do with him. My parents didn't like him, they still don't the first time he met them alone he fucked up. He got drunk and started asking out women to dance with him, he was way too childish and that's when my interest for him was going down, I mean so is my boyfriend but he's sooooo much more grown up and he's younger than my ex! Then, another problem was I had to keep our relationship hidden for five months and that was the most stressful thing I've ever done. It was hard lying to my parents, sneaking out and having only ONE date in public. My friends didn't like him and neither did my family. I was very unhappy and unmotivated with all of these things going on.  I started having health issues with my chest. I had very sharp pains in my chest and a week after I broke up with him I had to go to the hospital to get it checked out. Apparently, all of those pains were caused by the stress and frustration I had. I was happy that I did decide to do the right thing and end the relationship. It wasn't going anywhere good I wasn't happy and I feel like my love for him suddenly died. Two weeks after I started hanging out with my current boyfriend when we were friends only. We had hung out again, went out to eat dinner, and talk and we started getting closer again. I know I moved on too fast but I let nature take its course and it happened just like that that him and I got back together again. It was my mistake of going out with my ex-boyfriend because I didn't feel loved enough like how my boyfriend loves me. Anyways thats where my ex took it the wrong way. He thought we broke up because I had feelings for my boyfriend at the time we were still dating. He didn't say anything until four days ago. Since I have my boyfriend's password he thought I was spying when I clearly wasn't, in fact, I was doing homework when I found out he was posting things about me. That's what's going on with instagram lately all of these roast posts and stories are all about because of his stupidity. I apologize that this was long but I couldn't stay quiet about this either I have a right in saying this too! He's not a good boyfriend and a good friend. He says he's moved on but I can clearly see that he hasn't because he's still going on with this. Now that this happened I cast a spell to burn the negative energy and bad memories and I feel it did work. Now that there will be a new moon it will be time to purify my feelings from bad energy and move on. If he still doesn't stop talking about me then it clearly shows that he hasn't changed or moved on at all. This bastard doesn't deserve my support anymore. My boyfriend and I laugh at these posts because they're just a bunch of salty lies lol. In the end I won this war >:)
All Might
I know I said I wouldn’t post anything until I improve but this drawing is special. It’s a gift for my little brother since he really loves this anime. Especially since All Might is his favorite so I made this for him.


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