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One Piece Wanted Poster Preset



IMPORTANT Please read the following:

This file is a .rar containing a .ping simpler version of the .psd file and the fonts used

please note that the bounty is set by the club and we will Not post fake bounties, so if you want to make your own Poster DO NOT make one before consulting the club
The club will automatically make one for you after you submit your first deviation, text, etc..(photo will be taken from Reference sheet)
Bounty will be updated when needed

This file is for your free usage outside the club so you can use it as you please

Font for Name: Vani
Type: Bold
Size: 93.46
Spacing: 60

Font for Bounty: Vrinda
Type: Regular
Size: 25.35
Spacing: 100

for color just choose the one from the poster

1. unlock Layer
2. add you OC's picture as the bottom layer
3. Make a txt layer, call it "Name", put it on top, writ your Oc's name
4. Make another txt layer call it "Bounty", write your bounty
5. after you make sure every thing is to your liking Save as .jpg for web size or any format of your choosing

Enjoy! ^_^

This was done in PhotoShop CS4 by ~Beng91
© 2009 - 2022 Akuma-no-mi-bu
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