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:: Alphonse ::

Hehe, I realised that I haven't draw Alphonse for so long ^^
And I should draw him at least soon.
So here he is ;P

It's done mostly with my new style of drawing mixed with FMA style.

I prefer Al with long hair and clothes I firstly draw him with
(I can't show the pic to u because I was cleaning my gallery recently
and I deleted it with thought that I'll redraw it someday)

But I can show to you my first (OK, almost first) digital drawing of Al ->


Commission anyone? :meow:

(you can find info about comishes on my main page)
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GShepherd17's avatar
The moment they cut Al's hair, i got pissed lol.
BlueStrike01's avatar
Me to. I never like it by anyone with amazing long hair and soon do that.
Mad-Monkey-Queen's avatar
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Lol. I couldn't help it. :XD:
funkycat339's avatar
I'm sorry but it looks like he has bewbs XD
MiyukiLunarRin316's avatar
i love his hair and i wish mine was that long but the who picture looks professionally amazing
lili29092's avatar
O.O the moooooooooooooooooooooooooooost beautiful drawing of Al that I never see. (sorry for my imperfect English, I'm French xD)
Amblerrone's avatar
He makes such a beautiful girl! :aww:
shadowfoxpackleader's avatar
Okay hoping to have my hair hair that long soon so I can Cosplay this version and then move on to Conqueror of Shamballa Alphonse all though I would need to get hazel contacts to fix the eyes as mine are blue.
StanKyleFluff's avatar
haha very good but when i was scrolling down he looke like a small lipped olivier. oops
Lirtista's avatar
Awesome pic! I just wish I could find more after this point, when he's grown up!
Akuma-no-Atisuto's avatar
Thank you ^^
And yes, you'll find more pics where he's like that
because I'll draw him ;P
Bellasomxxx's avatar
He's my favoirite as well :) He looks hot with this fuzzy long hair, and has 10times better personality than Ed
BTW, love this artwork of him, simple but still awesome
Akuma-no-Atisuto's avatar
I agree with you about Al's personality XD
He's sometimes (mostly ;P ) smarter than Ed
Swiftyblue's avatar
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!


Al is my favorite character
Akuma-no-Atisuto's avatar
Thank you! :hug:

Hehe, lately I've been thinking about it... Does
someone really made from any of my pictures his/her desktop bg? ^^
And it's nice to know that the answer is positive =D
Swiftyblue's avatar
Well He is my fav charrie and Your art is amazing
kufukuu's avatar
jej jak uroczo wyszedł!
nigdy nie oglądałam FMA ale dzięki tobie kojarzę dużo postaci XD
boskie oczko ~~
Akuma-no-Atisuto's avatar
Hmm, nigdy? Zatem gorrąco polecam! ^^
kufukuu's avatar
hahha, tylko muszę siostrę przekonać bo samej mi się oglądać nie chce XD
Akuma-no-Atisuto's avatar
Heh, ja zawsze sama oglądam.... ^^
kufukuu's avatar
ja nei umiem bo nie mam się z kim ekscytować biszami XDD
Akuma-no-Atisuto's avatar
hehe, mi by przeszkadzało, że ktoś oddycha podczas gdy ja
oglądam bishe XD
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