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ZeLink month - Week 5
Paring: Zelda x Link, AU, Breath of the Wild and long after BotW
Day 26: Can be in any given game.

Day 27: AU, the song Link sings is my own work.

Day 28: OoT / TP or other game where's sages. The setting is after the last fight.

Days 29 and 30: AU

Day 31: Breath of the Wild
Will you come wake me up?

26th - Forever
    He had hid his face into the side of the soft bed as he cried. He had been out of Hyrule for a month or so on a mission to gain a new ally kingdom. It had been successful but when he came back home, it was clear that something had happened. The once happy kingdom seemed depressed and no-one dared to look at him.
    Once Link got back to the castle, he finally managed to inquire about what was going on. It was then he heard about Princess Zelda having fallen ill soon after his departure. And n
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ZeLink month - Week 4
Pairing: Zelda x Link, Ocarina of Time
Notes: These are parts from the actual game so, sadly no kiss before the last prompt. ^^; Also, considering the week's actual prompt, I just always end up adding: "Take this". =D If things aren't clear enough during the reading, I'll have explanations at the end. ;) Enjoy!
It's dangerous to go alone...
19th - Discovery
    Link gasped for air for the umpteenth time. He swam to the side of the small river and pulled himself up to the grassy ground. Ganondorf had just an hour ago been chasing Princess Zelda but luckily they had managed to escape as Link himself had caused a distraction to the King of Evil. It also had bee very lucky that the Gerudo King hadn’t seen the blue Ocarina been thrown into the river.
    The young child took a deep breath, moved few meters backwards before dashing forward and divi
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ZeLink month - Week 3
Pairing: Zelda x Link
Notes: AU, all of them. =)
The passion of friendship
12th - Stars
    “Would you like to go watch the stars with me, Zel?” Link asked in phone while checking the weather of the evening from his window.
    “I’d love that but I highly doubt the weather to clear up tonight. And I doubt even more to see the stars through those clouds.” Zelda answered with a sigh. The sky was blanketed with thick clouds that had been gathering throughout the whole day.
    Link chuckled and bit grinned, the expression coming clearly through in his words: “Oh, but I know where there’s never any clouds to hide the stars or clear blue sky.” Zelda frowned but she couldn’t deny of becoming quite intrigued of his suggestion.
    “Alright but it better not be the auditorium
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ZeLink month - week 2
Pairing: Zelda x Link / The First Hero x Hylia
In overall note, this week was harder than I thought. There were only couple of prompts that hit me straight off but rest I really had to think about.
Day 5 notes: This one wasn't easy. My first thought was in leaving something like a poem, carving or a drawing waiting to be finished but never getting there. But, I thought that was very obvious choice and then I recalled that one cutscene from Breath of the Wild and it just fitted perfectly for it. =D
Day 6 notes: The First Hero x Hylia. It just formed out without really thinking.
Day 7 notes: My first thought went for TP since it kinda missed a great chance of ZeLink. Yet, I couldn't get anything done for it. =/ Then I started to think about the actual meaning of "missing" and realized two ways for it: Something being lost OR the words "Wish you were here". ;) And hence it turned out for Breath of the Wild.
Day 8 notes: With this I could've gone for any
:iconakudemyfan:AkuDemyfan 1 0
ZeLink month - week 1
Pairing: Zelda x Link, obviously
Day 1 notes: This is based on RP that I have with carrie-j. The characters in this one are Link, Zelda and Dark. Zelda and Dark Link are carrie-j's while Link's mine. Link and Dark are brothers. Dark's two years older than Link and the duo got third brother, my version of Dark Link and he's the youngest of the trio by being two years younger than Link. If you get interested of these four, or the trio at least, there's more stories for them in my "Three Brothers" folder. carrie-j has written few stories for the trio too. Anyways, as for background of the story... Well, Finland has had heat wave for quite a while with the temperature being in Celcius over 30 or so. So, yeah... ^^; Oh, and our setting is AU Ocarina of Time.
Day 2 notes: This wasn't too easy. I think I had something else first thought but eventually I went for Breath of the Wild. I know the prompt means for one photo but I just couldn't help it. ^^
:iconakudemyfan:AkuDemyfan 1 0
Breath of the Wild: Naydra
A/N: The question is: Why is Naydra the only dragon affected by Malice? ^.- Honestly, I have no idea but this story is my version as the answer. ;)
Also, a slight warning for the start: The beginning of the story is from one of the memories gained in the game.
As always, I own nothing else than the story itself. All else goes for Nintendo.
Now, enjoy of the first story from me for the year 2018! :aww:
    They had managed to escape from the castle. He had fought the road all the way to the Hateno Fort. Now those machines were closing in on them and he wasn’t able to defend the princess much longer. And soon enough the first one climbed to the wall.
    Link readied for the fight even though the wounds he already had were slowly killing him. He kept Zelda behind him while glaring at the machine that had once been on their side. “NO!” The princess of Hyrule scre
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Linktober, Day 31: Free for all
This is my version of how the fight went 100 years before the game's start. There is notions to couple of memories.
    Praying at the last Spring had been unsuccessful. When they had returned to the Champions, Calamity Ganon had awakened. They soon separated ways. Revali flew off to his Divine Beast. Mipha dived into the river to reach her Divine Beast. Daruk and Urbosa followed Zelda and Link to the duos horses. At then the Goron turned into a rocky ball and left to roll on full speed towards the Death Mountain to get to his Divine Beast. The Gerudo took out her shield and left with her Sand Seal to return to her Divine Beast. Link tried to talk Zelda around but in the end they both rode off to the castle to face Calamity Ganon.
    Link cursed at Revali as the bird had been too stubborn to accept the given help. Everyone else took the fairies he had brought. And yet, those small flying balls of pink ligh
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Linktober, Day 30: Great Fairy
    Link didn’t know why he was feeling so anxious and fearful as he left the castle few days later. Zelda was preparing her trip to the last Shrine and the Hero just couldn’t shake off the feeling of things going like before. He tried to ignore such foolish thoughts but they were as annoying as flies in summer.
    “I need to get prepared.” The Hero thought as he rode towards Kakariko Village. “And not just me but everyone else.” He continued while fighting against the will of encouraging Epona to move faster than the canter. “I don’t know why or how but I know Ganon will rear his ugly head sooner or later. And at then it will be down to a fight for life and peace.” He shook his head but he couldn’t shake off the truth. “We need a way to stay alive at then. And the only way I know for that to happen is a healing fairy.”
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Linktober, Day 29: Impa
    At the next day Zelda left the castle while holding her head high. She had won the fight against her father at last night. The King couldn’t deny his daughter’s rightful words of learning by travelling. He simply feared for her safety. Even while Link was there to protect her with his own life.
    Zelda rode to Kakariko Village with Link closely behind. They left the horses at the clearing. The Hero stayed with the steeds as the princess walked up the stairs into Impa’s house. She did knock to announce her arrival before already entering the place.
    Zelda walked in front of Impa and knelt down before her. She hang her head in sorrow and shame. “I have failed at two Springs by now, Impa.” The princess half whispered while holding back her tears.
    “There is still hope, my child.” Impa started gently. “There is still the third Spring to pray at.”
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Linktober, Day 28: Princess
    Late at next day Link was practicing his sword fighting skills. When he heard a louder splash than fish’s jumping, he dashed to the railing of rock wall. He searched the river for what had caused the sound while bit fearing to see someone having falling into there. Yet, he did hope it was no other than a bird having dived to catch a fish.
    After a moment he noticed a figure at the shore. It took a moment before he understood it to be a Zora. “Mipha!” Link called and waved when he recognized the Champion. Once the Zora Princess had seen him, the Hero already started to make his way down to the shore.
    “Link.” Mipha greeted with a small smile and a nod once he had gotten to her. “I never understood the castle to be this big.” She commented while looking around.
    “If you wish, I can give you a tour around.” Link offered before bit frowning.
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Linktober, Day 27: Outfit
    Couple of days later Link and Zelda had been called to Hateno. Neither knew fully what it was about but the request had sounded urgent. The duo rode to the small town in a quick canter while having left early to arrive in good time.
    “Princess. Hero. This way.” A lady called and bowed before them after they came down from their horses. “My husband will take Your horses to the ranch.” She offered as a man came out from the house behind her.
    “What is the matter?” Zelda inquired while glancing once around and seeing no actual trouble. In fact, the road to the town had been surprisingly free of monsters. Even Link felt bit uncertain of reason for such quick coming.
    “I… Need Your help with something…” The woman started bit nervously and chuckled shortly. She led the duo into a room filled with different fabrics and half-finished clothes.
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Linktober, Day 26: Knight
    After having made peace with his dark side, Link was able to sleep peacefully again. And, eventually, he found himself watching his father’s way of teaching the Knights of Hyrule. It always fascinated him and got him to learn new fighting skills to battle better against the monsters roaming around their beloved kingdom.
    Besides learning, it also gave him a slight duty as a Knight and a Hero. The respect the people had towards him gave him a perfect chance to search out those worthy of the title of a Knight. As such, he and his father had made a slight deal. Link would, whenever he could, watch the teaching and pic one or few of the to-be-Knights and challenged them. It was simple practice fight but it gave out if they were ready to be Knighted. It also helped that his father only taught one group at a time and so learned their names.
    After having watched each of the fighters have a short practice against his
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Linktober, Day 25: Favorite Character (Dark Link)
    At the night after they returned from the Spring of Courage, Link was plagued by a nightmare. A nightmare that kept on coming back again and again. He partly thought it was Goddess Farore’s curse for having doubted her, to question her silence when Zelda called out to her. Yet, he also bit feared for it to be something else. Something that some of the Heroes had gone through. A prophetic dream.
    In that nightmare was a male Hylian. His skin was dark and his hair was silver. He wore black clothes and moved exactly like Link himself. And his eyes were gleaming red.
    Link woke up with a gasp and cold sweat running down his back at each night that nightmare came to him. He shivered slightly in cold but mainly of the fear that dream had left him with. Each time he had seen the Hylian from behind and woke up when he turned around and locked those red eyes into his cerulean ones.
    He didn’
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Linktober, Day 24: Link
    A day later Link had travelled with Zelda to the first Spring. He held his back to the princess as she was praying for Goddess Farore’s blessing. For some reason she had chosen to come first for the creator of Triforce of Courage.
    Link recalled that each of the Heroes before him had been blessed by Goddess Farore. That each of them had not only wielded the Blade of Evil’s Bane but also one of the Triforce pieces. He partly wondered if it should be him praying for the Goddess’ blessing instead of Zelda.
    “It’s rarely given out.” Link thought while keeping his eyes closed and just listening to his surroundings. “Not before the Hero of Time, at least.” He slightly frowned as he thought back to all of those times the Triforce of Courage was mentioned. “They claim that the road to the Triforce was hidden all the way until the Hero of Time. That
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Linktober, Day 23: Grandma / Elder
    At the next day while Zelda was preparing for the trip to the first Spring, Link decided to visit somewhere he hadn’t been for ages. He put Epona ready and left the castle a while after the cucco had announced the start of a day. He rode calmly through the Market and took off to a trot at the field. He was in no hurry at all.
    Link enjoyed of the wide field and the early animals. He stopped Epona now and then to watch an animal or another in their daily doings. A fox hunting for a mouse, birds searching for worms and squirrels gnawing nuts. He just stayed still and silent so he wouldn’t bother the creatures of the nature. And so that he could learn from them.
    Long after midday he finally reached the small town that had been built around the Temple of Time. It was where he was from before his parents had moved closer to the castle because of his father’s work. Still, he visited back home whenever he
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Linktober, Day 22: Ganon / Ganondorf
    “The history of the Royal Family is also the history of Calamity Ganon.” Zelda quoted what Impa had told them once. “I think that to know Calamity Ganon and to find how to defeat him, we need to know where he comes from.” She told while picking books from the shelves.
    Link nodded while quickly skimming through the books the princess brought to the table. He left the books open from the place where Ganon was mentioned for the first time in them. “I really hope this helps us to defeat him, then.” He replied while bringing couple of books back to the shelves since they didn’t contain any of needed information.
    “So, what have we so far gathered?” Zelda inquired as she came to the table to check the opened books. “Seems like you’ve already put them down into timeline of sorts.” She observed while making a quick check of the times and names of
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Time's travel: A hero's light - 2 by zelda-Freak91 Time's travel: A hero's light - 2 :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 48 6 at first sight by zelda-Freak91 at first sight :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 49 17 {with you always} by LaZoomaiga {with you always} :iconlazoomaiga:LaZoomaiga 34 3 My hero - Zelda and link (Botw) by LaZoomaiga My hero - Zelda and link (Botw) :iconlazoomaiga:LaZoomaiga 151 15 Little love by LaZoomaiga Little love :iconlazoomaiga:LaZoomaiga 67 5 Snowy times by LaZoomaiga Snowy times :iconlazoomaiga:LaZoomaiga 68 4 Dark Link portrait sketch commission 2 by AikaXx Dark Link portrait sketch commission 2 :iconaikaxx:AikaXx 79 3 Dark Link portrait sketch commission by AikaXx Dark Link portrait sketch commission :iconaikaxx:AikaXx 86 3 An eye for an eye by zelda-Freak91 An eye for an eye :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 94 32 * - Together - * by Ariettys * - Together - * :iconariettys:Ariettys 134 23 Time's travel: A hero's light - 1 by zelda-Freak91 Time's travel: A hero's light - 1 :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 88 50 link by ToroYuri link :icontoroyuri:ToroYuri 25 3 link by ToroYuri link :icontoroyuri:ToroYuri 18 1 Botw by ToroYuri Botw :icontoroyuri:ToroYuri 26 3 link by ToroYuri link :icontoroyuri:ToroYuri 35 11 oot by ToroYuri oot :icontoroyuri:ToroYuri 23 3


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So, I'll be soonish uploading the first batch of stories. So far I've managed to keep them short enough so I think I can put them all into one document in here. I'll be doing things on weekly basis so, if things go as planned, there will be only five parts. ^^; Yet, there will be 31 on stories. =D So, after checking stuff off for possible writing errors and such, I'll be uploading first four days, meaning for the first week's part, soon. :aww: Anyways, they won't be connected to each other in any of way. I will be giving bit of info at the start of the document as in what game it'll be connected into and why specific way of things going... Or something like that. ^^;

So, I hope you'll be enjoying! :aww:
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100 stories / poems / chapters in the year of 2017

During the past years I have kept a Christmas Calendar. Since there's lots of Journals, and out of :iconcarrie-j:'s request, I'll be putting the links to the given Journals in here. Enjoy!





I hope those are of use. =)

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Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

Majora's Mask 3D Walkthrough

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Paring: Zelda x Link, AU, Breath of the Wild and long after BotW
Day 26: Can be in any given game.
Day 27: AU, the song Link sings is my own work.
Day 28: OoT / TP or other game where's sages. The setting is after the last fight.
Days 29 and 30: AU
Day 31: Breath of the Wild

Will you come wake me up?

26th - Forever

    He had hid his face into the side of the soft bed as he cried. He had been out of Hyrule for a month or so on a mission to gain a new ally kingdom. It had been successful but when he came back home, it was clear that something had happened. The once happy kingdom seemed depressed and no-one dared to look at him.

    Once Link got back to the castle, he finally managed to inquire about what was going on. It was then he heard about Princess Zelda having fallen ill soon after his departure. And no-one, not the doctors, magicians or potion makers, knew how to help her. All they could do was to try and keep her alive.

    The Hero had rushed to Zelda’s room and found her from her bed. It looked like she was sleeping but no matter what he did, she didn’t wake up. He kissed her, sang to her, played different instruments along with cursing, threatening and causing quite a ruckus in her room. Yet, all that went for nothing, not even a simple twitch from her.

    So, eventually, after few days of desperate trying, he simply crashed. All he could say anymore was how much he loved her, promise never to leave from her side again and everything else on those lines. Still, even though the words came from his full heart, it didn’t change anything.

    “You asked me once, so long ago, if I’d come to wake you up.” He started quietly while still crying but now playing with her golden hair. “And I promised I’d always come. I swore that my promise would last forever.” Link continued before digging his hands into his hair and breaking down even harder than before. “How can I possibly keep my promise if nothing works?!” The Hero half screamed, his voice muffled by the bed.

    “Throughout the ages, I’ve always managed to wake you up, my love. So… Why not now?” Link mumbled while staring at the white bed sheet. “I woke you up when you chose to sleep for thousand years. I woke you up when Ghirahim tried to feed you to his master. I woke you up when Ganon cursed you. I woke you up when Agahnim cursed you. I’ve always been there to wake you up in the end. So… What am I missing now?” He stated out and raised his tear strained face up to look at the woman he has loved for whole eternity already.

    “I know I’ve been gone from your side for the past month. But, that wasn’t out of my own choice. I promised I’d handle things as quickly but as perfectly as possible. I’m sorry it took so long.” Link explained sorrowfully and dropped his gaze down. “How can I make things right if I don’t know what wrong I’ve done?”

    The Hero sighed heavily while feeling like she’d be gone soon. Without having anything lose anymore, Link stood up and sat to the edge of the bed. Feeling bit uncertain, he carefully picked the woman of his heart’s choice up to his lap. He held her tightly but still gently and lovingly while hiding his face into the crook of her neck and shoulder. Right after that he broke down again.

    “I can’t lose you, Zel. Not like this. I want to marry you. I want to propose on the most romantic way. I want to make you happy. I want to be your husband. But… I can’t do that if you won’t wake up. Please, I’m begging of you, just wake up.” Link whispered with broken voice while fully crying.

    “Please, Zelda, open your eyes. I need to see your sky blue eyes again. I want to see you blink in that cute way you always do when we look at each other. I want to catch those hidden glances you give at my way. All I want right now is for you to open your eyes.”

    “Open your eyes, huh? Wasn’t that what I asked of you during one of your reincarnations?”

    Link gasped and pulled his face away from her skin on that second just to stare at her. Yet, even though he was fully startled, he didn’t loosen his hold of her. “Z-Zel..?” He called carefully while hoping he hadn’t just imagined things.

    Zelda chuckled a bit and carefully turned in his arms to look at him. “Seriously, Link… Open your eyes?” She half inquired and shook her head. “I thought you’d be more romantic than that.”

    Link blushed and scratched the back of his head. “Well, I was being mushy few days ago but that didn’t get through you. Then I tried on the line of losing my temper to startle you awake but that attempt failed too…” He started and shrugged a bit. “I just ran out of ideas and your words from the time of the Hero of Wild just felt right.”

    “Nonetheless, Hero, you managed once again.” Zelda told with a small smile. “You promised me once and you haven’t failed at any of those times you’ve needed to hold your word.” She continued and carefully moved to have her nose against his. “I have nothing to worry about since I know you’ll always, forever in fact, come to wake me up.” The Princess of Hyrule half whispered and gently kissed him to lips.


27th - Ecstasy

    Link, even though courageous most of the time, had one thing he was very shy about. He rarely let out his talent but there were times he chose to show it off. Yet, he’d rather that no-one heard or saw him during the time he took up on his courage.

    That simple, more or less, hidden ability of his was singing. He could do it off when no-one was at home or he was certain that no-one would hear him. The very rare occasion of karaoke was only when he was absolutely certain of his brothers going for it too. It was partly for the fact that he knew his brothers weren’t too eager for it either but mainly it was at then for the amazing support his family gave him.

    Now, during this amazingly warm and sunny day, he was out at the park with his girlfriend, Zelda. She had requested for him to wake her up after couple of hours and hopefully on some amazing way. Link had promised that without hesitation and he had had something else in his mind at first.

    Link was quite romantic most of the time. And now he had thought about gentle words and few flowers. Maybe gently touching her skin with the said flowers but somehow none of that appealed to him when the time of waking her up came.

    The youngster looked around once and felt actually grateful of not seeing anyone close by. He looked at the young woman with a small, loving smile and took a deep breath. Link didn’t know how but besides all things nature related, he had realized to learn music, at least the lyrics, almost from the first hearing. Yet, there also were times he created something of his own.

    Link started carefully and bit quietly. He felt slightly nervous but decided to just go with it. Slowly his singing got stronger while the words came fully from his heart.

“If this is how ecstasy feels,

I don’t need anything else.

You and me are as cute as the seals,

Living through the stories of the fairy tales.


If you’ll love me the way I feel for you,

I’ll be happy forever.

I want to hear the words, but I need something more too,

Ecstasy can’t last into the end of time, however


You, my Princess, I’ll never stop loving

Your favorite songs I’ll be humming

I never want you out of my head

I don’t need more than to lie by you on the bed.


If this is how ecstasy feels,

I don’t need anything else.

You and me are as cute as the seals,

Living through the stories of the fairy tales.”

    “I’ve never heard this one before…” Link gasped a bit when Zelda started to talk and slowly opening her eyes. The young male blushed and turned his gaze off. “Aww, Link, you have no idea how cute you are right now.” The girl giggled while sitting up and enjoying the blush spreading and darkening on the boy’s face. “In fact, you got pretty much the most heavenliest singing voice I’ve ever heard.” She continued and got Link to hide his face into his hands.

    Zelda giggled at her boyfriend’s actions but she let him calm down. Eventually Link took a deep breath and looked at her. “The words…” He started uncertainly while blushing a bit again and averting his gaze. “You can’t find them from anywhere because, well…” Link continued and scratched the back of his head. “T-the reason is, um…. T-that I, uh….” He stammered before closing his eyes and almost whispering: “They’re my own work.”

    Zelda blinked and frowned a bit at Link’s words but the second they hit her understanding, she squealed happily. “Aww, Link! That is sooo cute of you!” She half shouted and glomped him straight off. Link gasped in shock but luckily managed to keep them from crashing into the ground.

    “Would you, pretty please, sing it again?” Zelda requested while giving her best cute puppy-dog-eyes. “I want that as my ringtone for you… No, wait! I want that as my alarm clock’s song! On that way I can always wake up to your pure singing voice.” She explained eagerly.

    Link blushed bright again and fully contemplated about declining. Yet, glancing at her time after time again while desperately trying to keep his gaze off, he eventually gave in. The boy sighed and closed his eyes while trying to calm down. A moment later, after taking a short time to recall his own words, he started to sing. Zelda fully recorded the singing while somehow being able to keep herself from squealing again.

    “This is absolutely the most perfect way of waking up in the mornings!” She half shouted before glomping Link again and kissing his cheek.


28th - In the Moment

    Link felt scared as he walked through the old Temple. Zelda was standing by the altar with the other Sages. He knew this was the only way to save Hyrule but it didn’t take away his nervousness.

    He had done everything for his home kingdom. He had fought hard and lost more than anyone else in the areas of Hyrule. And then, after the peace had been brought in, very few wanted to acknowledge his heroic deeds. Instead of hailing him, they turned against him. Instead of wanting him to be their king, they wanted him gone.

    “What happened, Zelda?” Link inquired as he leaned against the altar. He didn’t want to break down but he felt fully betrayed. Everyone he had fought to save… He just couldn’t understand it.

    “I do not know, Link.” Zelda answered sorrowfully. “But I promise I and the Sages will get to the bottom of this. Soon enough you will come back. And no-one will think wrongly of you.” She continued while trying to keep her breaking heart intact.

    Link sighed heavily and sat to the altar. “Zelda…” He called worriedly while laying down to his back. The Princess hummed to let him know she was listening. “Will you come to wake me up when the time’s right?” The Hero requested and looked the leader of Hyrule straight into the eyes.

    “I will, Link. I promise.” Zelda answered as confidently as she could. “I will be the first person to see when you open your eyes again.” She told before leaning down and kissing him to lips. “Just close your eyes. You will be awake once again before you know it.”

    Link nodded and closed his eyes again since he had shut them for the kiss. He took once a deep breath and tried to calm down. The Hero knew that the Sages and the Princess weren’t there to kill him but to hide him. Yet, he felt like a coward to take this way out of the situation. Nonetheless, he simply didn’t have any of other choice in the matter.

    Once the Sages started to cast their magic, Link soon enough fell unconscious. The calm and tranquil darkness took over and he slept without dreams. Eventually that darkness was slowly pierced by a familiar voice that got louder and louder until he could make out his own name being called.

    Link slowly opened his eyes and smiled a bit as, like promised, Zelda was right over him. He carefully moved upwards and gently kissed her while allowing her guide him into fully sitting position. “How long?” The Hero asked quietly before taking a look around to find all of the other Sages there.

    Zelda sighed heavily and dropped her gaze into the floor. “Three years. Three long years, Link.” She whispered sorrowfully before turning her eyes into him again. “I am so sorry it took so long. We…” The Princess started and looked around her at the other Sages. “We needed to work in secrecy to find whom were loyal to you and from where the cruel rumors had originated from.” She explained while returning her gaze into Link.

    The Hero sighed heavily and nodded. “I wish I could’ve been there to help you.” He half whispered but knew it wouldn’t have gone well for any of them by that.

    “I am more than happy to know you stayed safe through all this.” Zelda told him and gently hugged the Hero. “We can finally live together and keep Hyrule safe and sound.” She promised before kissing Link again. After that she led him out of the Temple with the Sages following close by.

    The second they came out of the Temple of Time, the crowd at the front of the gigantic house broke into wild cheers and applauses. Link was fully startled and bit shocked. Yet, he soon blushed while feeling nervous and uncertain. “I told them that you were absent because you were defending Hyrule by giving our enemies no chance to enter the Sacred Realm.” Zelda quietly whispered before kissing his cheek.


29th - Entangled

    He didn’t understand how he had managed with this. The blanket was in such way around him that there were no chances for him to get freed from it. Neither of his brothers were home so he couldn’t call for them. Dark had gone out to front yard to work with the small garden of theirs. And Darky had spent the last night at his friend’s place and wouldn’t come back home until at some point of the evening.

    Link growled and fought to get freed. His arms were starting to hurt a bit from the unfamiliar position those were forced to be in. His legs were pretty much kicking empty space without getting even slight hold of the ‘enemy’. Eventually he sighed in defeat. There was no other way of getting out of the mess before Dark would come back in.

    Luckily he didn’t need to wait for long when he heard the front door opening. He was just going to call out for his brother when he heard a female’s voice. Link pretty much froze and gulped once. He had not waited for Zelda to come over today or at least not this early.

    Link fought even harder to get freed but when he heard his love starting to come up the stairs, he made his choice. He took couple of deep breaths to calm down and closed his eyes. He simply wished to be able to fake to be asleep well enough to fool her.

    Zelda knocked on the door and called out for Link’s name but when she didn’t get an answer, she entered the room. The youngster fought to keep his breathing calm and steady. Yet, he almost gasped when the girl sat down to his bed and called out to him again with such gentle and loving voice.

    Link was so concentrated in his breathing that he didn’t notice her changing position and coming closer to him. He pretty much stopped breathing when Zelda kissed him to lips. Without wanting that action to stop, he unconsciously followed after her when she pulled off. Yet, soon his own predicament stopped him and he bit gasped.

    “Awake yet, Link?” Zelda questioned with a slight grin. The boy half groaned and fell back down to the bed.

    “Yeah, I’m awake.” Link answered before already bit smiling and opening his eyes to look at here. “You think you could help me a bit? I can’t get out of this blanket.” He half requested and gave a futile attempt of getting freed again.

    Zelda giggled a bit but nodded. “Alright. Give me a moment.” She replied and started to search for a way to open the cocoon of sorts. Link stayed still most of time unless she asked him to move one way or another. Eventually it didn’t take long before he was out of the trouble.

    “Thank You, my Hero.” Link started with a slight grin. “What would you want as a reward for saving me?” He inquired while bit stretching his sore arms.

    Zelda thought for a moment before grinning and giving her answer in two words: “A kiss.”

    Link was bit surprised but he soon smiled widely. “As you wish.” He replied before gently and lovingly kissing her to lips. “I prolly should get myself tied up more often to have her save me…” He thought without really knowing if he was truly meaning his words or not.


30th - Paradise

    “I have seen the most amazing place in the world.” Link explained while half leaning against the teacher’s table. “I’ve been to many areas of our wonderful kingdom but only one of those is where I want to go back.” He continued while inwardly grinning as he had managed to catch the notion of the whole class.

    Only few months ago Link had finally settled in. He had already been married but he had had the need of seeing all of the National Parks of Hyrule. He just couldn’t suppress the feeling that forced him to go hiking and learning all he could of those areas. Much to his happiness his employer, wife and the families of his brothers had understood and accepted his choice.

    That trip of his had taken three years. By the end of his travel, he knew those parks inside-out. He had made friends out of all of the woodland creatures and knew their areas, friends and foes. He had given the full information to each of the park’s guards and given them a tour around just to prove his words and findings.

    With all that knowledge he had, he had been requested to talk to a class that was very interested of nature in overall. Link had more than eagerly accepted that offer. Yet, he knew his little revelation wouldn’t go well with what the class was waiting for.

    “You all can travel wherever you wish and as far as you want to go but… In the very end, you will only know one place worth of being at.” Link continued and glanced out into the sunny day of the early spring. “It might sound crazed up or even as a lie but, believe me, it’s full and absolute truth.” He continued and turned his notion back into the listeners.

    “And that place in all its simplicity…” Link began but trailed off quite soon. He let his gaze travel from one student to another. “Home.” He finally stated out before bit grinning at the confused looks he gained. “Home isn’t exactly a place as such. It’s the people we love and care for.” The park guard explained calmly with a small smile.

    “And for me…” He trailed off again for a moment while dropping his gaze down but the smile stayed. “For me home equals into paradise.” Link told while raising his gaze back up.

    Link chuckled a bit at the fully confused looks that the youngsters were sporting. “I want you to think about what makes you happy. And I mean really happy. Not just for a moment like a new game, book or thing can do. Who or what gets you to smile just by thinking him, her or it? Where does your thoughts go to at then?” He inquired and noticed the uncertain looks of the class. “Just close your eyes and think. Don’t care about others around you. Just let your thoughts fly and find what makes you happy.” Link continued and smiled a bit as the people followed his instructions.

    As he watched and waited, he noticed the smiles spreading to the faces of his listeners. “For me it’s my family. My brothers and their families. My friends. My trusted steed and faithful dog. And most of all, my wife.” Link told calmly and waited for everyone to find their reasons to smile. “Now, keep that thought in your mind and open your eyes. If you wish, you can tell what makes you smile.”

    The class stayed silent for a while but eventually one spoke up. Link simply nodded with slightly sorrowful smile. “Unfortunately, I don’t have your luck. I lost her when I was around two.” He confessed bit quietly. “Which is the reason my older brother pretty much became my world back then.” Link told with a slight chuckle. “So, anyone else?” He inquired and slowly the class started to tell out what made them smile. It varied from family members to pets to girl- or boyfriend to hobbies and dream jobs.

    Link listened quietly and simply nodded at the given answers. “As long as you hold on to what makes you happy, you’ve found paradise.” He told calmly and bit shrugged. “It might sound odd now but give it time and you’ll see I’m right.”

    Link took out few photos out of his pocket. He walked to middle of the room and placed them upon the layer below a bright light that projected them to the wall. “Here’s few of my own favorite areas I got to visit at.” He told while placing six photos on show. “The further I went from home and the longer I stayed away, the stronger I felt the need to return back home.” Link told and chuckled a bit. “Yeah, I got homesick even though I was happy out there in middle of the forest and animals.” He half whispered.

    “Weren’t you in touch to your family at all?” One of the students inquired with a frown.

    Link chuckled and shrugged again. “Not as much as I hoped for. I couldn’t keep my phone on because I didn’t want to freak the animals around me. I usually called home when I was changing from one park to another but… Some of those parks are almost connected to each other so I just moved forward from there through the forest instead of bus or through a town or another.” He explained bit sorrowfully.

    Link returned to the front of the class and leaned against the table again. “Anyways, even though there’s lot of amazing places and great parks, in the end they’re not too different from each other. Once you learn to know several of them, you can get the knowledge of the rest of them pretty quickly and easily.” He explained but suddenly the room’s door was swung open which got everyone to look at that direction. Yet, before it opened up enough for a person to get in, a fluffy dog already snug inside and ran straight to Link.

    Link chuckled and crouched down to greet the playful Husky whom was followed by another one that was far more calmer. “Wolfy! You certainly haven’t changed a bit.” Link chuckled while petting the dog. After a moment of notion from Link, the dog already went to greet the class with tail swishing happily. The other dog walked next to Link and sat down. “Azul, my calm companion.” Link half whispered and hugged his dog.

    The class had already surrounded Wolfy and petting him. The dog was more than happy of the notion he was getting and trying to notice every single one of the students. Link glanced at the clock only to remember it had ran out of batteries few days ago along with the school’s bell having not been on use for couple of weeks already. Hence, he checked his watch and chuckled a bit. “Seems like these two came to fetch me since I’m overdue in getting home. As you guys are going to be late in getting to your next class if you won’t hurry now.” He told and surprised the youngsters.

    The class started to shuffle back to their places to gather their things. “Thank you all for having asked me here. It was wonderful to talk about the National Parks and all.” Link told while sending Azul to get Wolfy back from begging notion from the students.

    Once the class had thanked him and left the room, Link and the two Huskies left back home. “I knew they’d find you, Link.” Zelda told with a grin once he had gotten inside. Link chuckled and hugged her tightly.

    “My paradise is to wake up seeing you there by me.” He whispered before kissing Zelda to lips.

    “Where does that wording come, now?” Zelda inquired with a slight frown and small grin.

    Link shrugged while holding her in his arms. “Dunno. The talk just turned from the parks into paradise and…” He started before trailing off and shrugging again. “I guess I just realized where I always want to be at. And that’s by you, my love.” He continued and kissed her again.

    After that kiss he noticed slight movement at the corner of his eye. Once the first surprise was over, he grinned and bit chuckled. “Though, I’m not leaving my brothers and their families out of it.” He told and nodded towards the group at the living room he hadn’t noticed when he had gotten inside. “After all, it seems like either we’re over at other one’s place or then they’re here. Not that I mind even one bit about it.”

    Zelda chuckled and kissed Link’s nose. “We all are simply wishing to spend time with you again, Link. You were gone for so long.” She explained while leading her husband over to the gigantic sofa where his whole family fitted onto.

    “I know. I missed you all so much too.” Link told before bit grinning and just flopping down right between his brothers and pulling Zelda along to his lap. “And I know there’s no place better than where I am now.” He half whispered before kissing his wife again. “This is full and thorough paradise for me.”


31st - Miracles

    He gasped and fell to his knees. He was bleeding profoundly and feeling his strength leave him with each breath he took. He raised his cerulean eyes up into his enemy while holding his bleeding side. The beast smirked at him while readying another brutal attack.

    Link closed his eyes and bowed his head. There was nothing he could do anymore even though he gripped the sword in his bloodied hand. There just wasn’t enough of stamina within him anymore. As he heard the monster swung the oversized blade, he scrunched his eyes tightly shut and waited for the impact.


    Link shot his eyes open in shock. He could’ve sworn he heard Princess Zelda call his name. Suddenly he gasped at the blue shine of Nayru’s Love. The beast before him stared at the unexpected obstacle in confusion.

    Suddenly the chosen Hero of the Goddesses gasped again as he felt his wounds healing. He frowned and searched for a pink fairy but saw none of them. It took him a moment but he realized to have gained strength out of nowhere too. Carefully he stood up and readied to continue the battle in front of him.

    Link took once a deep breath and attacked the Lynel in that small round area on his way up to the castle. “You woke me up, Zelda. It’s my turn to wake you up.” He thought while taking more care in avoiding and blocking as he faced one of the hardest monsters around Hyrule.

    Once the beast fell into the ground and vanished, Link sighed and took a moment to calm down. This hadn’t been the first time Zelda had provided a miracle for him. Yet, he was hoping he could repay her for all those chances she had given him through his lonely and hard trek around Hyrule.

So, this is it for this year. Let's hope there's a new ZeLink month at next year too and I can create bunch of new stories at then too. :aww: But, these certainly won't be the only stories for this year. ;)



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