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May 23, 2020
Phobia by AkubakaArts
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Suggested by Revan-Dawnstar
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I love that he turned his fear of childhood into great power.

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I love it :) I love it so much. :heart:

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My goodness....this is one of the most beautiful Batman portraits I've ever seen! IT'S GLORIOUS!!!

AkubakaArts's avatar

Thank you SO MUCH! I'm so happy to read complimemts to my Batman pictures. I'm so happy!!!!

LadySionis's avatar

You're more than welcome. :) I love your Batman portraits! There's something so hauntingly beautiful and psychological about them. Like, you can see more than just what's in front of you, especially when it comes to Bruce's. You've managed to capture the hurt, courage and power he has as both a man and Batman with color changes that go so well together and just the tiniest hint of emotion. "Phobia" shows how Bruce conquered his fear of bats and now uses that power for his goal of a better Gotham and I love how I can see it in his eye. It's just another way of showing your brilliance! :clap:

AkubakaArts's avatar

AWWWW Thank you so much for kind words Q w Q I'm so glad <333

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amazing art really connects with fear that Batman holds within

Excellent image

AkubakaArts's avatar

AW xDDD I like this GIF! Thank you =D

Just created an account, and this is the first thing I see! Amazing! I think I'm going too like it here…
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation! (:

Have a nice day and stay safe! ❤️

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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

Brandee-Ssj-Doll's avatar

You're most welcome. :)

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Oh wow, amazing work!

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Yay thank you so much!
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Whoa! That looks amazing! <3
AkubakaArts's avatar
Yayayay thank you so much!!!
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