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Character Concept - Morgan by AkuaKourin Character Concept - Morgan by AkuaKourin
Not exactly the style I usually draw but it's refreshing to try other things from time to time. It's just a sketch, a rough draft, of a character for a game from one of my best friends. Questionable if it will exist one day until then I contribute with my art.

The whole idea was to make a kinda suspense horror game with 3D and 2D elements in a forest and/or labyrinth environment, the character is of course undecided. Since we want to establish that both genders (and maybe even neutral in future) enjoy it, we came to the conclusion to make both of them present and be able to choose. But to make it ultimately "correct" we also decided to make different skin colors and races. Not exactly building your own character but at least leave the choice of the character to the player. But in the end it won't matter when they're nothing but a corpse in the end.

Morgan, as we call the Protagonist by default and the Player will be able to change, has no character traits yet. Only that he/she/they make/s terrible puns.

The style should be realistic, something that is not my forte but fun and interesting to try.

If the game will ever happen is another question though and only time can tell.

Because none of us has the ability to program.

And I have only experience of visual novels. Privately of course.
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