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Ok, I can see that I'll only ever update these once every few.... years. -_- So I'll make this general.

Now am in SCAD Atlanta majoring in animation. Entered transferred as a Sophomore. Hope to work at Pixar or one of the studios, but will not rest on laurels, yadda yadda.

Will post... probably after SCAD or something.
OMG! Recharge boom!

It's been more than a year since I last updated, I think... whelp, it has been a HORRENDOUS year cos of something in my country, and I think the Singapore guys know what I'm talking about... our two years of Compulsory Army Service! ARRR...

It's been a year, and it's been a downward spiral of lack of motivation and a slow erosion of my spirit, plus the regimental indoctrination.  But I managed to take leave for a week, and I took that time to travel to London.And that was it, instant recharge! So, I'm gonna upload some work I guess... ciaoz...
It... it has been a while @_@. I'm... gonna upload stuff *lumbers off*
Well, first journal entry. YAYNEZZ.
Just finished first year in Digital Media Design. Now to rot away in the holiday @_@
Hope i did well for my studio project 2.
Hope I get my braces off soon ><
Hope i get into the animation focus.
And hope that my art will improve, i don't plan to get rusty during the hols.
BUAHAHAAHAHAHA cheesesticks.