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Vue Competition Entry

My entry for the Vue Environment competition 2008. It was one of the finalists. Vue 6. No postwork.

I tried to get a nice special mood, while still keeping a kind of photorealistic feel. Enjoy ;)
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hi can you tell me how you achieve the fog on the ground and the silhouette type sky
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Nice... Love the sun glow at the back and the floating rocks
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Beautifulll....Freaking gorgeus..
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Wow! Great mood there! I'm a Terragen user but I am thinking seriously about using Vue too...
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How did you get the fog?
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Using volumetric clouds.
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ah, I see now. Very good indeed! Fantastic Idea! :D
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I must congratulate you, the image is awesome :)

Do you know where can I find Vue tutorials? I just dowloaded Vue 8 and I can't find no place where it explains simple things as rendering and such.
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I second that
good to see you once more on DA, hope you'll enchant some of us with more stunning works and you'll be with us for a long time
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awesome lighting and colors, great scene. :)
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I like the feel, and I think I see where you were going with it. Some of it seems a little hyper-real, though (too "CG-ish") if that makes sense. This is mostly near the bottom with the trees and bushes.

Overall, very nice, though. :)
I'm sure this could be better, but its already awesome!
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Very nice, ominous, yet calm at the same time. the atmosphere with it's strong fogginess and location of the sun is dramatic :D
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awesome result man.. great job :) lets do some amazing postwork on it haha!
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Looks great!
The glow from the sunset is so pretty~.
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It's very mystical, the light creates such a stunning atmosphere. To me it looks simply wonderful! ;)
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am sure u gonna win

if u need votes we are here :P

keep the good work up man :)

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