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Hello my fellow Aksiothos lovers! I'm back from a long life journey! Let's reconnect and grow together once more! 
I need a black mare starter, and a champagne starter too :eyes:
just saying. 
when will imports open? hehehe

Probably early September :giggle:
I actually came here to ask that very question (imports opening). I don't want to bring Casper over as I'd rather the idea of a 'clean slate' but I can see me falling for something rather similar to him.
The group was kind of inactive for a bit, so I didn't feel that there would be much interest in importing, but as things are picking up again it looks like now might be a good time. College starts again in mid September, so I'll be opening them a bit before that so that I can get them sorted before and shortly after classes start.
NOOOOOO!! we must have imports!!!!!

:giggle: oh I do hope I can get one..or two..or more :D
Hello, been watching this group for months and just wanted to know if anyone can help me get my first Aksiothos horse I would really love to get involved with this group a lot more.