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H... Herbi?

are y'all enjoying my activity bcs I'm probably gonna go absolutely silent in a few days lmao. isn't doing 300 things during summer fun

re-do+redesign of an ancient thing from 2010, I actually did a bunch of pixelart of some fakemon in 2010-11, I used this soft gradient style that I have no idea how I didn’t get carpal tunnel lmao originally “Herbi”, the “steel mask pokemon”. I don’t know why 2010 me thought that “Herbi” is an appropriate name for something that was supposed to have FACE MADE OF STEEL I’d name it something like “Coellurgy”. Coelacanths & their weird fleshy fin things are cool.

The "sprite" this is based on and a progress gif is on my art tumblr, once again.…

…I wouldn’t really call this a fakemon anymore as I like my things disjointed from fandoms at this point but this started as one I guess

tried a slightly different approach to the workflow, also no dithering this time, but turns out that knowing not to pillowshade won’t save you from your still otherwise terrible shading skills. I also limited myself by the sprite size in Black/White (96x96) but I never really had the urge to perfectly replicate the pixelart style that official pokemon games have so I’m not beginning now lmao

2010 me had no idea what design, anatomy or non-neon colours were
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it reminds me of a lungfish
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My thought process was mixing mudskippers and the weird fleshy fins things from coelacanths with some dunkleosteus influence thrown in for the face, can't really say I remembered that lungfish are a thing lol. But yeah, I can totally see that, that's probably the closest animal to this thing actually.
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will there be a evolved for of this fakemon?
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I don't think so, this was mostly a fun one-off to see how I've improved over the past years in pixelart and character design. Creating fan ocs and fakemon isn't quite my thing anymore.