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Photoviewer Dark For Windows 10

By akshat31
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This is a Modified Drak version Of Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10 By Smallvillerus. You can find the original post here

I have made this because Smallvillerus's version have white colored buttons and they are not visible on Lite themes.
All credits goes to Smallvillerus.

All instructions are inside Read me file.

Theme Used -

Extras Included -
Registry files to enable windows photo viewer in Windows 10
Registry files to change windows photo viewer background color

Don't forget to take backup!
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Now that's some nice looking Photo Viewer!
Wish the background of the menu bar could be changed as well since it looks so Vista.
And of course thanks for using my Maverick 10 Dark theme :) 
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Thank you. :+favlove:
I think that can be done by a Custom theme. And you are the master of themes. 
I dont know if you remember or not but i've told you before that Maverick themes are my all time favorite. and i've never used any other theme since i found it. Used it on Win 7, 8 and now using on 10.
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Thank you for all the flattering words :)
Now that you mentioned I remember.
Have you seen my latest Maverick 10 Violet? I'll send you the download link to your notes ;)
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As always its awesome, thank you for sharing it. :happybounce: