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Vidole and Kigeni rats

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My two lioness characters as rats.

I was hesitant to do this at first, since Vidole is a polydactyl lioness, and I had my doubts as to whether rats could be polydactyls. It turns out that they can be, and that female rats with this trait tend to have decreased fertility. This is perfect, since Vidole, to put it mildly, isn’t the docile, feminine type.

I also tried to find some secondary sex characteristics in male rats to apply to Kigeni (since she has a partial mane as a lioness), but I couldn’t find any, not even a typical slightly larger size characteristic that most male animals have.
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Wow, they're gorgeous! The details on their claws and on parts of their fur is superb, and... they *really* do look like a couple of my past pet rats (unfortunately now no longer with me - the brown one looks like a girl I had called Toffee, and the black-and-white one looks likew my first rat, Missie). Great job! :+fav:
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Thanks! I'm happy when my pieces strike a chord with other people (be it intentional or not) Kigeni's rat design is partially based on our first rat, Rorshach (unsure of the spelling; it's the formal name for those symmetrical inkblots).
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They're adorable! I love the highlights of their eyes, the fluffiness of thier fur and Vindole's toes and twitchy wiskers! :aww:
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Thanks! I tried to capture as much of their personality as I could in these fairly nonanthropomorphic rats, and since Vidole is always bolder and impulsive than Kigeni, I had Vidole peering ahead in that inquisitive, "What could THAT be?" look while Kigeni is advancing much more cautiously.