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…Why the artist thinks wolves are a little overrated in the “big, powerful, majestic, noble, undefeatable wild animal” department.

This picture is a depiction of the first time I saw a wild wolf in its natural habitat with my own two eyes. It was in 1997, and my family was on a bus, headed to a remote site out in the Alaskan wilderness, next to Mount Denali. We were driving up the side of a huge, grassy mountain, then the driver pointed out a lone, pale wolf running up the face of an adjacent mountain.

And it was being chased…by a bird.

Okay, the bird was a male* northern harrier (a middle-sized raptor), but it was still a bird…and it had this wolf practically running for its life. The wolf would run a few yards, then the harrier would dive-bomb it, causing the wolf to flee once more, after which the harrier would attack it again.

So perhaps this is why I’ve never been that crazy about wolves…perhaps every time I see someone swooning over how mighty wolves are, somewhere in the back of my mind is the image of that harrier chasing that wolf.

*the males are gray, the females are brown.
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kobwebHobbyist General Artist
i think the wolf is mighty! but who says a harrier can't be mightier? nice description and picture!
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Wow, I love the bird!! Very nicely drawn!!
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Keh. Actually, the kill rate for wolves is... uber-uber low. I understand how people love them (I think they're pretty frickin cool), but jeeze. If you say that the wolf is the 'greatest, most noble animal ever'... feh. You havent' seen a tiger. I mean... hehheh. :clears throat: As Bovidaeloony said, though, the littler animals (Ickle cute wittle cats in the serengeti... the ones that photographers never see?) rock harder. Hey, if you can catch a bird in the air six feet above you, you're pretty cool in my book. Yep.

...pointless comment...
The fur on the back is really good-looking... the texture is great. The eyes are a bit wonky, as though they kinda don't fit, but once again you've managed to get a lot of expression in without the use of big eyebrows. Which takes talent.

(In the wolf's defense, if something with sharp talons and beak was divebombing me (No matter how small), I'd run too. I mean, it's not like he could... I dunno... turn around and snatch it out of the air... Though that would be a hillarious sight, a wolf running away from a bird... though a raptor, but still! I find humor in his misfortune.)
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Thanks a lot for the lengthy comment!

I agree on what you said about the eyes and what Valvador said (I think) about the head being too big. I'm still having trouble drawing realistic animals with natural-looking eyes, and the perspective I went for in this image didn't work out very well either.

As for cats being more noble than wolves, I'd say that everyone has their favorite top-of-the-food-chain animal, and I tend to gravitate towards cats, especially cougars in the "master hunter" department. Those guys have killed a significant number of humans. Of course, if I ever see a wild cougar being chased by...say, a chipmunk, I'll certainly have to reevaluate my attitude towards cougars.

I also love those smaller wild cats. They make up for what they lack in size by being the most ferocious little balls of fur imaginable. What characters.
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:P I agree, naturally. Though I think my mine originated with my poor hoofies being portrayed repeatedly as nothing more than a defenseless meal. Having seen footage of a wildebeest (not the brightest bulb in the metaphorical box) faking out a lioness, I haven't felt terrifically impressed by large carnivores in general. Now those small ones....
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Thanks. A lot of people tend to underestimate the danger of some prey species. I think more people in Yosemite National Park have been killed or badly injured by male deer than by any other wild animal.
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XD Poor li'l wolf.
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koskosnekoHobbyist General Artist
lol, I think wolves are awesome, but of course they all have different personalities. XD I'm thinking the poor fellow you ran across would have been embarassed to find that you had watched him run like a sissy. x3

That's a quite hilarious story.

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I'm sure he might've. He was probably walking stoically along until he did something to tick this bird off. :)
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ValvadorHobbyist Digital Artist
Wolf had too big head with my, but backgound and bird are fantastic, I like it :)
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You have no idea how much I agree that wolves are ovveratted. You have no idea.
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LOL, what a funny story
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