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The Cheetahs and Narnia

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My family of cheetahs expresses their opinions on the newest Narnia film.

Just so this whole thing doesn't strike some as an incomprehensible in-joke, Yamin is a perfectly normal cheetah until lions or leopards enter the conversation or his territory, Peter's sword is named Rhindon (I first encountered the name whilst listening to an audiobook and grew fond of it, even though I didn't know how it was spelled), and Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess with a lioness's head and a woman's body.

(Left to right: Khan, Surina, Amita, Yamin, Nimesha (whose design I have changed slightly by adding the fused spots on her sides), Rinden, Sarala, Xandra, Jacko)
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Danzy007Student Artist

oh yes! why?

I liked this. it's really funny
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VaerepireStudiosStudent General Artist
Cheetahs of Narnia FTW :D
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Constance-fireHobbyist General Artist
i thought the same thing
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they didnt really use cougar snarles. cheetahs actually have very deep growls and yowls that sound almost like roars but a bit higher pitched. but they did add a cougar yowl in there.
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Just out of curiosity, where did you hear about this? I've never heard cheetahs make growls like the ones in the film did.
cheetahsintheearth's avatar
well they usually make sounds like a bark when they are trying to intimidate another animal. but i looked it up that scene from narnia youtube and the only growl that sounded real was the one when the cheetah was up close next to he leopard. but cheetahs are very furocious sounding. see this vid.
Akril15's avatar
Okay, I see. I'll have to pay attention to that scene from TLTWATW the next time I watch it.
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lol ... that's funny
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Kanda88Hobbyist Digital Artist
LoL XD Aslan's mom is Sekhmet, that's hillarious :D
Akril15's avatar
Looks like you're the first person to get that reference! Hail, fellow mythology buff! :)
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Kanda88Hobbyist Digital Artist
heh :) it's because I used to play Age of Mythology, because of that game I became interested in mythologies
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AvatarWolf13Hobbyist General Artist
I still love that game! ^^
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hahahah. this is awesome.
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MistressVixenHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats funny. But are Cheetahs really in Narnia? I haven't read/seen it yet.
Akril15's avatar
There are several in the movie. I can't recall if there were any in the book (there were a couple of leopards), but then again, I'm not sure if I ever read the book. I listened to the audiobook and saw the two made-for-TV movies, but I'm not sure if I ever actually read TLTWTW
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Night-Wing Interface Designer
I love the new Narnia movie. Very close to the book.
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timbaHobbyist General Artist

yes of course... specieism, its everywhere. Always the lions *mutter*
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