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Scar gets his just desserts...

A comic I did in Flash, based on a joke (that isn't really that funny) featuring Scar, from "The Lion King", during his (thankfully short) reign.
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In real life Scar would've Died! But it's still hilarious.
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This reminds me so much of the hulk throwing Loki around.
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lol ! bem feito !
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HA!! LOL! Terrific Comic!! Wonderfully detailed, and absolutely HILARIOUS! AWESOME JOB!!!!! :D
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:rofl: That's awesome X'''D
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omg that is awesome!
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Haha that was pretty funny! I always wondered how other animals came to know lions as Kings anyway, especially something has huge as an elephant who could literally trample a lion to death. XD
And if I were a prey animal, I don't think I'd want something that could eat me as my King. XP
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Read rinjas battle for the throne comic it gives a pretty legit reason why lions rule.
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I'm pretty sure she finished that comic after this one was made. It's true she gave a good reason, but this is someone else's TLK world here. It was meant to be funny anyway.
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Hahahahaahah!!! This was funny!
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Scar I think has some low self esttem issues
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HAW HAW Scar got his just desserts!! HAW HAW

Actually, I've seen this sort of thing happen, myself -- an elephant showing a lion who's Boss! Not nearly as funny as this comic; but still true to form..mostly!! In the real setting, the ellie crushed the lion with its massive skull -- it was so angry with him!!

At least Scar got away with being tossed into some brambles.. :evillaugh: Serves him right for bragging, all the same.. ;)

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This guy, for SURE!! [link] :iconworshipplz:

Sorry, Scar... :icondragonnodplz:
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I AM YOUR KING! *hyenas and jibara my OC comes* SIRE! would you like more bones and a belly rub! yes i would!!! *iconscarsmileplz ah! dont stop! ah thats ah! MY LOVE!!! *zira pins scar and they both touch nuzzels* OH zira! ITS GOOD TO BE KING! and good to be A QUEEN! :iconziraplz: oh my king! even you must feel lonley dont you? :iconscarrapefaceplz: well :iconziraevilgrinplz: hohoho ahahahah! *zira and scar mate*
PurpleInk777's avatar
Must be awesome, being king! [link]

Love the jewels, here... Delightfully sinful!!

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I love how he has a ring on every finger, in that pic! Hell, his and Mufasa's family must have been richer than GOD!! :evillaugh:

Scar is seriously and deliciously depraved, in that picture!!!!

He's all like, ":iconfuckyeahplz:! I'm rich and powerful!!" :finger:

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:iconfuckyeahplz:! I'm rich and powerful!!" :finger: YEAH!!! HES AMAZING!!! AND GERGEOUS!!!
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