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Princes with Problems by Akril15 Princes with Problems by Akril15
Apparently Alexander and Edgar overheard the girls' "conversation" from [link] and started arguing over who was worthier of the title of Sir Angst-a-lot. Alexander's a sure winner, you say? Pshaw – Edgar has just as many issues as he does, if not more…

Sorry about the lame title. I planned on having this just be a series of line drawings, but after working on this thing on and off for two months, I decided to color it. I figure Rosella's line makes up for her losing the "trauma contest".

EDIT: Alex's first sentence in panel eight is to some extent copied from one of Robert Lorick's lines from The Fourth Tower of Inverness. I reread King's Quest: The Floating Castle some time ago, and for some reason, I kept hearing Robert Lorick's voice whenever I read any dialogue from Alexander.
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shinjiasuka4ever Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Nice work on the men arguing about worse experiences in the course of the KQ games!
pixelwings Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh wow, can't... stop... laughing. Poor Edgar. And to have a mullet too? Poor, poor Edgar :D
Cynbad Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
haha i love this xD
wacky-w Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008  Professional Filmographer
Oh my days KINGS QUEST!!! loves it! played both of these two games years ago. just got the whole collection through from amazon. So good to be playing it again!
You've drawn all of the characters so well! They're very expressive, and the poses work really well with the dialogue. A very funny comic! definitely worth a fave!
Akril15 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008
Yay, someone else who's heard of the games! Thanks!
aerismog Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2008
That's just hilarious
invaderbast Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2007  Student
*grabby hands* KING'S QUEST COMIC! EEEEE!

This is awesome. I'm faving this.
Akril15 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
Thanks! If you want to see a lot more Sierra fanwork, check out DeviantQuest - [link]
zarla Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Hee. TRAUMA WAR it's really weird to see it all laid out like that, usually when it's spread out over games I don't notice it as much but yeah dang they both went through a lot. :O
Kaze-Taco Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2007
I love your comics. Man, Alexander... *shakes her head* You lose man, you lose.

Rosella's line is priceless, and I really love the way Cassima's head is tilted in the last panel. Really great pose.
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January 26, 2007
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